Crypto Coin Crusher Review (2021): Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Crypto Coin Crusher review! For today’s discussion, I’ll help you determine whether this platform is legit or a scam that you should avoid.

Crypto Coin Crusher FRONTPAGE

Welcome to my Crypto Coin Crusher review!

If you’re here to know whether the program is legitimate or just another scam, then the article I have prepared for today is specially made just for you!

But before I start today’s discussion, allow me to share with you first that I am NOT an affiliate or representative of Crypto Coin Crusher. In addition, I am in NO way promoting any of their products or upsells.

This content is my unbiased and honest review of the product, and whether they could indeed deliver the guarantees, they make during the video sales presentation.

So without any further delays, let’s begin…

Who are the Individuals Behind the Crypto Coin Crusher Program?

If you are skeptical about the program and familiar with similar scams you’ve encountered, then you’ll find some of the same elements in Crypto Coin Crusher.

The person that they pose as its founder is Paul Scott from Philly. However, that is just about it.

We only hear his voice, and there’s no background information about him which makes the business highly sketchy.

Also, Crypto Coin Crusher appears to be a revamp of another cryptocurrency program in 2018 that has the same name.

Aside from the domain name, the program’s operation is very similar. They only changed the domain suffix from “.com” to “.co.” The domain is currently up for sale, by the way.

Also, they have modified the logo and the name of its bogus founder—from Alex Riles to Paul Scott.

In addition, the people speaking in the testimonials keep on mentioning a failed crypto investment called Crypto Coin Sniper.

Crypto Coin Crusher IMAGE 1

Most of the time, programs like Crypto Coin Crusher change some parts of their operation because of the bad reputation they have garnered over the years.

They do so to clear out those negative reviews about them. Nevertheless, the scheme is pretty much just the same.

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Or, if you’re still curious about how the scheme works, then let’s continue with my Crypto Coin Crusher review and learn more about the program…

What is the Crypto Coin Crusher?

Crypto Coin Crusher IMAGE 2

Crypto Coin Crusher offers a type of software that claims to provide you with trading signals. Its only difference from a traditional trading market is that the platform uses cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange.

However, like any investment schemes around, you need the experience and skill to succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

Also, there are several considerations that you have to bear in mind before you make any investment in the market. And the reason why this is the case is because of the following factors—

  • In general, cryptocurrency is unregulated by any financial institutions
  • Cryptocurrency is very risky because of how volatile the market is. You’ll observe sudden drops in the market value of the investments that’d result in losses
  • The value of cryptocurrency is still high despite the risk involved. Most of the time, the prices are determined by celebrity endorsements or partnerships with social media influencers

The cryptocurrency market is not a scam. However, it is a booming industry, and it needs to be researched thoroughly first before you start making investments.

Also, since the industry is progressively becoming popular, many dishonest entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the event. Therefore, checking the background of the investment opportunity is highly recommended as well.

Unfortunately, Cryptocurrency Coin Crusher has the elements of a potential scam. I’ll explain the list of red flags on why you should avoid this program in the following sections.

I’ve also reviewed several investment scams in the past. You can check them out if you like—Bitcoin System, OPM Wealth, Profit Maximizer, and the Auto Profits, just to name a few of them.

Or, you can check the full list of reviews here.

How Much is the Software?

The Crypto Coin Crusher software is priced at $37.

As cheap as it may be, don’t get excited right away.

After paying for the cost of the program, you also have to prepare for the initial investment, which requires you to settle at least $250.

Also, you have to take note that your dividends rely on how high your investment is. Therefore, you need to pay a higher amount of investment if you’re aspiring to earn a high income.

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is legitimate, but I wouldn’t trust Crypto Coin Crusher if I were you because of how scammy their business operation is.

Besides, there are more legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges and investing platforms around. Some examples include Coinbase, eToro, Voyager, BlockFi, and, just to name a few of them.

However, let me remind you that cryptocurrency is a high risk, and your chances of losing are very likely, especially if you don’t have the skill and knowledge.

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Is Crypto Coin Crusher a Scam? Here are the Red Flags!

In my most humble opinion, I do believe that the Crypto Coin Crusher program is just another scam. The following are some of the red flags you have to take note of—


The program promises that you don’t need experience with trading. This is an utter lie!

Yes, it’s possible to earn huge money from cryptocurrency trading. However, and as I repeatedly emphasized, you need the skills and knowledge to run a successful trading venture.

Also, you need to put in time and effort into the craft. And it is just not true that you would generate income from the investment automatically because you have to study the trend to make a better judgment.

Fake Creators

Another telltale sign that the entire operation is a sham is their unwillingness to present their true owners. Paul Scott from Philly is bogus!

First of all, he is just a voice actor hired from freelancing platforms. Also, there are no credentials which makes it impossible to check the credibility of the person speaking.

The ridiculous background story gave me a headache. It’s obviously made up.

And the format of the story is something I have heard many times before. They talked about how miserable their life was and then met someone that changed their life in a blink of an eye.

And this person allegedly has a magic secret that nobody knows. I’m sure you would be disappointed that the secret that they’re saying is not a secret at all! And everything is just clickbait, so to speak!

Revamp of a Failed Program

As mentioned, Crypto Coin Crusher is a revamp of failed crypto investment opportunities—Crypto Coin Sniper and

False Scarcity

He says that the software is top secret, and it could be put down in a matter of 2 days or even 10 minutes. But they’re apparently in operation for four months now!

Crypto Coin Crusher IMAGE 3

They use such statements to create false scarcity and make their audience believe that their program is in demand.

Is There Anything Positive About the Program?

None! I did not find anything positive about Crypto Coin Crusher.

Although consumers are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee, Crypto Coin Crusher is still a huge waste of time.

As I said, it would be better for you to avoid this program and save your money for a more legitimate investment.

Final Thoughts: Crypto Coin Crusher Review

I hope my Crypto Coin Crusher review has enlightened you about the subject matter and why you should avoid this program at all costs!

Again, the program is a scam and possesses many red flags that make them untrustworthy.

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Thank you for the time and for reading my Crypto Coin Crusher review!



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