Income Magnet Review – Scam or legit way to make $1K/day?

In this review, I will reveal the truth and every detail I have found about the Income Magnet system. Don’t purchase the system before you read this.

If you have landed on my website, it’s because you have decided to do your own research about the Income Magnet system before you went ahead and spent your hard-earned money, and I want to say that this is one of the best decision you have made so far today!

I have reviewed a ton of systems like this one and there are so many programs and systems that are just not worth the time and money, it’s hard to find a legitimate one.

As for the Income Magnet system, I can tell you right now that it’s not as great as it pretends to be.

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Income Magnet 1

My Analysis

Name: Income Magnet


Owner: Dan Redding – This is a pen name check out my explanation below.

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating:star rating (One star just because you can get your money back if not satisfied)


The first thing I look for when reviewing a system is if the owner is hiding or if he’s out there showing his face and telling it like it is. Well, this one does not start well. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the sales video that says this:

Disclaimer – Note that for privacy purposes, Dan Redding is an abbreviated pen name.

Income Magnet 2

And in the sales video he introduces himself as Dan Redding:

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That in itself is a big red flag for me.

If the owner doesn’t want people to know who he is, there must be some kind of explanation why.

Is it because there is something he’s not telling us?

Let’s see what else we can find.

When I started to watch the sales video, I knew I had seen it before and I did a little research in my past reviews.

Wouldn’t you know it, I have reviewed 2 products from the same “creator” called Money Looper and Instant Payday Tricks.

I can tell you right now that both these products have outdated training and methods that will only make you a couple of bucks here and there and only if you are very patient, and both products had very unethical ways of showing how to make money online. Red Flag No. 2

I don’t agree with most of the methods he had shown in those 2 other products. You can read my reviews by clicking on the links below and it will convince you that this “Income Magnet system” is the same kind of low-quality product.

Money Looper

Instant Payday Tricks

How does Income Magnet work?

The sales video itself is very cheaply made and only has voice and scrolling text, which becomes very boring after a few minutes.

“Dan Redding” tells a sad story about how he struggled before he found out about this “secret method” and how it changed his life.

He then claims that anyone can use this method and earn up to $1,000 per day with it without any prior experience just by following this new revolutionary method, all of this without hardly any effort.

That is another typical statement of these kinds of products. They tell a story to get people emotionally involved so that they believe that this is a true method and that they can become wealthy very quickly. Nothing can be farther from the truth!

Based on what the sales video promotes, the big secret is getting gigs using The Income Magnet system to browse and get some voice-over offers.

There are of course some supposed income proof and testimonies in this sales video about how much money these “members” are making using this system:

Income Magnet - 3

Income Magnet - 4

This is all because of this system that you can use and start making money with no experience whatsoever. All you have to do is log in to websites, browse various offers, then chose your gig and just read and record from a script. By doing this you would be able

This is again very typical of very low-quality systems and we have NO PROOF whatsoever that this is real. Anyone can throw these figures in a presentation and make-believe that they are real. Red flag no. 3!

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Is it really that easy?

Voice-over gigs are real, and it is a real way of making money online. However, it’s not as easy as this guy leads you to believe.

It’s actually almost impossible for a beginner to earn the kind of money (Between $400 and $2,000/day) when you don’t have the knowledge and experience.

It’s just like any other business, you have to get yourself known, build a reputation and after months and even years of experience then people will pay you good money when you attain that level. It’s not with a $37 system that you will accomplish this.

There is nothing anywhere in the sales video that tells you what you are buying either, all he does is give you extraordinary stories and claims of making large sums of money that are most probably made up.

There is also the fact that there is a major lack of transparency. Red Flag No. 4

If I refer to the two other products that I reviewed from this same guy, Money Looper, and Instant Payday Tricks, what you will get are some PDFs documents that are just bought PLRs (Private Label Rights) and maybe some poorly created training videos (if you are lucky to get any).

How can a system be so great and not tell you what you are buying? From past experience, it’s because it’s crap! There I said it! If you would be told what you get for the $37, you would not bother buying it. And these guys just hope that you will not ask for a refund so that they can make money from you and create more crappy products!

Obviously, I did not buy this product.

