[Review] – Scam or $50 per survey? Product Review

Is SurveyBounce really going to pay you up to $50 per survey if you join them? Read my honest review and find out exactly what you should expect!

You are here probably because you’ve seen some kind of advertisement about on either social media or via an email (like I did). The ads tell you that you can make easy money with little or no effort. Just complete a few small tasks and you can make up to $50!

Sounds pretty easy and a quick method of making some cash! Well, it’s a good thing you did your due diligence and decided to check things out before doing anything with this system! I am here to inform you of what you can expect from and if it’s really living up to its promises or not.

Read on and find out if a scam or if it’s legit!

If you are in a hurry and want to know my conclusion right away, is a scam!

Don’t waste your time trying anything with it. They will scam you by gathering your personal information (and probably sell it to another scammer) and will infect your computer as it’s full of viruses and malware!

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Name: Survey Bounce


Owner: We have no idea!

Recommended: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!


I started looking around the website and the first thing you see is this statement:

Survey Bounce $500 per day scam

So, is this system really up to what they claim, can you really make $500 today? Let’s see.

First of all, before signing in, I browsed through the cheaply made website. The top menu has some items listed so I started with the About Us. They claim that they started in March 2015 and that they have grown to be the #1 Influencer network and that they claim to be the middle man connecting influencers with top corporations!

First off, what is an influencer network? Wikipedia says that it’s “a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers” So if I understand correctly, a person has to spam this “referral link” all over social media in order to “catch” other persons in this “system”…

And second, if they have been doing this since 2015, how come nobody has ever heard of them? I did a little research on the website’s name and found this:

Survey Bounce whois details

As you can see, their statement of being online since 2015 is completely false!



What is and how does it work

I have reviewed similar systems in the past like Smart Dollars Club and Kash Tree and found some other systems that use the same method (and even the same website with a different name) as Influencers Earn and Tap 2 Earn.

They all look alike and they all say the same thing: they guarantee you that you will be paid good money for doing small tasks. is no different!

It’s landing page says that it’s easy as 1. Join, 2. Share, 3. Cash-out

Survey Bounce 1-2-3 method

They even say (or I should say “pretend”) that they work with top influencers on social media and that you receive a $25 bonus just to register. So for the purpose of this review, I registered.

The first thing I saw when I tried to log in was this:

Survey Bounce scam advisory

Even my Norton LifeLock system was telling me to stay away!

However, I am very cautious with these kinds of systems and I logged in any way so that I could show you what to expect from this system.

Once you are in this is what it looks like:

Survey Bounce Inside view

In the “overview” part of the system you can spot a few things right away:

First is the fact that it says that you have $25 in “earnings” already just for “registering”! Isn’t that lovely!

Then on the left-hand side, you see a series of “small tasks” that should bring in the cash:

  • Refer and Earn – This one is if you refer a friend it’s supposedly worth $5 for every friend that clicks your link and $25 for every friend that signs up with themselves…
  • $50 Task Wall Well, this one isn’t very impressive. It has 7 different kinds of “tasks” and 5 of them are written in a foreign language (German) one of them is “shalte deine blohnung sofort frei” which means “unlock your flower immediately”. I tried clicking on it and this is what I got:

Survey Bounce Malicious site blocked

Since I am well protected by Norton, and there is an “isolate mode” that I can use to enter these kinds of sites, I tried with the isolation mode but Norton blocked it again as a Malicious Domain Request 22!

When this kind of application(Malicious Domain Request 22) gets installed on your system, it immediately alters the settings of your default browsing program (it doesn’t matter if you are using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or another one).

Well, so much for these tasks! Nothing worth plugging my computer with viruses here!

  • Promo Posts – These are images that they want you to use as a promotional post “To help you gain more referrals”
  • $50 YouTube Submit – Not to my surprise, when I clicked on their link to subscribe to their YouTube Channel, I was directed to The Official Dash Overview Of Tap 2 Earn which is the exact same web page as except for the name:

Survey Bounce Tap 2 earn


And you are supposed to make $50 per video you post on YouTube……Don’t hold your breath on that one.

  • $50 Facebook Video Submission – Nothing of value here either even their Facebook page is blank:

Survey Bounce Facebook page

  • The same goes for Instagram(no posts, no followers) and TikTok which is still linked to Tap 2 Earn!!! They don’t even take the time to create new accounts!!

I will say this: A system that says that they will pay you up to $500 just to do a couple of small tasks is only trying to convince you of fantasy (And resell your personal information)!!

The bottom line here is this: is full of crap!

And, to top it off, you have:

Fake Testimonials

They show a bunch of people telling us that they are really doing good with, when in fact these are just fake testimonies from past systems. These have been used multiple times on other crappy systems like this one!

Here you have the same testimonies for 2 different systems: SuveyBounce and Tap2Earn

Survey Bounce Fake Testimonials


OMG!  This is the best one so far!!!

They do have a very clever way of getting away from paying anyone!

They state in their Terms of Service that IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 99 years old, you are not allowed to use the Survey Bounce Sites and Features nor their services.

Here’s the proof I found in their terms of service:

Survey Bounce scam age detail

Basically, what they are saying is that THEY WILL NEVER PAY ANYBODY!

Fake Payment Proof

This part has not been updated since they used it on another crappy system called Influencers Earn which has the same bogus method of gathering people’s information without ever paying anything out! The images on both websites are the same and they even say Influencers Earn in the website:

Survey Bounce Influencers earn

If you are fed up (like me) of trying these outright scams that only tell lies and rehash the same systems over and over, let me show you how I make money online and how you could also start your own online business for FREE.

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There is such an outrageous amount of proof that this system is a scam that we have to stop here.

These guys have it in their veins to scam people.

Then they get exposed by marketers like me and they buy a new domain name and start over again under a different name, but with the same crap!


Just the fact that they say that if you are under the age of 99 years old you are not allowed to use the system says it all here.  They will not Payout ANYTHING to anyone!

It’s a real scam

STAY AWAY! Nothing else to say about this one!


A True Method for Making Money Online

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