Insider Profit Group Review – scam or make $1,175/day?

With this “new” method you are told that you can turn $9 into $1,175 per day from a “little known secret” that will allow you to tap in a $4.7 Billion Honey-pot.

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This sounds very interesting! But is this a real thing or just another one of those “get-rich-overnight” thing?

I decided to take a look inside and let you in on what this system is all about.

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My Analysis

Name: Insider Profit Groups


Owner: Steven Jason – We have no clue who the “real owner” is.  This is just a pen name that these kinds of systems use.

Price: $9 with multiple upsells.

Well, the sales video starts off with a pretty gloomy observation that the world is in a mess right now and that we are living in frightening times! Things in the world “are not looking good”!

This is a first for me!

Why would they say things like that and then come back and say that this “may be one of the biggest opportunities the Internet has ever seen”.Insider Profit Groups 2

Okay! So we are in for one of “those” videos. I have seen it so many times before!

There are so many very low-quality digital products coming out every day that it’s hard to keep up.

I recently reviewed a similar system called The Silk Road Effect and it turned out to be nothing more than a PLR (Private Label Rights) that has been included as part of it and some cheaply made videos.

I bet that this one is pretty much the same!

Anyway, after saying things were gloomy all around the globe, there is the “sad story” that he’s a 49-year-old baker that lost his family business and his home overnight, but at least his wife stayed by his side…

Then he asks the important question:

Then he goes on saying that these “systems” that are sold online are the equivalent of spoiled milk and that these methods have expired long ago.

That kind of made me laugh because usually these systems sell what they denounce and I’m about to reveal that this one is no different.

But of course, he found this “advanced technique” using specialized paid tools reserved for big Silicon Valley-type companies that mine data. And now he’s using it and the industry is now calling it “the new Internet”.

This big “discovery” is using Facebook Groups and affiliate marketing. According to the sales video, this method is supposedly taking advantage of a $4.7 billion market.

This is certainly not a discovery as the sales video is trying to make you believe. And I can tell you right now that this method is real. Facebook Groups and affiliate marketing have been around for many years now, so this is not something new and it’s NO secret either.

The thing is you can definitely make money online this way, but the hype they dish out is not real!

By this time on the sales video, it was all about how he has made a boatload of money all on autopilot and that he wants to share this wonderful system with you.

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What is Insider Profit Groups?

To no surprise, the $9 front gate price is not the only “system” you will be offered.

There are in fact 3 upsells costing over $400 ($441 to be exact) that you will be hit with when you join:

Upsell No. 1 ($197) is the “Platinum Group” and should be helping you increase your profits 23 times.

Upsell No. 2 ($147) is the Crypto Millionaires Calendar

Upsell No. 3 ($97) is the Diamond Profit Booster

Needless to say, I did not purchase any of the upsells.

They tell you that you can make a ton of money, all on autopilot for a measly $9 and then once they got you in, they hit you with upsells over upsells with these “enhanced” products.

This is very typical of most of the digital products sold on the Internet today (we’ll get back to this sentence later).

Anyway once in the member’s area, this is what I found:

Insider Profit Groups 5
Member’s area menu

Nothing to be impressed, but again what can you expect for $9…

There are also links to other ClickBank products in the member’s area, so they are trying to sell you more right in there too.

“The system”

When you click on the Messenger Marketing you will have access to a PDF document called the China Secret (which is, by the way, a rehashed ClickBank product probably from the same owner/creator) and the author of this PDF e-book “Robert Walter” give the advantages of chatbot technology and how to set one up. It has 30 pages and has good information, but I did not read the whole thing, I just browsed.

Then you have a product called FB chatbot step-by-step guide!

Insider Profit Groups 6

I then did a little research and of course, as I suspected earlier, I found out that this “amazing system” is once again nothing more than some PLRs. You can find it here on this website:

Insider Profit Groups 7

I just knew it from the first few sentences of the video that it was another one of “those” system, which are just hype and false promises.