With my past experience with the other products the creator has sold in the past and all the red flags, I did not waste my time and energy buying it and asking for a refund.



There is only the fact that it’s sold on ClickBank and that you can request your money back within 60 days of your initial purchase that makes the cut of being a PRO in this case.


Of course all the red flags I have enumerated in this review.

Overhyped and misleading income claims.

Numerous upsells will hit you as soon as you pay your initial $37 asking for more money to “increase” your chances of making money with this system.

The owner uses a pen name – This is typical of very-low-quality systems. He hides most probably because he knows that this is not something he would buy himself.

Fake testimonies – There is no way to verify the name or the money they claim that they are making in the sales video.

It is clearly stated in the disclaimer that they do not guarantee that you will make any money with this system.


My hope now is that I have shown you that this system really is and that you will be able to make a sound decision before you decide to buy it.

Now, the question on your mind must be “OK but is this system a scam?”
Depending on how you interpret the real definition of an online scam, some people would qualify it as one because of all the fake and hype in the sales video.

I will call it a VERY LOW-QUALITY system, just like the other products from this same “creator/owner”.

I do not recommend this system because of all the reasons I already talked about in my article.

The main reason people will be looking into these kinds of systems is the get-rich-quick attraction.

I hate to tell you this, but I have been attracted to these methods too. I have bought my share of empty promises and fake programs in the past and lost good money doing it.

That is until I figured out that there are NO quick methods to make money online.

I remember vividly the day I opened my eyes and “saw the light at the end of the tunnel”.

I was on a website just like this one, and I was trying to figure out if the system I was about to buy was worth it or not. I was told by the website owner that the system I was checking out was not worth anything, but instead, he recommended one that he was using.

Fast forward to today, and I am doing the same thing. And I can say that I am a successful Online Marketer! I make money while I sleep with my website. It’s always on 24/7/365.

The platform that I joined that faithful day almost 4 years ago now is directly responsible for my success.

It has shown me a REAL METHOD called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the real deal.

However, if you are serious about making money online, you have to realize right now that this is not a get-rich-quick method like these crappy products and systems.

You will have to work your butt off to make it successful. But once it starts growing and working, boy does it ever!!! The sky is the limit once you reach that point.

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6 thoughts on “Income Magnet Review – Scam or legit way to make $1K/day?”

  1. Income magnet is just another hyped platform that is meant to scam us of our money without offering anything of value in return. In all honesty, I hate any platform that is like this. Even the owner is not identifiable. If that is not big enough of a reason to not join this, then I don’t know if anything else could be. Thank you for sharing this and unveiling so much information about them. Thumbs up

    • I agree totally. This one says you can make $1000 per day with voice over gigs! Come on! Yes, Voice-over gigs can be lucrative, but as I say in my article, you need to build a reputation and after months and even years of experience then people will pay you good money! It’s not with a $37 system that you will earn $1,000 per day!

      The thing is that people are gullible and these guys prey on their emotions to get them to buy their products on that basis alone, and they (the creators of these scammy products) are the only ones making money!

      If you are looking for a REAL method of making passive income then, my No. 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is REAL and people are making REAL money when they follow the state of the art training provided!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my article!

  2. Hi Denis

    Thanks for this review, Its clear from the detail you go into you are really looking out for your readers best interest. With many scams online it’s honest reviews like yours that really help the ones conducting their due diligence and research before purchasing. Also nice to see you offer a replacement solution if your readers find Income Magnet not for them.

    • Thank you for your kind words!

      From the name you use online I can tell that you are into Affiliate Marketing as well.

      Hopefully, you have taken a look at my No. 1 recommendation and if so I will see you on the inside, my friend!

  3. One way of gaining more authority in the online business is to reveal your identity and gain a level of trust with your audience so whenever an entrepreneur hides their identity I leave faster than came. I’m also very wary of overhyped success I’d rather hear the bitter truth of having to work hard before getting successful something that wealthy affiliate makes sure you understand before signing up.

    • You speak with wisdom here! I assume that you have not bought in this “system” and that you are someone who checks everything out before doing anything that you could regret!

      I commend you for it! If you are looking for a REAL method then, check out my No.1 Recommendation.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article. I appreciate!


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