Cash Formula Review – Scam or make $5,000 per day?

I was invited by email to this “new” system that claims you can earn $5,000 per day. Of course, when I see headlines like these my scam radar goes off!

Here is a copy of the actual email I received:

SUBJECT: FREE Profits Up To $5,000/Day


I’ve been making money online for a long time now. And in all of being online, I have never seen anything like this:

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But your door of opportunity is shutting in the next 60 minutes. Your timing is absolutely critical.

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Geee! $5,000 per day would make a nice monthly average, wouldn’t it? Imagine! $5000 x 30 = $150,000 per month or 1.8M per year!

Of course being in this industry myself, I decided to take a closer look at this system and give you my honest review based on my findings. If you are here today, you must also be suspicious. I would like to say that you have made a wise decision to check things out before giving them your hard-earned money.

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My Analysis

Name: Cash Formula


Owner: Michael Green (I have researched the search engines and could not find anywhere a “Michael Green” claiming this system as theirs, so whoever really owns this system is hiding)

Price: $37 plus multiple upsells

Here goes.

The sales video is approximately 25 minutes long and is typically very hyped-up like many ClickBank products I have seen before.

They do this to play with people’s emotions and mindset, to grab your attention to get you to click on the “get started now” button and purchase their system. Unfortunately, this works more often than not. I reviewed a lot of systems like this one and they all do this.

They start by saying that you have discovered a “gold mine” and that you are on your way to make bucket loads of money:

Cash Formula 1

And of course, this is a “done for you free money system”. The Narrator says that it’s a done-for-you monetary system and it has created 52 new Millionaires.

He also claims that you could possibly make up-to $5,000 in profit in the next 24 hours and possibly make you $100,000 in the next 30 days in just a few hours of work.

Cash Formula 3

All of this is supposedly is a secret loophole discovered by a group of Ukrainian coders!!

I had a good laugh when that came up!!

Cash Formula 2

Another common thing about “these kinds of systems” is their FAKE testimonies. In this sales video, he(they) use numerous testimonials to say that their system has made them a lot of money without any efforts on their part.

Here are a few of the “testimonies”:

Here is a lady saying that working with “Michael” has been the best thing she has ever done and that it’s the holy grail.

Cash Formula 4

As you can see, she’s a hired actress. She offers her acting services to anyone who wants to pay her fees. And it’s not the first time I see her in a sales video. She was featured in another program I reviewed called Ecom Cash Crusher not so long ago.

Here is another. This guy says that he’s Norman Bates from New Jersey and that he has previously tried 14 other Internet system and never made a single cent, but with “Michael’s” system he made $584 in just 2 hours!

Well, I don’t believe him!

Cash Formula 5

He’s just another Fiverr actor (with the same clothes on) and I have seen him before as well, in my Instant Payday Trick review.

And my last example is a lady that is thanking “Michael” for inviting her into The Cash Formula program. She claims that it has made thing very easy to power up her own online affiliate business and that she has made $591.78 in just 10 minutes!

Cash Formula 6

Again a Fiverr actress that was also featured in another one of my review for a system called AD Formula.

There are plenty more “testimonials”, but they are all fake, all done by actors. If this system was such a great deal, why would they bother hiring actors, they should get testimonies from real users!

My guess is that they have to do that because no one’s actually used the system or it’s just worthless and no one wants to give them a testimony. Your guess is as good as mine here.

Oh, and by the way, Michael Green that we see in the video, well he’s FAKE too:

Cash Formula 7

I found the “stock image” of “Michael” on freepick !!!

There you have it, folks, the real owner is hiding behind a stock photo!

I also have to point out that there is nothing anywhere in the sales video that explains what is the Cash Formula system. Again, this is typical of these kinds of sales video and products. They hype everything up so that you end up buying some kind of “empty promise”. If you don’t buy, you don’t know what it is!

But what is Cash Formula anyway?

OK, so we’ve established that we have a fake owner and fake testimonies. We did not talk about the money-making claims yet, but let’s see what this system really is before we can determine if making $5,000 per day is possible.

