Home Business Package [Review] – Scam or make $1000’s?

Home Business Package Product Review

The Home Business Package claims that you can make $1,000’s per day with their automated websites. Is this the reality? Read my honest review and find out!

This new “opportunity” is supposed to provide you with a “Done for you system to Financial Success”. Is the Home Business Package a scam? Or does it really provide you with a realistic automated website system?

At first glance, I can tell you that anyone who claims that they have a “done-for-you” system is usually full of B.S.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar systems and they all have something in common: “HYPE”. They all claim that they are the latest and greatest method of making money online without any efforts.

Let’s see what the Home Business Package provides and evaluate it’s potential.

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Home Business Package Featured Image

Name: Home Business Package

Website: https://homebusinesspackage.com

Owner: Unknown! (We have no idea who is behind this “system”)

Price: $37 or $97 depending on where you look!

Recommended: NO


First, let me say that I am in no way shape or form associated with this system.  This review is based on facts found during my research on the Internet and available to the public. 

The sales pitch video is about 11 minutes long from some anonymous female “voice over artist” that says her name is “Pam”. She starts by saying: “If I gave you a way to make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day, just by pressing a few buttons, would you take it?”

Home Business Package 1000s per day

They make it sound so easy, don’t they?

Examine this statement and think about it for a moment.

What is actually said here?

Just clicking (or pressing) a few buttons and make a few thousand dollars!

If things were this easy in life, don’t you think that everyone would be doing it? Especially at a $37 price tag?

If you are fed up (like me) of trying these very low-quality systems that promise you riches overnight without ever delivering what they sell, let me tell you how I have created an online business that earns me money while I sleep and how you could also start your own online business for FREE.

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How does Home Business Package really work?

The sales video doesn’t tell you much about what you are getting for $37 except that you are supposed to get Automated Websites.

There is a major lack of transparency here. We NEVER find out who the owner of this system is or what is the automated system.

They are hiding behind a smokescreen, never mention anything about how the system works and make income claims like the ones I describe here:

Fake Live Account Creation

They make it sound so easy! The narrator pretends that she’s creating a “Live Account” for a “Johnathon” that starts at zero ($0.00) and 10 minutes later has $55.

Home Business Package automated website

That is complete B.S.!

They have NOT created an account for Johnathon, and there is NO MONEY in this FAKE Account!

And if you look closely at the screenshot, it says right there that it’s “AN EXAMPLE”, so do not believe this, it’s so easy to create Daily Sales Snapshots like these with any image manipulation software!

FAKE Testimonies and income making claims.

They present you with a bunch of “supposed” testimonies from members already making money with this system:

Home Business Package Fake Testimony

Do you see how EASY it is to fake a screenshot? It took me 30 seconds to take “Justin’s” name out and put my name instead.

These testimonies and “income proofs” are worthless and do NOT prove anything else but to confirm that this system is full of lies!

The irony here is that the sales video says that the Internet is full of scam artists that promise millions overnight that deliver zero results:

Home Business Package zero results


They have pretty well described themselves here!


Fake Bank Account screenshots

During the sales pitch, “Pam” says that this system has generated hundreds of thousand dollars in revenues in the past 6 months with her automated websites:

Home Business Package fake bank account

Again, as I said earlier, it’s SO EASY to create a fake screenshot.

Here is what I did in about 30 seconds:

Home Business Package fake bank account own version

I have, very easily, changed the amount to $10,000,000 with an image manipulation software.

There you have it, everything in the sales video is FAKE!

So Instead of wasting more time with a sales video that has no worth whatsoever, I decided to do some more in-depth research on the product itself and found this website:

Home Business Package website

As you can see here from their actual website, there is NOTHING here that is automatic and done-for-you. It looks more like a “training website” than anything automated.

From what we can understand here, you will get a “package” that includes some website templates, some email marketing training, and some e-commerce training. The rest (Strategies, bonuses, and mentorship) is just fluff added to the list to make it look more appealing.

Then I clicked on the checkout link and (not) to my surprise, the price is not the same as the sales video.

Home Business Package Checkout No.2

As you can see the price is quite different with an increase of $60 for the same product…

No support whatsoever

Then I tried to see if there is any support so I first tried calling the phone number indicated on the website.

Home Business Package Support Phone Number

It rang once and then a female voice said: “Thank you for calling customer support. Our office is now closed. Please call us during our office hours.” I did try a couple of times during the day and it always has the same message.

But if you haven’t noticed, they have VERY WEIRD hours of operation from 10 am to 7 am EST??? So much for phone support!

So, I did some research on the email address that I found at the bottom of the checkout page: support@homebusinesspackage.com

Here is what I found:

Home Business Package email check

Could not be verified with https://email-checker.net/ so I tried https://mailtester.com/ and got the same kind of answer:

Home Business Package email check II

It says that the web address homebusinesspackage.com exist (obviously) but the server does not allow e-mail address verification.

Therefore, I would not expect any kind of support from them even if you do buy the system!



You will be provided some training materials, some strategies and templates for $37 (or $97 depending on where you checkout), but nothing will be automated and done-for-you.


Complete lack of transparency. You must buy the product to find out what it is. There is not enough information supplied and too many exaggerated claims to believe anything they say!

No support whatsoever


Fake bank account screenshots

Fake “live account” creation and monetization

False scarcity

Fake testimonies


With everything I reveal with my research here, I am NOT going to recommend it. Not one bit, so it’s a BIG thumbs down for the Home Business Package.

Home Business Package Thumbs Down

Disclaimer: I have been doing reviews like this for years now, and I can spot a fake when I see one. With everything I found out about this system, and all the lies from the sales video, I did not purchase the system. Why waste time and energy when you know that nothing they say is real!

