Profit 365 Review – Scam? The Truth Revealed read this first!

Hi and welcome to my Profit 365 review. If you are here today, it’s because you were probably invited to this new ClickBank system called Profit 365 like I was, and you are wondering if it’s worth it or not.

This “new” system is from the creative and well-known internet marketer Jamie Lewis. He has been very busy lately producing systems after systems.

I reviewed not so long ago the Profit Injector from Lewis, and I must say that at least this guy is real! He is not hiding behind a spokesperson or creating the kinds of sales videos where they hire actors to give fake testimonies like I have seen very often from other ClickBank digital products.

And another thing I like is the fact that you are here and checking things out, so you have made a wise decision to do your “homework” before you bought anything. There are so many “systems” out there claiming to make you rich overnight that someone has to make certain of what they get into before spending any money!

I will dissect this system for you and give you my honest opinion if it does live up to its bold claims.

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Profit365 - 1


Name: Profit 365


Owner: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37 plus multiple upsells/downsells

After watching the sales video from Jamie, I have to say that he really knows how to sell his stuff! His video, unlike most digital products sold on ClickBank and/or JVZoo, is entertaining (he made me laugh a few times) and he is good at keeping his audience interested.

He says he’s the real deal and you know what, I believe him in the sense that he is a very successful internet marketer and he has been doing this for the past 14 years!

However, is this system beginner friendly like he says it is?

In his video, he’s showing how much money he’s making with his ClickBank campaigns, and it’s sometimes in the thousands per day!

Profit 365 - 2

He says that once it’s set up, his system is on autopilot 24/7/365 and he can enjoy whatever he wants to do, without the worry of making money. And you could do the same if you use his system.

Now that we have already established that Jamie Lewis is very successful and has made himself a fortune over the years and that he’s also a very well-spoken guy when it comes to promoting his systems. Let me say that he does tend to exaggerate and hype things up, which is kinda normal being that he’s selling his own stuff.

He has produced a few systems lately and I have reviewed one of them called the Profit Injector. This system is promoted the same way, by Jamie himself and in the same kind of sales video.

Profit 365 - 3

The thing that I dislike here is the fact that he makes it sound like you just buy his system, and put everything on autopilot and money starts pouring in. It may work for him since he has a lot of experience, but for someone new at this, it is another thing.

The money that he makes and that he shows on his cell phone is probably from product launches and not from this system.

On his sales video, he tells this random guy from the mall that you just have to “create a ClickBank hop link and blast the links to the masses and make commissions” like the ones he shows on his cell phone.

Profit 365 - 4

ClickBank is a marketplace and digital products are sold through affiliate marketing, so we have a pretty good idea where this will lead to. It’s all about Affiliate Marketing, which is a very legitimate way of making money online.

What he doesn’t show is how much money he spent to get those revenues or what it is exactly we’ll be doing to make those profits!

And what about the “blast the links to the masses”? Where are you going to get that traffic (masses) if you are just starting out? Read on and find out how he proposes you to do that.

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So what is Profit 365?

When you sign up and gain access to the member’s area you will be greeted by a video from Jamie giving you a summary of what his system is about and what business models you will be using.

He proposes 3 methods that you will use as an affiliate marketer:

1 – Solo ads: Solo ads are totally fine for people who are already making money online and understand sales funnel. But for someone new in affiliate marketing, it can get very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. I think that Jamie is leading you to believe that if you buy solo ads and you send them to a landing page, the money will start pouring in.

The principle of the theory is right, but it’s much more complicated than that. He does provide some “done-for-you” solo ads campaigns (I think there are 40 of them) on various niches. What he doesn’t say in his sales pitch is that you have to pay for these Solo ads and like I already said, it can become very expensive.

It’s not a free “traffic-to-your-webpage” kind of thing, so even though you can convert visits to your website into sales using solo ads, It doesn’t mean you are going to make a profit.

I am not saying it doesn’t work. I am saying that it’s not as easy as he makes it sound!

2 – PPC: Or “Pay-per-click” is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s buying visits to your website, usually through search engine advertising, instead of ranking your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is a lot involved with this method and you will need a hefty advertising budget to make this work.

Google Ads and Bing Ads are two of the most popular to create some campaigns. You will have to be very efficient into creating them and chose your ad keywords very carefully because you will be charged every time some clicks on your ad.

Again, this method is very profitable, IF you know what you are doing. I think (this is my personal opinion) that paid traffic in general (both Solo Ads and PPC) is not for beginners or for people that cannot afford to spend too much to get their online business going.

If you do go this way, there will be a lot of trial and error and you should expect to spend more than you make.

3 – Becoming a vendor on ClickBank: With this model, you become a “vendor” and affiliates market your product for you, just like he’s doing with his product.