When you purchase the Cash Formula for $37, you will be hit with numerous upsells right away. The first is $197, then there is a down sell to that first one to $97. And then once again another upsell for $297. I don’t know exactly what those are but these are the prices for the three of them.

So, for the average person who has been hypnotized by the sales video and is willing to take out his(her) credit card out of their pocket, it can come up to over $500 for the whole package.

Let’s see what you get for $37.

To no surprise, it’s NOT some big “secret loophole discovered by a group of Ukrainian coders!!”

It’s becoming an Amazon Affiliate! That’s it!

Cash Formula 8

It’s a system that shows you how to create an Amazon affiliate store(s), that you will put Amazon products in and sell online.

Right away, before you start, they give you a list of “Tools” that you will need in order to create your online store and “generate profits”.

1. Siteground a web hosting company. This will cost you between $4 and $12 a month. It is, however, a good hosting company.

2. KWFinder a keyword research tool. This will cost you between $30 and $80 per month, depending on the package you choose.

3. EasyAzon a WordPress plugin. It’s a tool for adding and managing affiliate links. This one will cost you between $47 and $67 per month.

4. JungleScout is a product research tool as a chrome extension or a web app to help you find products to sell on Amazon. It is a good product! It will set you back between $97 and $197 per year.

5. Quuu is a system to share your content through their network of people who share their content. It’s a way to get some traffic by sharing your content with others that do the same. This platform will cost you between $40 and $150 per month.


All these systems/products are very good and will help you scale an online business.

What I resent here is that the fact that isn’t the Cash Formula an all-done-for-you system that you could generate a profit in just hours, even minutes like their testimonies said? Then why would you have to get all these “EXTRAS” that will cost upwards to $400-$500 per month?

It goes to show how misleading their sales video really is!!!

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What you get for $37

You will get a WordPress Theme to create your WordPress website (Once you have paid for your hosting provider, they suggest SiteGround, but there are others).

Cash Formula 9

Then you also get access to 8 short “Tutorial Videos” on how to set up your Amazon Store. I noticed that they are dated back in March 2018, so most probably these are rehashed from another product that was sold back then.

You also get some PDF documents or e-books

The first one is called the Training Guide, which will give you a general overview of the techniques to boost affiliate marketing profits through Amazon.

Cash Formula 10

Then there is The Amazon Affiliate Essentials:

Cash Formula 11

The Amazon Affiliate Blueprint:

Cash Formula 12

I knew I had seen this one before so I did a little research and look what I have found:

Cash Formula 13

This one is sold on Amazon for a couple of bucks! It’s just a copy of someone else’s work sold to you through their system!!

And this “Fulfillment by Amazon Guide”:

Cash Formula 14

I did some research on Amazon and found multiple copies of the same subject on Amazon sold between $0.95 and $3.00

This is it my friends!

8 short videos, a WordPress theme, and rehashed PDFs, all of this for $37.

This is not the all done for you system that they were telling you would have in their sales video, isn’t it?




It’s a ClickBank product, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can get your money back within 60 days.

$37 is relatively cheap and you do get “some” product.


It’s very misleading! They tell you one thing on their sales video, but you end up with some videos and PDFs!

Unrealistic and Hyped up money claims from the video and the testimonies.

The Testimonies are FAKE, being presented by actors.

The owner(s) is hiding behind a stock image, so the owner presented here is also FAKE

Making believe that the system is only offered to 7 individuals

Nothing on what kind of traffic source to get to your store.

I could go on, but you get the idea…


Making money online with Amazon is real. The methods they show here are also real.

What is NOT real is the unrealistic and very hyped up way to sell some PDFs and a bunch of videos.

In no way, this is a secret method. It’s just a tactic to get your hard-earned money fast!

And I can tell you right now that you will NOT make the kind of money they are claiming you will make with this $37 system. It is just not possible. It doesn’t work that way!

An Amazon affiliate has to create quality content on their website that helps others find what they are looking for, and when they search for it, they are sent to some kind of review and then if they click on the affiliate link, and buys the product, you get a commission from Amazon.

