Is Auto Profits a filthy Scam? Or is it Legitimate? A 2021 review!

Is Auto Profits a scam? Or is it legit? For today’s topic, I’ll help you determine whether the program is a good investment or not?

AutoProfits FrontPage

Is Auto Profits a scam? Or is it a legitimate investment after all?

The advertisement for the program might be among the messages listed in your spam folder.

Although the sales pitch already feels scammy right off the bat, it might have still caught your attention, and maybe you are wondering if it’s really a good program as advertised.

And maybe that is why you’re here, right?

If you want to know the answers on whether the program could really help you become more financially independent or not, then this article is for you!

But before I begin, let me make things clear that I am NOT an affiliate or representing Auto Profits and in NO way marketing the product or any upsells they are involved with.

This content is my unbiased and honest opinion about the program.

So once again, is Auto Profits a scam? Let’s find out…

Who Created Auto Profits?

One of the telltale signs that an investment you’re prospecting is a scam is the non-disclosure of essential corporate backgrounds.

Of course, the company is not required to disclose everything to their clients due to corporate confidentiality. However, it makes the business highly suspicious that they even have to conceal basic information such as founders’ identity, headquarters, current owners, date of inception, etc.

Not only that, but they were also untruthful with their video sales pitch found on their landing page.

Another sign that the program or software is a scam is stealing somebody else’s image or content and then attaching it to their publications without indicating that it was from another source.

This is common practice with many marketers that have dishonest intentions to mislead their audience for the company’s benefit.

Let’s take, for example, the following video content—

AutoProfits Image 1

In the video, there were no indications that the lady has earned any money from Auto Profits—this is highly suspicious. So I reverse image search the image, and found that it is actually from another options trading program called Tesler—

AutoProfits Image 2

The program is in direct association with Gloffix (I’ll explain the matter in the next section), but they’re not related to Tesler.

As an investor, I’d like to ensure that the company I am doing business with is trustworthy.

However, the fact that they were untruthful and unwilling to share necessary information about the company makes them suspicious.

If you’re still curious about what the program offers or how it works, then let’s resume to the next section…

What is The Auto Profits?

First and foremost, Auto Profits has nothing to offer! This program is just a front act for another program!

What it does instead redirects you to Gloffix—it is an unlicensed investment and trading company.

AutoProfits Image 3

And yes, it is not registered to any financial institution.

According to their IP address, the company is headquartered in California, United States, as shown below—

AutoProfits Image 4

So I check whether they’re registered with the US’s SEC, and they’re not listed in the agency’s database.

However, I’ve read that they’re actually located in the United Kingdom. Since different countries have varying regulations about the subject, I also check whether they’re registered with the FCA—

AutoProfits Image 5

As you see, they’re also not listed in the database of FCA. Plus, there’s a clear warning that they may be a scam.

Sure, investing involves risks, but you can minimize the risk by researching the background of the financial agency and making sure that they’re registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commissions) or FCA

They’re also not listed in the Better Business Bureau, so it would be challenging to determine their credibility.

I also reviewed similar platforms in the past—companies with shady operations. You can check them out and see if one of those has already reached out to you—Myigga, Auto Income Sites, and Infinity Processing System, just to name a few.

Or, you can check out the full list of reviews here.

How Much is the Initial Investment?

They mentioned that the program is free. However, this is not true because you need to make an initial investment to earn dividends—that’s how options trading works. And your earnings will depend on your investments.

Also, there’s no mention of how much the initial investment is.

As you provide your name, email address, and contact number, you’ll be directed to their account creation page.

I tried to make an initial investment of $1 to see if they would accept it. However, a prompt showed up and said that the required initial investment is $250.

AutoProfits Image 6

So yes, you still have to cash out.

$250 might not seem that much, but considering how scammy their operation is, it would be better to save your money for more legitimate investments.

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Are There Any Positives about Auto Profits?

I didn’t find any positives about Auto Profits. It is an investment scam that you should stay away from.

Is Auto Profits a Scam? Here are some of the Red Flags

Yes! Auto Profits is a definite scam!  

Since they do not have any software or programs to offer, some of the items below are referred from Gloffix—the trading company they’re directly promoting, as discussed earlier.

And here are some of the red flags you have to take note of—

Negative Ratings

When you visit sites like Trustpilot, you might be surprised by the 3-star rating. However, I doubt that the ratings are even real and planted by the creators of Auto Profits themselves.


This is because if you balance the positive comments with the negative comments, the positive ones are very short and simple. On the other hand, the negative comments are extensive and detail why the program is a scam.

Just take a look at these comments—

AutoProfits Image 7
AutoProfits Image 8

No BBB Profile

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is one way we check the credibility of a business.

Not having a BBB profile doesn’t immediately indicate that the business is fraudulent, but it may significantly impact the decision-making of the potential investor.

Unlicensed by any Financial Regulatory Bodies

The fact that Auto Profits redirects you to an options and trading company that is unlicensed is sufficient in determining why they’re not investing in.

Would you trust someone with your money that isn’t licensed by any financial agencies or institutions and faking its content?

In addition, the program redirects you to an options and trading company that don’t have any license.

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Fake Testimonials

It appears that they have used the testimonies from another site called

They didn’t only copy the images, but have copied the testimonies as well, word for word—

AutoProfits Image 9

Final Thoughts

I hope my review has provided the information you need in the all-important question—is Auto Profits a scam?

As you might have guessed by now, I do not recommend the program because of the high likelihood that you’ll lose all your hard-earned money as a result of investing in their program.

Options are a legitimate investment, and many are making tons of money from such ventures. However, it’s a high risk that even the most seasoned traders are still finding it difficult to gain traction.

Also, to somehow minimize the risk, you need to have a legitimate and credible broker or system that can help you achieve your financial goals.

If you’re looking for a business model that’s low risk yet yields high income, let’s continue to the last part of today’s topic, and I will show you a much better alternative…

How I Curved My Way to Financial Independence Online

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Thank you for rendering your time and reading my “Is Auto Profits a Scam?” content!

I hope to see you in my next reviews!

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