Unless you are very familiar with affiliate marketing and have lots of experience, I would stick to promoting other people’s product first, then move on to creating your own.

All of these methods are shown to you by video format.

You will also get a ton of email swipes, which are actually copies of emails sent from Jamie and using it as your own to your campaigns.

There are also some weekly webinars included, which will be given by Jamie himself.

One thing I did notice here is that there is nothing showing you how to build a Website, or a Landing page or a sales funnel, so unless you know how to create these, you will have to find out on your own how to go about this, and it can become overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out!



At $37, it is actually pretty cheap.

It’s a JV Zoo product so you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It does teach a method that works, but you need to be somewhat experienced to benefit from it.


There is a huge learning curve if you are new, it’s not as easy as he says and things can become overwhelming easily.

You will need a very hefty advertising budget for your solo ads and PPC campaigns.

It’s not a “done-for-you” system that you put on autopilot like it’s being promoted.

You will not be making the kind of money he is flashing on his sales video right away.
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Affiliate Marketing is a proven method but it’s not as easy as it’s being portrayed here. It takes time and effort to actually see results. But rest assured that once you have created something worthwhile for your audience, and that they find solutions to their queries, it does pay off big time!

That is how I created my online business. I did not use any paid advertising or solo ads. I did it using the training I was provided within the platform I use. And my traffic is free because I apply the SEO techniques I was taught.

So is Profit 365 worth it? Well after reading my review, I leave this decision up to you. I can confirm that it’s NOT a scam!

Like I mentioned before, Jamie Lewis knows his stuff and you will most probably learn from him. It’s just not as easy as you might be lead to believe.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then I would say that you will need to prepare yourself to spend a lot of money on traffic (PPC and Solo ads) to start seeing conversions. This does not mean you will make a profit either.

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10 thoughts on “Profit 365 Review – Scam? The Truth Revealed read this first!”

  1. So the fact that this is not a scam first off is refreshing.Now you say his method does work and you can make money from this? Out of the three you mentioned ppc,solo ads.vendor which one do you think would allow you to make the most without losing much? I would think being a vendor but what is your opinion? Plus if I already know how to do this would I even need Profit 365 product?

    • You have actually a very valid point here.  I think like you and the best way to make money with this one would be being a vendor, so what would be the point of buying this system if you already everything about it in the first place.

      I thank you for bringing that valid argument to my attention.  I totally agree, there is not much value in buying a system that would just validate what we already know.  Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article.

      I wish you the best.

  2. Hi Denis

    This article really helped me to understand and appreciate your experience about this system and helped me gain a lot more basics knowledge on pay-per-click PPC and solo ad system as I am a beginner affiliate marketer. I wish that there were more review posts on affiliate marketing sites and systems like this one. Really appreciate your review, good work brother.

    • I am “grateful” that my article has helped you gain some knowledge.  If you want to learn all about Affiliate marketing in a very beginner friendly environment, with step-by-step training, may I suggest Wealthy Affiliate?  There you will find out how I learned everything I know so that you can become the successful online business owner you want to become.

  3. Thanks, Denis for taking the time to write this post. 

    The truth is there are more fake programs compared to real ones, also some reviewers are deceitful and biased in their assessment. Thanks for providing an honest and unbiased review of profit 365. it is great to know that Profit365 is a ClickBank product with a money back guarantee for the unconvinced customer. 

    • Hi,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article.  I agree that it’s hard to find a good product or system these days and we have to be very vigilant in our choices. This is why I tell it like it is, I have enough experience in the industry to spot the fake and the real.  One real platform I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  They are legit and real, and you will get the kind of training needed to succeed.

  4. So, I have one question, what exactly does Jamie Lewis stand to benefit by not telling others exactly how much he has invested in marketing and everything else financial he does to be able to generate the kind of sales numbers he has on Clickbank?  We need to know this so we are sure what the end game is.

    • Hi there, I actually have no clue how much, Jamie Lewis has invested before making the kind of money he’s showing off so I cannot guess any amounts.  

      There is however a cost involved to “blast the links to the masses and make commissions” using solo ads and PPC so it’s up to the person joining the system if they want to spend money to get traffic right away, or take a longer but a free approach, using what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate as I suggest in my article.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I apprecialte it!

  5. Well, what I noticed is that many people come online and dishes all manners of product with all the sweet words attached and make you believe it’s so easy to go about achieving financial freedom with their product. Many don’t want to say the real deal of process involved. Although the Profit 365 is not a scam product, I feel weird about its creator not coming blunt with the real hard protocols involved in order to get income from affiliate marketing. 

    Reviews like this one, help readers understand the uncovered truth of what the reader stand to experience in their affiliate marketing journey. Thanks for your review. 

    • Hi there,
      Your comment has said exactly what the purpose of this article was. Although it is not a scam, it’s also not as easy as the sales video makes it sound!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article!


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