In order to make $5000 per day in profit, at the going affiliate commission rate from Amazon being approximately 4-5% you would have to sell $100,000 of products per day! I am not saying it’s impossible to do it, some very established Amazon affiliates probably make more than that.

But you will NOT be making that kind of money with a few videos and PDFs.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind: Is Cash Formula a scam?

Well no, it’s not a scam. You do get something for the money you pay.



If you want to start an Amazon Affiliate business, I have an alternative that will work.


Or any kind of online business for that manner. I have been using a platform for the past 3 years that has training, website hosting and help when you need it 24/7.

And I also have to add that it’s definitely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work for it!

If you are ready to put in consistent work, effort and create quality content, then you will be able to scale your online business and create yourself a passive income!

The great thing about this platform is that there is NOTHING to pay up front.

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If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comment section below.


22 thoughts on “Cash Formula Review – Scam or make $5,000 per day?”

  1. Hello there, I really don’t think people need to fall for this kind of cheap and ugly system called cash formula. The $5000 per day should have been a turning off point for anyone reading anything about cash formula. 

    Well, some people may still actually believe them, but I guess only if they don’t read your review. But if after reading it and they are still trusting and believe in cash formula, well, it’s left to them. 

    • I agree I try to expose these systems for what they are, if a person still buys it, well it’s on them right?

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my article. 

      I wish you success!

  2. Hi Denis,

    For those who are new to online marketing like me, it’s a blessing. I’m grateful for this review.  In fact, many people are losing their time, energy and money due to greediness. And those who earn unethical money by using people’s emotion, I’ll call them a cheater. 

    However, online marketing or business has to be progressed step by step. Many pieces of training and hard work needs to be done better on affiliate marketing. Thank you very much for writing such a useful article which grows awareness. I have bookmarked the page. And I’ll share this with my friends as well.

    With Regards,


    • Thank you for your kind words Ranao.

      I try to advise people of what these systems really are and how they can get caught in their fakes and lies.  You have the right mindset when it comes to online marketing, it has to be progressed step by step!  I am the living proof that it does work!

      I wish you all kinds of successes in your endeavors!

  3. Making money online is real when you get the right link and good instructor but making such a huge amount of money seems fake to me, how on earth is it possible for somebody that was just invited to that website make such a huge amount of money? To me one should be very careful about these notorious people who demanded little starter money when you are now at the peak of it they started demanding much, I have been duped on numerous occasions, but I have learned to spot these fake by doing my research. Thanks for the great review!

    • H there, I am grateful that you have been warned by my exposing this low-quality product. It is easy to fall prey to these systems when you have no experience in online business. That is why I expose them for what they really are and that way I can help people not to become their next “cash-in”. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my article!

  4. Way to expose this scammer Denis!

    I almost fell into this cash formula scam but something about it just doesn’t feel right. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is and lucky for me, a good samaritan did this review and showed what the program is and is not. I’d never thought they use Fiverr to fake their way to us, thanks for taking the time to review this! 

    • I am grateful that I have helped you avoid this very low-quality program! I try and help people by exposing these kinds of systems for what they really are! It`s a good thing that you have escaped their good for nothing system.

  5. This is one of the best eye opening reviews on cash formula I have seen. The thought never crossed my mind that some money scam programs would actually hire an actress. Cash formula seems to cost more then I would be willing to pay.  It is nice to see that someone actually put sometime into creating a great review and actually showing how much these people are scamming you. Cash Formula is not something I would use, it seems to just be a way for the founders to get rich and for every one else just a rip off. 

    • Hi Alexandra,
      I do try and expose these systems for what they really are and that is my main goal here. And I agree that the only people making money with this kind of system are the creators, no one else!
      Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to comment on my article!

  6. Good Morning Denis,

    You are right. When I see those fantastic claims of making $5000 a day my alarm bell also starts ringing.

    In the email you got it says you only have 60 min to decide. I wonder how many people fall for this.

    To then also have a fake creator of this great Cash Formula does not promise anything good.

