Private Cash Sites Review – Take a look in side before buying

In this review, I review the re-launch of Private Cash Site and if this “version” is somewhat the same or in fact, they have a new digital product on the market.

I was invited via an overhyped email to check out this “new” method that could allow me to siphon $3,047 from a powerful source if I would follow the same steps they used. The way the email was written, I knew that this was just a “Clickbait” but decided to check it out anyway.

If you are here today on my website, it’s probably because you got the same invitation and decided to do your due diligence and check things out before buying in this system.

You did the right thing! There are so many bogus and fake programs out on the Net these days that it’s really hard to make out which one is real and which one is just after your hard-earned money.

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Private Cash Sites 1


Name: Private Cash Sites


Owner: The video says it’s “Felicity” but I did some intensive research and found a Nathan Canfield, which does not attach himself to this system at all, but I did find him anyway. That is the first red flag for me! Why would the real owner be hiding?

Price: $47 with 2 downsells: If you move your mouse up top of the page and give them your email address you get the first discount of $10 so you get the system for $37, and if you refuse the first downsell you get a second offer and you get the basic system for $17. Once you are in then, there is an upsell for $147, with a downsell on the upgrade for $97.

As you can see you will be blasted with upsells and downsells, that is how these guys make money.

They tell you one thing on their sales video, then they tell a different story once they get you in, saying that what was the “ultimate” money making machine, is not so great after all and you need to buy these “great enhanced features” that you will need in order to make money even faster.

Overview:  This is another one of these “systems” that tell hyped up stories and unrealistic money claims.  They use people’s emotions to get them in when in reality, they are just selling a fairy tale!

Recommended:  No

Score: 2 out of 10 (Because you do get something for the price you pay)

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So, let’s see what kind of story the sales video tells.

The video is typical of the usual hyped up stories that accompany these types of systems. It starts with some “screenshots” of money supposedly being made in their ClickBank account with this system.

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I seem that in order to know what this Private Cash Sites system offers, you have to watch the first short video that tells you what Private Cash Sites is NOT.

It’s not network marketing, it’s not blogging or spamming and it’s supposedly a “brand new method of making money online”.

Then it’s revealed. This brand new method is affiliate marketing:

Private Cash Sites 4

But in order to know what it is and how it works, you need to enter your email address to gain access. All I could get from the first video was that it`s a step-by-step, easy to follow method that anyone can follow:

Private Cash Sites 3

So I gave them my email address and got on to a second sales video.

It starts with “Felicity” congratulating us for taking the “second step”. This video is more like what I usually see.

It is hyped up and has the same feel as all of them saying that you will be able to “stop worrying about the bills” and “take dream vacations”…blah blah blah.

She goes on saying that “Private Cash System is a revolutionary propriety method for making Great consistent money through Affiliate Marketing” and that this system is a done for you ready in no time kind of thing and that you will be able to make money in a day or two:

Private Cash Sites 5

Private Cash Sites 6

Now, I don’t want to put your hopes down, but I have been in the affiliate marketing business for over 3 years now and I can tell you that it’s not that easy! You cannot and will not make money in the first few days.

I am not saying it’s impossible, but it’s very unlikely!

Affiliate marketing, just like any other kind of business, needs a solid foundation and to be built the proper way in order to be sustainable. I can’t wait to see what kind of system they have to say things like that. It’s just plain hype to get you to buy their system, nothing else.

There is also the “False Scarcity”. She says that this system is only letting in a certain amount of people in and this video will be taken down shortly. This is very typical and I have seen it hundreds of times. If you come back next week, it’s still going to be there and they will be saying the same thing.

But enough about the sales video, it is hyped and full of untruths, that’s the bottom line.

What is the Private Cash Sites system exactly?

OK, so you are told in the sales video that this is a turnkey system and you will become an expert within a few hours and start making money within a few days. But is this really what’s inside?