A Real Method

Let me put things in perspective right away. If you want to create some passive income that generates income without any efforts, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it does not exist.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of similar systems out there that all pretend the same thing: Their systems are the latest invention that you can use to make money without doing hardly anything. Well, I have yet to find a single one of them.

You see, an online business is just like a brick and mortar business. You have to nurture it and it has to grow on a solid foundation. I figured this out the hard way — through YEARS of trial and error, buying and trying all kinds of useless systems like Home Business Package.

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The affiliate marketing industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few months because of the pandemic. People are shopping online now more than ever, and the number of companies investing in their affiliate programs is constantly increasing.

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But you will need guidance.

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As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!


14 thoughts on “Home Business Package [Review] – Scam or make $1000’s?”

    • Sorry Cherryl,

      First, let me say that I am in no way shape or form associated with this system. What I did here is a review of the system and I do not recommend it. You cannot ask for your money back here.

        • Hello Rosanna,

          Let me start by saying that I am NOT affiliated in any way, shape, or form to Home Business Package. I just wrote a review on it, and in my review, I said that I could not reach anyone for support by calling the number.

          Unfortunately, you are not asking the right person for your refund, and I am not sure if you can get a refund based on the facts of my research. The email does not work either! That is one of many reasons I do not recommend this system!

          I suggest that you do your due diligence and research any product you are interested in prior to giving anyone your hard-earned money.

          I wish I could be more helpful and I am sorry for your situation.

          Stay Safe!

  1. Sir. Is there any hidden cost on your site?
    Just wondering how you make online money.
    I generally chk all online sites before I dive in as well as I will do on your site. I do love your honesty explaining. I will ck your affiliate program and will get back. Thank you. Be safe be well..Patrick

    • Hello Patrick,

      Thank you for taking the time to ask a question about Wealthy Affiliate. I earn money online by doing exactly what this article is all about: Reviewing “make money online systems”, and warning people about the ones that are not worth buying (like this Home Business package) and keeping them away from getting scammed or losing money on low-quality systems.

      The way I earn money is with Affiliate Marketing. I promote someone else’s product and I get a commission when someone purchases the product through my affiliate link. In this case, I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a viable and successful alternative to Home Business Package.

      You ask if there are hidden costs with Wealthy Affiliate, well I can confirm that there are no hidden costs!

      You can join for FREE as I said in my article, and after 7 days, once you have gone through the free test drive for the premium package, you can choose to stay and upgrade to premium (at a discounted price of $19 for the first month) or simply leave, and nothing else will happen. If you do upgrade to premium, the second month will cost you $49, and so on for the next months for as long as you stay a premium member. There are other alternatives like paying yearly where you will save money.

      The only other cost I can think of is if you decide to buy your own domain instead of using the free “Siterubix” domains that are part of your subscription. They will cost you between $13 and $15 per year.

      That is it, my friend! If you are interested just click on this link and enter your email address and chose a username and you will be on your way to success!

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I will be happy to help!


  2. Dear Denis
    I have been taken several times by these scammers I feel sorry for all that has been take by these thieves I could not retrieve my money I am going to click on your site I hope you are honest You sound like you are
    Thank you

    • Thank you for the compliment, Esther! I am honest and I tell it like it is! This is the purpose of this website, to help people avoid being taken for a ride and lose money while trying to chase a false dream. I am grateful that my article has given you the insight you were looking for.

      I will see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform 🙂


  3. are you honest please help me start to make money on line aai have a son and he has had brain cancer so I just am looking for someone to be honest and help . I do not mind paying a little to get started but I do not have much money with doc.bills to pay. and I would like to pay with paypal and get paid thru paypal can you help me please get back to me.

    • Hello Sandra,

      I am very sorry about your precarious situation. I am a very honest person and I will tell you things like they are. Writing a comment on this article tells me you are looking for a quick way to earn money online. Let me tell you that these systems (I have reviewed hundreds of them)are all the same: They sell false dreams and false hope. The only people making money with these systems are the creators, and you will be left with less money in your pocket and a bruised ego.

      Sorry to burst your bubble here, but there is no get-rich-quick method. These systems all say that you’ll make $500 in a day or $1,000 in a few days, but those are simply lies to get you to pay for their very low-quality systems (not to call them outright scams)

      The platform I propose in my article (Wealthy Affiliate) is NOT one of those. It’s a community of like-minded people helping each other succeed.

      However, you must be committed to putting in some time and effort. The average person does not earn money right away with this method. It takes you from a complete beginner to an accomplished online entrepreneur.

      How long you ask before you earn money? It varies from several months to even 12 months. It depends on the niche you choose, how well you apply the training, and how often you put it to use. Depending on the competition of the niche you choose, how well you know it, and what kind of content you write determines the results.

      If you are up to it and decide that you want to give it a try, you can get full access for 7 days with a FREE starter membership, which does not require any commitment from your part and no money to pay out right away. All you have to do is enter your email address and choose a username.

      Get your FREE membership by clicking this link —> Free Membership <--- Once you are in, you'll be greeted by an automated message from me, just follow the instructions and I will be notified that you subscribed and will be there to help you get set up. Let's do this together Denis

  4. Do you know if there is a connection between Home Business Package and EasyMarketersClub? I was double charged on a $297 purchase by EMC.

    • How awful James 🙁

      Even though I could not find any relation between the 2 scam products, they are pretty much the same crap. You must be VERY careful with these kinds of systems. They have no scruples and will steal your money and run! Hopefully, you called your credit card company and disputed those charges!

      Good luck


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