Paid2Post Review – Scam or make $9K per month?

Paid2Post scam

Can you really make $9K per month with Paid2Post or is it just another scam? This review reveals how it works exactly and what you should expect.

I was emailed the other day about this new system that is supposedly a guaranteed way of generating $9,473 per month simply by posting links online! My first impression was: OK first off what is “posting links” anyway?

So I decided to check them out and see what this is all about. I have reviewed hundreds of systems like this and 99.9% of the time when it sounds “too good to be true“, it usually is.

Before we get into the review, I want to give you some precious advice, and also save you some time and frustration.

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Name: Paid2Post


Owner: David Humphries – Actually he’s not the owner, this is just a pen name and you’ll see later in the article what I mean.

Price: $17, with upsells (up to $97)

Recommended: NO


Well, this “system” is actually different from what I usually see. Different by being just a “landing page” and not a long-winded sales video like so many digital products use.

The landing page itself is pretty simple.

Typical of a hyped-up story.

At the beginning of the page, they talk about companies all over the Internet needing help to post links???

What the heck is this method? This landing page is just so confusing and does not tell you much about what it is you are supposed to do with these “links”.

Paid2Post companies need help

Then they show these Big Names that are affiliate networks and retail sales just to make you believe that these are associated with this system.

Paid2Post affiliate companies

Nothing can be farthest from the truth. These companies do offer affiliate programs, but they are not associated with this system!

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What is Paid2Post?

If we refer to the sales page, we can’t really know what is Paid2Post. There is one statement that says this about what a “Link Posting Job” entails:

Paid2Post link posting job

Except for the fact that you have to register with them (and give them your credit card number), this does not say anything about what this Link Posting Job is all about!!

What links? Where do you post them? What is it for?

All this statement does is raise more questions about the legitimacy of the system itself.

I don’t know about you but I would not copy and paste anything generated by a system that is so obscure! Next thing you know you could end up in trouble pasting links to porn and gambling sites. Who knows?

With my experience and the fact that they have some affiliate networks at the beginning of their sales page tell me that these links must be affiliate links.

Affiliate links and affiliate marketing in itself is a very legitimate method of generating revenue with an online website dedicated to this, but call me skeptical here if I say that this “system” is much too shady in its presentation to be trusted!

Not convinced yet?

Here is what I found about it:

First off, David Humphries is NOT the CEO of Paid2Post.

The image you see on the sales page is from a “stock image”

Paid2Post CEO

I found the same image on Adobe Stock entitled “Joyful male manager having lunch in cafe”

Paid to post fake ceo

Then they show you a snapshot of a ClickBank account with thousands of dollars in it and they lead you to believe that their “link posting” went viral and that they made close to $6,500 in a day.

Well! Do you know how easy it is to fake Clickbank earnings? Here is a video from one of my mentors that explains how easy it is:

There are also far fetched statements that are really absurd and very exaggerated like these

Paid2Post Exagerated statments

There is NO WAY that you will start making money within 15 minutes of joining this system, this is just non-sense!!!

Also, making $9,000 per month with affiliate marketing is very possible, but certainly not effortlessly. If you think that you can make that kind of money by using this system, I am sorry to say that I have to burst your bubble, but you won’t! All you will get is a bruised ego and less money in your pocket!

Affiliate marketing is a very legitimate and true method of creating a sustainable passive income and making money online.

There are affiliate marketers that make that much money, but it has taken them years and a lot or than a few hours a week to build their online business to that level!

It’s systems like these that give affiliate marketing a bad rep. People expect to make thousands of dollars with no efforts on their parts, which is so far from the truth!

Plus, once they get your information and charge you a small fee, they hit you with upsells after upsells. One of these upsell is called P2P Link Juice Upgrade and it sells for $97. With this one, they say that you will earn an extra $1,233 per month!

Paid2Post Upgrade

As I said all along, a system that promises “riches without work” is just another get-rich-quick scheme and the only persons that make money with these systems are their creators. In this case they don’t even bother saying who they are, they hide behind a fake “CEO”.


Full disclosure: Obviously, with all the red flags I have uncovered during my review and my experience with this kind of system, I did not give them my credit card number and I did not purchase the system! This review is therefore based on my personal opinion from the information I have gathered during my research. All the information I have gathered is of public domain and is not intended to discriminate or offend, but to inform my audience.



Cheap – $17 will not break the bank. However, don’t get caught up in the upsells!

You “can” get your money back within 60-days of the purchase, however, again I have my reservations about the ClickBetter platform and found some poor ratings on the Better Business Bureau Website and customers complain they can’t get their money back…

Paid2Post BBB Rating


Fake owner / CEO – The image shown is just a stock photo taken from an image website. The real owner/creator is hiding behind a smokescreen. That tells the whole story! Anybody who doesn’t want to show their face and be related to a system tells me that the system itself (and the creator/owner) cannot be trusted either.

False Scarcity:

They lead you to believe that the system has limits, and that only a few people can “get in” and that the price will rise to $1,997 if you don’t act right now.