We did not get any information besides what they vaguely indicated that it was related to affiliate marketing. So in order to find out, it’s the kind of system that you have to “Buy before and find out after“, which in my opinion and past experience, is usually a synonym of low-quality systems.

What I did for you is I have broken it down in small chunks so that you can see what it actually is.

Let’s take a look at what is inside, shall we?

Private Cash Sites 7

So, you start off with

Module 1 – Your Pre-setup

Step 1 – Pick your page includes some “done-for-you landing/opt-in pages” that you will have to choose from:

Private Cash Sites 8

That will generate a link to that lead capture page.

But you need a place to “host” those landing pages. Meaning that it has to be somewhere on the Internet right?

This is where Step 2 – Register your page comes in:

You are then asked to create an account with Click Funnels. When you click on the link, you will be brought to ClickFunnels website and you will have to register with them.

Private Cash Sites 9

If you are not familiar with click funnels, let’s take a minute and let me explain what it is.

It’s a drag and drop sales funnel software. It has a feature that you can create your own lead pages and sales funnels, so you could use your own and not those supplied with Private Cash Sites.

One of the great things about click funnels is that they host all of your landing pages and sales funnels for you so you don’t have to find a web hosting company to host your funnels.

But it comes at a cost.

You can and will get a free 14-day trial by clicking on their link, but after 2 weeks you have to decide if you stay or not.

You have three options:

1- Cancel your account and lose whatever you have done during those 2 weeks.

2 – Join click funnel for their startup plan membership which includes up to 20 funnels and 20000 visitors per month. This will be at a cost of $97 per month.

3 – Join click funnels for their Full Suite plan membership which eliminates the maximums from the startup plan and also provides an email autoresponder feature (Actionetics) and an affiliate program feature (Backpack). This will cost you $297 per month.

Then Step 3 – Activate $ Account

Here you will be asked to create an account with ClickBank.

ClickBank is an online digital product retailer. With ClickBank, you can promote other people’s products and get a commission from the sale you have referred. The registration with ClickBank is free and if your offers (lead pages) to get people to buy them, you will be paid by ClickBank.

Private Cash Sites 10

That is it for Module 1.

I skipped the “Platinum Club” since it’s part of the upsell that I did NOT get.

Module 2 – Setup

Step 1 – Get your offer

Here, you will get a 4 minutes video showing you how to choose the offer you want to promote on ClickBank.

Step 2 – Import your $ page

Here you get a 2 minutes video on how to import your “done-for-you” lead page into click funnel.

Step 3 – Thank You Page

Here you get a 3 minutes video on how to create a thank you page for your offer on click funnels.

Typically, when someone opts-in or buys something on your page, they’ll be taken to your “thank you” page in order to buy the product.

Step 4 – Test System

Here you will get a 5 minutes video on how to test your links and lead pages to make certain that it leads to your affiliate link

That is it for Module 2.

Private Cash Sites 13

Module 3- Make Money

Step 1 – Cloak your link

Here, you will be asked to create an account with clickmagick, for a 14 days free trial.

Private Cash Sites 11

Clickmagick is a tracking software tool that allows you to track your paid and organic marketing efforts to gain traffic.

It allows you to accurately test price points, payment methods, sales copy, page design, and countless other factors and it’s a very powerful tool.

However, once your 14 days trial period is over you will have to choose between three plans to keep using Clickmagick.

Starter plan – $144 paid annually, Standard Plan $396 paid annually or Pro Plan $792 paid annually

Step 2 – Rotate your offers

Here you will have an 11 minutes video on how to rotate your offers using Clickmagick.

Step 3 – Traffic

Here you have a 5 minutes video going over what is traffic and what method to use. They give you an overview of paid and free traffic in the video.

Step 4 – Build More Pages

Here you will get a 2 minutes video on how to build more pages in order to scale your business.

That is it for Module 3

Private Cash Sites 14

Module 4 is where you get an invitation to a “members only” webinar (which I did not attend), and you are also invited to buy another ClickBank product called Explode my Payday.