    Done for you, no work involved, and actors from Fiverr, come on, I have seen that before.

    Thank you, Dennis, for your review, I will stay away from it.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,
      Yes! All done for you and no work involved is a common theme for very low-quality systems like this and that is why I expose them. There is no such thing! If you want to succeed in the online world, you have to put in the effort and time necessary! Thank you for taking the time to comment here on my website!

  7. The cash formula is not a scam, by its also not an honest business. Seeing that a lot of lies were told in trying to get people to register, I’m forced to believe that this program won’t offer as much as it says it would. As an online adventurer, I’ve seen a lot of programs like this, in the end- subscribers will get tired of all the extra cost of usage.  It’s always good to be plain about income opportunities, to enable potential subscribers make the right choices.

    • I agree that this system is not an honest one. The creator’s only purpose is to make money for themselves by telling people that they are going to get an all-done-for-you system, when in fact what they provide is a bunch of PDF documents and short videos. There is nothing here that is done for you! And to make $5,000 per day with it is quite impossible.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. I wish you success!

  8. Great point! This is a great review concerning the cash formula review.  It’s glad to know that you are writing reviews on scams like this.  I totally agree with you that nothing in the world will make you $5,000 per day, this does not sound right from the beginning and why do you need to pay $37 initially? If the system worked that well, he wouldn’t be sharing his secrets. The fact that they don’t show Michael’s real picture is another big red flag that indicates we cannot trust this system. Thanks for dropping this.

    • Yes, this “system” is full of B.S. because they tell you one thing on their sales video, but once you get in it’s a totally different story! There is NOTHING in this that is done-for-you as they claim. Plus they provide you with links to outside products! Nothing in here worth your time and money in my opinion!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article and good luck!

  9. Hello!
    You just did a great job by pointing out this cash formula as a scam. Cash formula gives unrealistic promises and over hyped. It’s only a greedy one that will fall into such a scam like this. $5,000 daily is big money that can’t be made with a system like this. Thank you for this review.

    Best regards 

    • Hi,
      I actually didn’t call it a scam because you do get some kind of “system” made of a few short videos and rehashed PDFs, but I did call it VERY LOW QUALITY, which it is!
      If you are looking for a real method of making a passive income online, I suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. They are the real deal and you can have a starter account for free, along with 10 video and text lessons and 2 free websites to get you started!

      I will see you on the inside.


  10. Thanks for your honest review of this Cash Formula. It’s unrealistic to make $5000 per day in profit, via affiliate commission! Like you said it is actually a possibility but the work is beyond some videos and PDF files! No doubt about it, you can make money online via affiliate commission but it requires effort and time to be successful just like in any other business be it online or offline. The get rich quick syndrome is the only reason people get scammed or pay for substandard program that make unrealistic promises. Once I see unreasonable and unrealistic promise or return I always turn on my scam alert dectector! Cash Formula might not be a scam like you proved but it is close to it.
    I look forward to see more of this type review on this page.

    • Hi,
      I am grateful to have been able to help you make a wise decision and stay away from this very low-quality system! You are wise to be on the alert when it comes to making a purchase of any kind, especially these “get-rich-quick” schemes that always end up being a big deception! I wish you all kinds of success on your online journey.

      Don’t hesitate to reach out I am always available for any kind of help:

      Best regards,

  11. This has become a way that these scam artist use in tricking people to purchase products that have little to no value. They just hype up the product to make what they plan to sell sound intriguing and interesting. A lot of people tend to fall for these type of scams which is why trust issues on the internet are becoming something else.

    A lot of people have fallen for scams like these which makes it difficult for them to trust any program even the genuine ones. I appreciate gratefulaffiliate for taking the time to bring to justice these scam programs which can help people make a better decision when they come across these sought of programs online.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for the kind words!
      I try and expose these systems for what they really are so that people can start a real business online and get away from these very low-quality systems that promise big but deliver very little!
      I see that you are aware of these and that you do your research before trying anything, which is perfect! Keep it up!

      You can reach out anytime if you need any kind of help. Just drop me a line

      To our success!


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