Paid2Post false scarcity

Again, this is a big lie! If you try to register next week or next month, you will be able to! This is just another tactic to sell their systems.

Pay before you know what you are buying. My experience with these kinds of deals is that you will most probably get some PDF documents and a few short video training (if any), and maybe some kind of way to post affiliate links, who knows? With everything that I uncovered even before giving them my credit card number, I didn’t want to take any chances, so why would you?


My verdict is to STAY AWAY! Don’t waste your time or money on this! You read this review to find out is the system was really what you were looking for: “A quick way to make some cash”. Well, this one will only take some money away from you. There are too many indicators that tell me that this system is NOT what it’s pretending to be and you will DEFINITELY NOT “Generate Up To $9,473 Per Month”!

I have seen and reviewed similar systems in the past and they all look alike. Here are a few examples:

Easy Ecash, Zendyx Affiliate system and Instant Cash Solution

Is Paid2Post a Scam?

Well, this one I leave up to you to decide. With the kind of money they pretend you can make with this system, I would call this one “A very low-quality system“!

My Suggestion

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12 thoughts on “Paid2Post Review – Scam or make $9K per month?”

    • Hi Jay,

      Sorry but I don’t believe this system is from Rori Richard so I cannot say if he’s legit or not. I could not find anyone claiming ownership to this system and they use a “stock image” to portray a guy that is supposed to be David Humphries, so the creator(s) is (are) hiding behind a smokescreen!

  1. Hello

    Thanks for your post on Paid2Post Review. I find this information great and it confirms what I finally came to the conclusion of which is this type of affiliate program and others like it are just not for me. I tried many of them but became stuck because the training was just not there unless you wanted to pay extra for coaching. As you said  a system that promises riches without work is just another get-rich-quick scheme. In these cases, I always requested my money back due to a lack of training. I agree people do need to beware of these online trickery sites.

    Best Regards


    • Hi Audrey,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. It is a get rich quick scheme that is for sure. Any program that promises you money for nothing is 99.99% of the time a get-rich-quick scheme and the only ones making money with them are the creators. This is my mission, to reveal what it is and to help people stay away from these non-sense programs.

      I am grateful that you have been warned by my review and that you did not fall for their “trick” as you said.

      I wish you wealth and success!


  2.  Although I am an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for things to add to my arsenal of money-making suggestions. As you pointed out, $17 is not much, but after your entire article, we still don’t know what it gets you or what the process is.  I am assuming that companies pay to have a person add links somewhere.  I hope that lots of people (me included) follow your advice and stay away from this linking thing.

    • Hi there,
      That was the purpose of my article, to let people know that this “system” if we can call it that, is not what it seems to portray and that staying away is the best advice I can give!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I wish you success in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

  3. This definitely looks too good to be true, as I have tried them all and nothing has worked for me until I tried affiliate marketing. It takes time, but it definitely works. I love how you found a stock photo of the so-called owner of this company.

    I have learned over the years that if anyone says you can make money quickly or overnight, run far away as there is basically no such thing. For any online business, you need to spend time building it up and in this way, it can become sustainable and last you the test of time, unlike these come and go opportunities.

    • Hi Michel,

      I know exactly how you feel, it seems that we have taken the same path, and are now using affiliate marketing as a business model. These “come and go opportunities” that promise people to be rich overnight are 99% of the time scams or at least very low quality.  They are the ones who give affiliate marketing a bad reputation and I made it my mission to expose as many as I can.  

      I am grateful that you found my article of value to you and I wish you a lot of success in the future 🙂


  4. Hi, Denis.
    Thanks for sharing the unbiased review and complete information on Paid2Post system. Thank God, I stopped for your review before actually sharing my credit card number with them. It was such a relief. I was really surprised to find that the so-called CEO is the image taken from Stock Image, and this single proof was sufficient enough to make my decision on the purchase. Thanks for saving my time, Denis.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hello Gaurav,

      I am glad that I have provided you with the information you needed to make a wise decision and stay away from this fake system. They have not put in much effort in their sales pitch either and to tell you the truth and I don`t see anything worthwhile in this, so it’s a wise decision that you made. Fake owners and false scarcity are typical of a very low-quality system (and not calling it what it should be called – a scam) and their main objective is to get your hard-earned money and run away with it.

      I wish you a ton of success!

  5. There are so many systems out there in the online world. Unfortunately, many of them turn out to be schemes of some sort. When I first starting reading your review on Paid2Post, it started to spark an interest in me. Then, reading on I saw how unreliable a system it is. Thank goodness for reviews such as yours. 

    I have an online business as an affiliate marketer and it is something that enjoy doing. Knowing that the system has so much income potential keeps me going. Affiliate marketing is something that requires commitment and dedication and is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

    • You are absolutely right Geri.

      It takes dedication, hard work and persistence in order to create an online business with a solid foundation (As they teach at Wealthy Affiliate).
      These systems that promise you to get rich overnight are the ones that make money and the purchasing customer is left with nothing and loses their hard earned money.

      I am grateful that I could be of help and that you could make a wise decision by staying away from this system!

      I wish you success and wealth in your online business.



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