Private Cash Sites 12

I had a real chuckle when I saw that one.

I have reviewed this system a couple of months ago and I did not recommend it one bit.

You can read my review by clicking this link: Explode My PayDay review.

Needless to say, I did not buy that “extra” system.

Private Cash Sites 15

Module 5 – Traffic

Desktop Lightning

Desktop Lightning is software that promises to drive 100,000’s of hungry buyers to your website. I have done some research in the past about this program and it works like an MLM.

You need to get other people to sign up with your special link. They are then added to your network so that you can send them a message. And you have to pay $15 per month to have access to this. I would not recommend this and it’s very close to spamming people.

100 Ways To Get Traffic

Here you will find general information on how to get traffic to your website.

Traffic Video Course

Here you will get a PDF document and 3 videos. The first two are 1 minute and 2 minutes long and talk about free traffic and this is 20 minutes long and talks about paid traffic.

Then there are “Ninja upgrades” and “Ninja Motivation” which are part of the upsell so I did not look into them.

This is all fine and dandy when you look at it from afar and, but the thing you have to realize here is that the sales video tell you that they have “Perfected a system that absolutely Kills it in affiliate marketing“, when in fact all you get is some videos on how to use other products, and most of them will cost you a lot of money and this is not said anywhere in their sales video.

Fed up with scams



Sold on ClickBank so you do have 60 days money-back guarantee.

You get some “training” on how to use affiliate marketing.


Very hyped up and unreal money claims.

Not as easy as they claim. In order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to create a solid foundation and there is nothing in this system that will help you do that.

False money claim – Saying you will make money within your first couple of days is just not realistic. There is no way you will make money within 2 days with this. You might be able to get some paid traffic to your landing page, but the profit you will make is really uncertain and most probably will cost you more than you make, if you do make any money at all.

You need a bunch of other products that you will need to pay for, so it’s not a system at all. It’s a low-quality affiliate marketing course.


Well, if we look at the whole system, it has some okay information. However, if you consider the price of the basic system at $47, I personally don’t think it’s worth it. By doing a little research on your own, you would be able to find everything included in here for free.

Is this system a scam? Well no, when you receive a product for your money, it’s not considered a scam, but the bottom line here it’s what I qualify as a “Very Low-Quality System” and I don’t recommend it.

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4 thoughts on “Private Cash Sites Review – Take a look in side before buying”

  1. Hi Denis, thank you for a detailed review of the Private Cash Sites system. There are a number of features that tick me off when I am looking for an online platform. First the secrecy of the CEO. The second thing is that although the entry might look reasonable, when I have to deal with upsells and down sells and have to buy more and more to get to the next level, I am out of it. I just recently discovered affiliate marketing as a source of income and I am going to be delving into it to add to my online work. Thanks for providing the link that makes this convenient.

    • Hi,
      I am the same. If the owner/creator is hiding behind a smokescreen, I can tell right away that they have something to hide and that they are the ones who are making money, and not the other way around as they pretend in their promotional video/sales page. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and I have seen it happen again and again in my reviews. I am grateful that you have checked out my No.1 recommendation “Wealthy Affiliate” and that it has given you a chance to really find out that this one is REAL!

      I will see you inside 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for your honest review about the private cash site, when it comes to making money from software or products like this am always very skeptical because I have been scammed on two good occasions and I know how that feels. I won’t encourage anyone to be driven by greed to ever join any of those platforms. I will take your advice and check your recommended link and see how it goes. 

    • Hi Charles,

      I am grateful that you have found my article and that you could make an informed decision before being “scammed” again. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, no fake claims or cheap setup making you believe that you will become rich in 3 days! It’s not a cheap system that will make you believe that you can become rich in a short period. It will, however, help you create a sustainable online business and you will be able to become successful, as long as you put in the necessary effort.

      I wish you a ton of success and I will see you on the inside.


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