Silk Road Effect Review – $1,800/day? The truth revealed!

In this review, I will provide you with a real look inside the Silk Road Effect system and I reveal the truth about what this system can really do.

I came across this new digital product from ClickBank in an email I received last night. It went like this:


Do you want to change your fate? Are you feeling ambitious? Well, I’ve got an opportunity for you to explore a new career path. This video shows you how you can make thousands of dollars working from home. You don’t need experience or training, just a little ambition. I use this 3 click method and it WORKS.

Of course, I was very curious, what kind of 3 click method are we talking about here. I clicked on their link and ended up on the Silk Road Effect sales page.

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Silk Road Effect 1

My Analysis

Name: Silk Road Effect


Owner/creator: We have no idea! No one is presented and there is nothing anywhere on the website that would identify who owns this digital product.

Price: $17 plus multiple upsells

I started watching the sales video and the narrator kept on talking about the “Silk Road effect”.

I pressed pause and I started to do some research about what he meant by that. They base the title of this digital product on some network of trade routes connecting China to the Far East from sometime before 130 BC.

The Silk Road was used for international trade and had a lasting impact on commerce up until the 16th Century. I guess we just learned a little history.

To get back to the sales video, this one is typical of a lot of “low-quality” products I have reviewed in the past, and this one seems to fit the same mold.

The narrator starts by asking if we’d be interested if he could guarantee that we would be a millionaire within 12 months.

Silk Road Effect 7

Silk Road Effect 8

Apparently, he is going to show us an ancient secret that will help us make a boatload of money by exposing a “terrible secret” that has been held from us for centuries.

Silk Road Effect 9

Silk Road Effect 10

And then he goes on and on about how easy it is to make money and how fast you are going to make it.

By this time I knew what was going on. I have reviewed a lot of programs in the past and I can detect a fake when I see one. They put a video together and the sales pitch is “something huge, that you have never seen before” and if you don’t “act on it right away, it will be gone tomorrow” kind of thing.

Then, of course, they show their huge bank accounts.

Silk Road Effect 11

and exaggerated money making claims like this one:

Silk Road Effect 12

This is certainly not a proof that this system will produce that kind of money. Anyone with a little knowledge in image manipulation software like Photoshop can easily change the numbers on a screenshot and make it as if it was real.

I have seen these kinds of screenshots so many times now that I can spot a fake from a mile away!

By now you must be wondering what the heck is this system all about.

The sales video goes on and on about how you can be a millionaire, without hardly any work using their incredible system and says everything that you want to hear so you become emotionally attached and become willing to click on the purchase button.

Bottom line is this system is about earning money online using eCommerce and drop shipping.

It is a real business model. However, a drop shipping store created with Shopify eCommerce or an Amazon FBA is not easily set up like they claim to. You will definitely not have it going “in 3 clicks” as the email I received said.

You will need some kind of way to get traffic to your website if you want to sell anything, so that may involve “buying traffic” if you want to get it going fast, and there is no guarantee that this traffic will ever buy anything.

When you do get an order from someone who buys from your online store, there is wholesaler that will fill the order and ship it directly to the buying customer. The money you make is the difference between what the wholesaler charges you and the amount you sell the product.

You have to realize that you will also need some kind of customer service and you also need to partner with companies that specialize in that kind of business. Alibaba is a good example of the kind of wholesaler you would have to partner with.

Like any other kind of business, it’s not something that you can start making money right away with and you will have to invest some money in it right from the start.

So let’s see if this system lives up to what it says in the sales video and if you will be able to make the kind of money they claim you can make.

What do you get for $17?

In order to enter the member’s area, I had to refuse upsells over upsells. This proves that if the sales video wasn’t true. If it was, why would we need all these “upgrades”? I thought that this system was able to make $34,000 per month!

Upsell no. 1, the “Silk Road Deluxe Club” at a price of $197 is supposed to be a loophole for earning up to $5000 from a single website – with a down sell (once we refuse) of $97,

Upsell No. 2, the Marco Polo Secret for another $197 is said to be a secret hack that could earn up to $500,000 in 30 days,

After these upsells, I finally got to enter the member’s area:

Silk Road Effect 2

And while it looks like some legit “training website”, all the yellow tabs that we see do not lead anywhere. I clicked on every one of them and nothing happens.

All I could do here is download some zip files from the big red buttons.

So the first big red button got me to 4 different PDF documents:

1 – Silk Road Cheat Sheet – A 3-page summary of what you should do to create your Ecommerce

2 – Silk Road Mind Map – A 1-page graphic showing a summary of what to sell, marketing etc.

3 – Silk Road Resource sheet – A 6-page list of eCommerce platforms to use for building your site.

4 – Silk Road effect – A 48 page PDF document:

I looked it up, and it does have some good information on how to build an eCommerce Store. But then I remembered that I had seen this somewhere else, so I did a little digging and guess what I found:

This is the actual PDF document that is included in this “Big secret system”:

Silk Road Effect 3

And here it is on a PLR (Private Label Rights) document on

Silk Road Effect 4

So there you have it, this “system” that is supposed to generate $1,800 per day has nothing more than a PLR that has been included as part of it.

Then I clicked on the other big red button and downloaded a series of 10 videos that are about 10 minutes each so you get about 1 and half hours of “training videos” on how to create an eCommerce store.

The videos include:

Silk Road Effect - 6

I watched a few of them and they are OK but nothing out of the ordinary and very basic stuff.

That is it, that is what you get for $17.

For the price, I guess it’s correct, but it’s really NOT what the sales video is promoting.

The “secret method” is non-existent!



It’s sold on the ClickBank Marketplace, therefore you have a 60 days money back guarantee.

Relatively cheap at $17 IF you don’t purchase the upsells.


Hyped up sales video with false promises.

Hyped up money claims, there is NO WAY that you can make the kind of money that they claim you can with a few videos and some PLR (Private Label Rights) PDFs.

The owner/creator is hiding – There isn’t even a pen name, nothing! Why would the owner be hiding? This is another red flag to say that this system is not what it claims to be.

Fake bank screenshots and made up money claims.


Although the price may not be that big of a deal, what I despise about Silk Road Effect is the hyped up sales video that tells a really different story than what you will actually get (IF you decide to buy it).

Is this system a scam? It depends on how you see it. If I refer to the definition of an online scam, which is “any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person” than NO it is not a scam.

However, what I call these kinds of systems is a “VERY LOW QUALITY” get-rich-quick system and I don’t recommend it!

They will use the sales video to lure people in, and then hope that they don’t request a refund. That’s how they (the creators) make their money.

If you do decide to buy this system, don’t expect to make $1,800 per day, let alone to become a millionaire within 12 months with it. I know from experience that it will take a lot more than a few PDFs and some videos.


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