Fast Cash App [review] – Can you really make 1.1M per year?

I was emailed this week about some new exciting way of making a lot of cash on “autopilot” and it said that my “payment” was waiting for me if I clicked on the link they had sent me.

Just the email itself was enough to tell me that it was some kind of hyped up story. But being in the industry, and also being very curious about all the “make money online” kind of thing, I decided t check it out.

This is a new ClickBank product that promises us to make $22,750 in the very first week, and this with only “25 minutes and 14 clicks”

Fast Cash App 1

OK, first of all, I have said it before in another review and I will say it again:


This sentence alone was enough to tell me that I was in for the same old hyped up story I have heard so many times before.

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Fast Cash App 2

My Analysis


Name: Fast Cash App


Owner: Robert Fisher (No one on the search engines anywhere is claiming this system as theirs, so it has to be a pen name)

Price: $37 plus multiple upsells

OK, so the sales video starts in a very hyped up and misleading way, telling people that they can make $22,750 per week without hardly any work involved.

If you stop and think about it for a moment, why would someone sell a system that can generate 1.1 million dollars ($22,750 x 52) in a year for only $37.00??? This is absolutely absurd! All they do is prey on people’s emotions and innocence, and once they have your credit card number, they have done what they wanted: get your hard-earned money in their pocket. That is pretty much it! I have seen it multiple times before, and this one, at first glance, doesn’t seem any different.

I can tell you right now that what they are claiming here is just pure hype, nothing is real! They do this with by telling you a fancy story and then giving you an example of people making money galore without any kind of proof whatsoever!

They also make you believe that this video is private, and you are lucky to have a chance to even look at it, let alone being selected to be part of an elite group of people chosen!

He even goes as far as saying that he has taught his 67-year-old uncle, who had never used a computer in his life to use this “Fast Cash App” and he made $3,500 last week!

Fast Cash App 2

Fast Cash App - 3

Fast Cash App - 4

Again absolutely no proof, just hype! This one is just another “too good to be true” get-rich-quick story like I have reviewed in the past like: Money Looper, Wealth Project, Ecom Cash Crusher, Auto Chat Profit and many more…

There is also the fact that we have no clue who is behind this system. They hide behind a “pen name” and tell you that their name is some generic “Robert Fisher”, but we have absolutely no clue who he is, or even if he actually exists!

Fast Cash App 5

By now, I had seen enough to know that this is one of “those” systems!

Fast Cash App what is it exactly?

This is the kind of system that works on people’s emotions, especially if you are looking for ways to make quick money online. They will tell you a great fairy tale about how you can make mad cash in a very short time using their “all-done-for-you-totally-on-autopilot” kind of system.

I have seen and heard this many many times before and all they want you to do is click on their “Start my 60-day risk-free trial” button.

I have to tell you this right now, this is not a trial, you have to purchase “whatever” they are going to sell you.

It’s the same as buying a pig in a poke. You don’t even know what the heck you are going to buy before you pay them!

This is taking advantage of desperate people that want to make money quickly and easily and that are impulsive buyers. This is also not very ethical!

So if you do decide to click on the “Start my 60-day risk-free trial” button, you will be taken to a ClickBank order page. There, you will enter your information and pay the $37. You will then be hit with upsells after upsells.

There are three of them actually: Fast Cash 2.0 – $197, Fast Cash Pro – $177 and Fast Cash Social $97.

So, all in all, there is almost $500 in upsells that they don’t tell you about until you are “in”.

And I thought that the “system” was an “All done for you” and that everything needed was included for $37, “the bargain of the century”.

Fast Cash App - 6Fast Cash App 7


Fast Cash App - 8

In the end, what you are getting for the original $37 is some sort of rehashed or outdated PDFs along with some videos that you would most probably find online for free or at least at a better price at places like Udemy.

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The only good thing I could find about this system is the fact that you can request your money back within 60 days of your purchase date, and this is because it is sold on the ClickBank marketplace. ClickBank is actually a legit marketplace but I have seen a lot of these kinds of systems being sold there.


Fake owner – Who is Robert Fisher??? In the sales video he claims he is a “writer, researcher and online business expert”, but where is the proof of that? And how come he doesn’t even show his face? To me, this is just a way of hiding behind a smoke screen. Why would he want to hide if his system was able to generate 1.1 million dollars in a year? I think you know the answer to that one! Also, the fact that the way they sell their product tells a lot about the creator himself.

Fake Money Claims – There are numerous names and money amounts mentioned in the sales video, even his 67-year-old uncle, making $3,500 within a week without any computer knowledge, but there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that these are true. Are we to trust this guy so blindly? I don’t think so!

Way too much hype – There is a huge lack of transparency and it’s full of empty promises. Especially the initial statement right on the sales page, that with this system “You could earn up to $22,750 in your first week”. This is just ridicule!

There is NOT a system that exists in the whole world that would sell for $37 and make you that kind of money in the first week! NO WAY!


