Bulletproof Profits [Review]-Get a real preview of what’s inside!

In this review of The Bulletproof Profits system, I will reveal the truth behind what this system and what it is capable of, and if in fact, it is possible to make that kind of money with it!

If you are on this webpage today, it’s because you have been invited, either by an email that said that they had “found an easy way to make money where it’s just: Copy. Paste. Profit” or maybe it was through some sort of advertisement, to check out this new system.

So you clicked on the link and you ended up on a sales page that had a very bold claim:

Bulletproof Profits - 1

Do you think it’s possible? Making $3,750 with just 7 clicks? Does this system live up to what it’s claiming it can do or is it just a big fat lie to get your hard-earned cash?

Read on, I have answers to your questions!

However, if you are here today, it’s not a coincidence. You are looking for a way to make money online. I have been using a platform for over 3 years now, and I make money while I sleep. Serious! Would you like to do the same?

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Bulletproof Profits - 2

My Analysis

Name: Bulletproof Profits

Website: https://yourbulletproofprofits.com

Owner: Justin Tyler? – We’ll get to him later…

Price: $9 with multiple upsells and downsells

I get a ton of emails as part of my online business, that is how I ended up on this Bulletproof Profits sales page and decided to take a closer look at it to see how real the system is.

So, let’s start with the sales video!

As soon as I started watching I thought Ugh! Another one of those! I review a lot of digital products and I have experienced these kinds of video before. They are usually full of hype and fake.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s see what this one is all about.

These sales videos all have the same feel. They all have discovered some unknown trick that has made them a boatload of money. In this one, he has discovered a “Secret Online Goldmine”.

Bulletproof Profits - 4

Then it goes on saying that you can get a tiny slice of the $685 billion pie as your annual income and that you could easily make up to $50,000 a month just by using this system! And of course, they show how much they are making with this system with a bank screenshot that is actually from 2016.

Bulletproof Profits - 5

But you have to hurry because this secret goldmine has a limit and if too many people join, there will be fewer profits to go around? and that this site could be gone tomorrow. I thought this was a 685 Billion dollar industry. This is just making a false scarcity statement to make believe that there are limited spaces available. If you check again next week or next month, the video will still be there. Pure hype!

There are also a bunch of testimonials that are very hyped and highly unlikely. These kinds of systems hire actors to do their testimonials so that they only say what the script tells them to say.

Get this guy, he is supposed to be on his way to making $18,000. Well, he is a paid Fiverr Actor! Just like the rest of the testimonies all over the sales video.

Bulletproof Profits - 8

Here is another Fiverr actress saying that they have made $5,000 on her first day in partnership with her sister:

Bulletproof Profits - 9

And Justin Tyler, well this is just a random video of a person smiling like the rest of the sales video is made up.

He introduces himself here:

Bulletproof Profits - 7

But takes a selfie with his “cured wife” here:

Bulletproof Profits - 10

Definitely not the same person.

The real owner of this system is, like many others, I have seen before, just hiding behind a smokescreen and we don’t have a clue who they are.

There is nothing real about JustinTyler here at all!

At the end of the video we finally find out that this system is about selling on Amazon:

Bulletproof Profits - 11

But enough said about all the red flags I have uncovered in the sales video, let’s see what the system will provide if you do decide to buy in, shall we.

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Now, what is the Bulletproof Profit System?

After refusing multiple upsells, the first one for the Bullet Proof Turbo at $197, which is supposed to multiply by 10 times the amount of money to be made by knowing the loopholes of Amazon and a downsell of $127 to that, then being hit again with “Bulletproof Paydays” at $145 I finally entered the membership area:

Bulletproof Profits - 3

You will be greeted by “Susan” your personal assistant and a menu of what is inside:

Bulletproof Profits - 12

So as you can see you do get “something” for your money.

Then you will be asked to register for your free VIP training (Worth $1997)

Bulletproof Profits - 13

When you click on the link you are brought to a free master class for another ClickBank digital product, so basically this is an affiliate link for the owner of The Bulletproof Profits system to make money when someone watches the master class and then buys the digital product being offered.

Then I went through the menu and here is what I found:

It’s basically this same guy that talks in a broken English on how he has made money with Amazon and has made a series of videos about it or it’s a kind of text presentation on a video player that is narrated by someone else.

Level 1 Course is about FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and you will have access to a dozen of 2 to 8 minutes videos on how to sell your own product on Amazon.

Level 2 Course is also with videos about how to use Keywords in Amazon to sell your product, how to get good reviews, using ads and social media strategies

10X Sales Profit – These are videos about Pricing strategies, SEO, Copywriting, Traffic and how to sell your own book on Amazon.

