GoEarn.co [Review] – $500/DAY? Scam exposed

GoEarn Product review

Does GoEarn.co really live up to its promise? Can you really make $500 today or is it just another scam? You will find your answers in this article.

Whether you have been invited through email or social media, you have made a wise choice to check things out and do your due diligence prior to giving this system any kind of personal information!

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Name: GoEarn

Website: GoEarn.co

Owner: Unknown (whoever owns this is a scammer)

Price: It’s free to join but they will definitely scam you.

Recommended: This one is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED! It’s a SCAM!

GoEarn.co says it’s the #1 Influencer network that is helping people and is “the best way to start earning money online. Everywhere. Anytime.” With the opportunity to earn from anywhere in the world and having the highest paying tasks on the Internet. Here’s what they say on the landing page:

GoEarn front page

However, I will show you in this review that this is VERY FAR from the truth. Actually it’s a filthy lie!

Read on as I show you what I have discovered and why I say this is a lie!

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How does GoEarn.co really work?

As they state on their landing page, you should be able to make $500 online today! They supposedly (again according to their landing page) paid out $44,700,000.00 to their members.

My question is how can they pay out that much money, how are they making money to pay this much out?

As I did my research, I quickly realized that this website is nothing more than a scam. I have reviewed very similar systems in the past and they all look alike and say the same thing.

Here are a few examples of the websites I have reviewed:

Survey Bounce

Kash Tree

Smart Dollars Club

GoEarn.co is no different and is not an influencer program and no one on social media is talking about it.

The only ones who are talking about it are the people who are promoting it to get referrals. I came across a Pinterest post the other day and the person sounded very desperate to get “referrals”… Good luck getting paid for those referrals!

They (GoEarn.co) don’t even have any social media accounts, which is another big red flag because any well-known company (Who would be paying out over $44 million dollars to its members) would be on social media.

Red flags

Red flag No.1 – Fake Surveys that will “steal and resell” your sensitive personal information to other scammers!

OK, so I decided to “play the game” and enter their “money-making” website. The first thing I tried was their $35 task wall

GoEarn Task Wall

Of course, my system is set up with protection and this is the first thing I saw when I clicked the link was this:

GoEarn dangerous webpage

Then I asked Norton for more information and this is what I found out:

GoEarn.co Scam Advisory

So Norton is telling me that it is highly recommended that I do not visit this webpage that I was sent to…

But, for the purpose of this review, I use my “isolation mode” and tried a link to get a $500 Visa Gift Card.

There were 4 steps required to “qualify” for the Gift card. I was able to do the first 4 steps which were Email, registration, and special offers, but when I got to the final step I needed to complete one of the Silver offers that were listed. I tried in vain to do one or another, but it kept bringing me back to the original page saying my final step was still “pending”…

A loop, to get people to re-register and try some other offer…just to get them to send their personal information all over the internet and then who knows what would happen.

NOTE: I did NOT use any of MY personal information. I have accounts set up just for this purpose…

GoEarn Visa Gift Card scam

So as you can see here, this system is all rigged! All these “tasks” are FAKE!

The main purpose of them is to gather sensitive and personal information like your full name, address, and phone number.

Real and legitimate survey site NEVER ask for this kind of info! And they never payout such big amounts of money!

Red flag No.2 – Fake testimony

Matthew Young Fake Testimony(II)

I was able to easily find Matthew Young ( who claims he made $237,000 with GoEarn.co) as a FAKE testimony.

Here’s the person in question. His name is NOT Matthew Young and he DOES NOT make money with GoEarn.co. He’s a model for stock photos on Adobe Stock:

Matthew Young Fake Testimony

Forget about any “proof” being put on this website as truth!

It’s all lies and fake!

Red flag No. 3 – Proof that they will NEVER pay you in their own terms and conditions:

Here is a screenshot of parts of their terms and conditions.

They clearly state that IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 99 YEARS OLD (written as “under the age of ninety-nine(99)), you are not allowed to use the GoEarn Sites and Features:

GoEarn.co Terms

So basically they are saying that the only person who is allowed to use their website and earn money on it is someone 100 years old or older!

So, Good luck making any kind of money with them!



There are NO PROS here,


They will definitely SCAM you!!! Either through malicious code installed on your computer when you click on one of their link or by reselling your personal information.

Nothing on this website is true: IT’S ALL LIES

If you have given them your personal information, you will get spammed for starters. And I would get a professional to check out your computer for Computer viruses and malware that would have been installed when you click on their link!


GoEarn Its a filthy scam

Nothing else to say about this one except STAY AWAY!!!

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GoEarn Product review

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As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!

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