Now the question on everybody’s mind: Is Fast Cash App a scam?

Before I answer that question, maybe I should tell you what I have found about online scams and what they are exactly.

According to “Computer Hope‘s” website, an online scam is when someone “takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person”

So we cannot qualify this system as a scam per se. Simply because when you fill out the purchase form and pay for the “product” you are directed to some training of some sort, therefore, you are not being scammed in the definition of the word.

However, we can easily say that there is a difference between a good and a not so good product. In the case of Fast Cash App, I would qualify it as a “VERY LOW-QUALITY SYSTEM”.

In conclusion, this system uses hyped-up money claims and false testimonies to sell you their “Make money online fast” product. But in the end, what you would think to be an amazing opportunity will end up being a disappointment.

Now I leave it up to you to decide if you want to try it or not.

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10 thoughts on “Fast Cash App [review] – Can you really make 1.1M per year?”

  1. It’s ridiculous to think you can make $22,000 in a week using only 14 clicks. The fast cash app is just another low quality, income sucking program. The program is very laughable and I really don’t have sympathy for anyone who falls for fast cash app scam. I believe you have to be really greedy to believe in such hogwash.

    I like the good work you do, but isn’t it possible to get these sites reported to the law. I don’t think it’s proper to have so many ridiculous programs who do not face the wrath of the law after the crime they commit. Just my 2 cents.

    Unsurprisingly, such people who fall for this, really don’t want to put in much work to develop their brand but want to get rich overnight.

    • Hi Louis,

      I actually have sympathy for people that fall victim of these low-quality programs. That is why I expose them so that the ones who do take the time to do their own research will be advised of what they are actually buying.  

      As far as reporting these systems to the law, although they are unscrupulous and that they have very shady tactics, I don’t think they are breaking the law, therefore reporting them would be a waste of time. 

      I will keep on exposing them for what they are to the public so that at least the people who their own research will not fall for their untruths!

  2. Having seen this honest review of yours, I can boldly say that the fast cash app is nothing but crapy product full of hypes and there is absolutely nothing real about it. The only true and legit way I have seen so far in making money online is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I earn while I learn directly from the CO-founders of the platform and the thousands upon thousands of members that are really helpful! 

    • Hi there,

      I agree that the Fast Cash App system has no value to offer, and the fact that you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate is telling me that you have taken the right path to your online business success.  Congrats on your wise decision.

  3. Hi Denis,I was curious to see their pitch, so briefly watched the video on their website. A few red flags jumped out.

    They make a person believe they are special by creating scarcity and saying statements like ”they only want to work with a close group of people” and their ”time is limited” so you ”better sign up now before it’s too late”, etc. 

    Their video also states a person can make up to $30,000 by only working 30 minutes per day. It’s an immediate red flag when these sites make it sound so easy by offering some magic formula or secret system. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick system.

    I agree with your analysis. This is a system that people should avoid.

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article.  The fact that you agree with my analysis helps other people avoid this one for certain, and I am grateful for your approval.  Like I said in my article, if you are looking for a true and honest way to make money online, then Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I recommend! 

  4. Denis!

    The sites like Fast Cash App really target newbies, who will be very eager to earn money quickly. But newbies, with their lack of experience and knowledge about internet marketing, they lose their money to them and have some bad experience in their career. In the same manner, I also lost some money to spammers at the beginning of my internet career. I appreciate you for this review and pray that all newbies should read the post and know the reality of the internet. There are few sites really mind for the value of teaching online marketing and I would be rather happy if the newbies land up on these genuine sites.

    Thanks for a great review.

    • I totally agree with you!  Newbies are falling for these get-rich-quick methods all the time, and the creators of these systems hope they don’t ask for a refund so that they can make more money and take on more people in their web of lies.  Wealthy Affiliate is a solution to this as it is true and honest and will lead anyone to success as long as they realize that there are no get-rich-quick methods!

  5. Hey Denis! I appreciate your important advice that we should all be careful with online scammers. I haven’t been a victim of a scam, but I know I have to be careful when dealing with people on line.

     Too many people fall for these get rich quick schemes. As long as some people let themselves become vulnerable, there will always be a market for these scammers.  

    I hear you when you say that there’s no get-rich-quick scheme out there that actually works. Persistent work is the standard for the creation of any business. I’m learning that first-hand. That’s why it’s so important to have a love for what it is that you do. 

    Thank you for your post, 


    • Jose!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article.  It’s true that there is no get-rich-quick method.  Unfortunately, people still believe that there is and as long as they think that way, these low-quality systems will continue to produce more low-quality products and will make money from the newbies.

      That is why I expose them for what they are, and if someone takes the time to do a little research, they may, in fact, avoid losing money over these false promises.

      One thing you mention is loving what you do.  I truly believe that too.  “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.  Those are words from the famous Bob Proctor.  I really love what I do, and it’s all because of Wealthy Affiliate and what I have been able to accomplish with this wonderful platform.  I strongly suggest you check them out! 


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