The document itself “FB ChatBot secrets” has pretty good information to explain how a chatbot works, the best practices, tools and how to set it up.

If you are looking to implant this technology (chatbot) onto your (existing) website, at $9 for this system it’s a steal because the PLR itself is $47. But again, it’s general and generic information that you could probably find out on your own by doing a little research.

To get back to the actual member’s area you have the “star product” called Insider Profit Groups.

Well, you will get another 3 PDF e-books explaining Facebook Groups:

  • The FB Groups blueprint – This is an intro to Facebook groups and how to use it for your business and make money with it. It’s very general and is info that you could probably find easily yourself on the Internet.
  • The FB Marketing Secrets – In this one, you will be given some details on how to form a Facebook group and how to get people to join your group. There is also information on how to manage it.
  • The Fan Page Profits – Here you will be instructed that it’s probably better and easier to start a fan page first and getting people to like it than starting a FB Group. The thing that I did not get is that you cannot just have thousands of people magically join your group! You definitely need to offer some value and something worthwhile so that people will join…In the end, they do advise buying traffic with Facebook ads, which is also a good method but can become very costly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Next, you have “Cryptocurrency”

I really don’t have a clue as to why this is included here since it has nothing to do with Facebook Groups but here is what is included in this section:

  • Airdrop Secrets – Get free Cryptocurrencies!  This is a guide on how collecting free cryptocurrencies works.
  • Millionaire Callendar, This is a calendar to keep track of free cryptocurrencies!

I personally am not interested in cryptocurrencies because I’m clueless as to how to sell and buy them. I did not spend much time in this section either.

And the last section is about “eCommerce”.

There are four PDF documents here included:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Shopify – It says that this is a video training but in reality, it’s another PDF.
  • E-commerce kickstart
  • eBay eCommerce secrets
  • The Amazon Rush

Again these are included but they have nothing to do with implementing a Facebook group on your website.

I did not take the time to research these documents, but my guess is that they are also PLRs that have been included or rehashed from a previous and similar product.

Fed up with scams



Cheap at $9 for the basic products. It’s not a system so we will call it what it is, a bunch of PDF products.

60 days money-back guarantee from ClickBank.


Very hyped and unrealistic money claims for what they provide as a “system”

Rehashed PDF documents from other ClickBank digital products

Not as easy as they say it is, and the “honeypot” or “New Internet” is nothing new and has been around for years. It’s just hype to get you in and sell you the upgrades.

Very unlikely that you will make the kind of money they say you will make with it


All in all, if you look at the digital documents you get for $9, I could say that it’s not a bad deal. However, I would NEVER buy any of the upsells for a total of $441 and would not expect much more in them either!

It is what it is, a bunch of PDF documents and they sell it as a method that you could make $1,175 per day. Sorry I just don’t believe it!

I am not saying that FaceBook groups coupled with Affiliate Marketing are not going to work, as it is a true and real method. You are just NOT going to get the results they say you are with a few PDFs!

They promote it as an easy and quick method to make money, while in reality, if you want to create something sustainable with affiliate marketing, you will have to put in considerable effort and time to make things happen.

It is not as simple as creating a Facebook Group and then selling to thousands of members right away. It simply doesn’t work that way.

In summary, the method they are trying to make as a get-rich-quick is actually the opposite.

Is it a scam? Well No, it’s not a scam. You will get a bunch of PDF documents that are probably worth $9, even if some of them are rehashed from other ClickBank products and some (like cryptocurrencies) are not even related to Facebook groups.

Despite this fact, technically there is a real method behind what they sell, they just use ridiculous hype to sell it which will end up making 99% of the people buying this fail because it has no true value. It’s a written document with nothing to support it!

The real method for Affiliate Marketing (without the hype and upsell)

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“This is very typical of most of the digital products sold on the Internet today.”

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Like always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!

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  1. You have really hit the nail right on the head there Robert!  

    I thank you for taking the time to explain in your own words what my article is exactly about!

    I wish you a ton of success!



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