Bonus Strategies – These are videos talk about buying things locally, on Craigslist and at local auctions and selling them as your own on Amazon.

10K Affiliate Plan – This is a 49 page PDF called Amazon affiliate Profits.

5 Passive Income Methods – Here you will get an overview on how to monetize YouTube, Instagram, Cryptocurrencies, Kindle and Affiliate marketing.

Income Maximizer – Bonus Ways To Generate More Traffic & Sales. In here you will have access to some “bonus software” like a keyword search tool and another one called Easy SEO software.

Wealth Hypnosis – There are 3 MP3s in this section that seems to be about meditation and creating a wealth mindset.

At the bottom of the member’s area page there is also this banner:

Bulletproof Profits - 14

When you click on it, again it brings you to another affiliate link to a ClickBank product. So this “system” is also an affiliate marketing sales page for the owner to make affiliate commission with those products.

So there you have it, folks, this is the complete “secret online goldmine“.

Not really a big surprise. PDFs, Videos and affiliate links that will make more money for the creator!

Pros & Cons


The product itself, without the upsells is inexpensive at only $9

It’s sold on the ClickBetter platform so there is a 60 days money-back guarantee.


Hyped up money claims – you will not make $3,750 in 7 simple clicks and it is NOT guaranteed!

Fake owner – The real owner is hiding. Why would he(she) be hiding if it was so good?

Fake testimonies – Hired Fiverr actor to tell their “stories” when all they do is read a script and tell lies!

False scarcity – check again next week, the video will still be there


Well, I have to say one thing: although you do get some video training with this system, there is NO WAY that you will be making the kind of money that they claim you can make.

It is simply ridiculous claims and it is meant for one thing only: To get you to buy their upsells.

Once you pay the first $9 you will be offered “better ways” to make money with their system and that is how the creators make money, with the upsells!

Now is it worth $9? I would say yes. From everything I have seen in the system, I would say that $9 is a fair price for the whole package, but without purchasing the upsells!!!

But like I said, you will simply not be making the kind of money that they are claiming you will be making. You can’t expect to realize those kinds of figures with the many red flags I have identified in the sales video. It’s just a big set up like the thousands of other low-quality systems out there.  They take advantage of the newbie by taking their money and telling them a fairy tale!

Making money as an Amazon seller is not as easy as watching a few videos and reading a couple of PDFs. It takes time and effort just like any other businesses. And selling your own product is even more complicated.

The commission rate for selling other people’s product on Amazon is between 4 and 10% on products sold, so to make $3,750 you would have to sell at least $37,500 (at 10% the highest rate possible on Amazon) of products per day (all of this in 7 clicks?????) to make that kind of money.

Simply unrealistic!

Fed up with scams

Would you like to use my proven method that is not full of hypes and lies?

OK, if you did purchase this system for $9 it’s not the end of the world, right? But you are disappointed because, although there is “some” good stuff in it, it is sold as a “get-rich-quick” method, and it’s simply not the case.

Like you, I bought many different systems in the past just to be disappointed by the false promises, and lost money instead of making some. That did not stop me from trying though, and one day, while researching one of those systems, I came across a platform as I had never seen before.

It was real with no hype whatsoever. And it had real training stating that there are no shortcuts, and the real method of making money online is by building a solid foundation first and scale it from there.

That made a lot of sense to me and I decided to join. That was over 3 years ago.

Fast forward to today, and I now make money online while I sleep. The Internet doesn’t sleep, and neither does my online business. It’s always on 24/7/365.

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3 thoughts on “Bulletproof Profits [Review]-Get a real preview of what’s inside!”

  1. Great review you have done up here concerning this bulletproof profits and I’m definitely sure that this would help not just me but others too. Having fake testimonials is very bad and I see no reason why a program should include this if it is not a scam. Also, their fake get rich quick promises is really funny. This bulletproof profits is another program hell-bent on duping people of their money and thank you for exposing them. I would rather treat myself to a cup of coffee than waste my money on this program. Thanks for this review

    • Hahaha, Good one!  I think you have the right mindset when you say that you would rather buy yourself a cup of coffee than invest in this crap!  I totally agree!

      Thanks for your input!

  2. Obviously, this business is a get rich quick scheme which is usually known by all experienced businessmen as a scam. I’m really grateful for this great and revelational review that has taken its time to engage in a very deep and wide research to unveil this scam website. Making such money for just 7clicks described as simple is obviously impossible. There are a lot of other trustworthy affiliate programs worth checking out without wasting our time with this one. Thanks for this great post.


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