Is 30 minute Money Methods a scam? Or can you really make $2,277 the first day?


This is a message I received when I opened my email this morning.

Congratulations Denis,

You have been selected to access a brand new online opportunity which can earn you over $50,000 a month. I’m talking about 4 secret online cash pulling methods that are turning just a few lucky, every day people into millionaires. This offer is only available for a limited period of time…. blah blah blah!!!

Being an online entrepreneur, I had to see what this big secret method was and if it was worth my time and money.

Here is my analysis

Program Name: 30 minute Money Methods


Owner: Shelly West (I have not found any Shelly West associated with this program – It’s most probably a fictional character like the actress of the same name that came out in the search engines when I looked her up)

Price: $37 with upsells

Released in October 2017

Sales Video Analysis of the 30 minute Money Methods

You have probably seen these sales pages videos where they spend half the video showing off how much they make hundreds and even thousands of dollars each day and you can do this easily in a very short amount of time.  Well, this is one of them again!

The sales video is very misleading right from the beginning.  It starts with fake testimonials by paid actors from Fiverr that are reading a script.

On the first testimonial, the guy says that he mad $475 in the first 30 minutes and he’s now making $10,000 per week!!!

I have seen this particular Fiverr actor in another program I reviewed called Free Ad cash system.

And here he is in this sales video, he’s even at the same place, same shirt and with the same background!











Fiverr actor

There are a bunch of other hired actors that I recognized right away, but I think that you do get what I am getting at here!

If this 30 minute Money Method was so successful, and that she makes that much money, why would she have to hire someone from Fiverr?

Then there are the money claims!

Making $50,000 per month and over $2,000 every single day with a 1.5 million dollar bank account balance! Really? just by working 30 minutes a day?  Why is it that nobody knows about this and it’s such a big secret?









Then the sales video goes on about a sad story about Shelly being a single mom, how she was waitressing and trying to make money with a Blog and failed desperately.

But then she found a “secret website” and made over $1,000 the first day.  By the end of the first month, she had made $48,330.27.  Wow, that is a lot of money in one month, isn’t it???  What is this big secret anyway?

Then she goes on and on with super-hyped comments about making thousands and thousands of dollars with four different “secret websites”!

But of course, the video doesn’t say what are these secret websites.

You have to buy in to get these “secrets”.  The only way to find out is to pay the $37!

If you were to really make that kind of money with her program, why would she sell it for so cheap?

Just to get your hard-earned money and run with it.  That’s it!

How does 30 minute Money Methods really works?

The only product you get for $37 is four PDFs about her four (so-called) secrets!

They are very basic, and you are given a very brief summary of the four subjects described here:

Playing online games, Stock photography, Online voice-overs and Freelancing.

All of these methods are real ways to make money online, and will provide some revenue, but hardly ever $500 in the first 30 minutes!!!

Let’s see how you can make money with these methods.

-Playing games online:  You can make money playing games online, just like taking surveys, you will make very little for the time spent, and definitely not $500 in 30 minutes!

-Selling stock photography:  Sites like Shutterstock and Pixabay have millions of photos on their sites already, how can you make $500 in 30 minutes selling photos?

-Online voiceover:  you will have to compete with professionals to get a gig, and then maybe you can make money, but $500 in the first 30 minutes? Never!

-Freelancing:  probably the best method in the four, and probably how she found her actors, which are freelancers on Fiverr.  Freelancing incorporates a lot of different methods of making money (online or off), but you must make a name for yourself first.  Then you could become successful.

Just like anything else in this world, these methods take real time and effort in order to succeed, and no one can make the kind of money they claim they have made in 30 minutes a day.  It is not realistic!

The PDFs themselves are hardly worth anything.  Anyone with an internet connection could find the same information for free!

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  • Relatively cheap at $37
  • Being with ClickBank, you do have a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Full of phony recorded actors reading a script.
  • Very misleading and full of hyped up claims.
  • You will not make the kind of money is promised in the sales video in 30 minutes a day.
  • Not worth your time or money.  The products that they supply can easily be found on the internet for free!
  • Huge red flag! You have to buy in something that you can only find out about their “secrets” once you have paid.

Is it a SCAM?

It has all the characteristics of a scam, by hiring actors, exaggerated money claims and prying on people’s emotions in order to lure them in.

However, despite that the techniques described in the product we have reviewed could make money online, they do provide a very low-quality product, therefore it is not a 100% scam,

Conclusion for the 30 minute Money Methods

With all of the misleading things said in the video and the actual product being of very low quality, I can’t say that you should trust this product, on the contrary, I would say that you cannot trust it.

My verdict is:

Not Recommended!

Plenty of programs out there will attempt to draw you in with these simple techniques of profit-quick methods, however,  actually, more often than not, it’s just the folks behind those programs that profit from them.

These kinds of products are only after the first sales, then the upsell.

Once they have your money, you are on your own!

If you are still here and read all the way through my review, I have another plan of action that you might be very interested in.

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