The Commission Alpha [2021] Review – Can You Trust it or Just Another Scam?

Commission Alpha Scam

Is “The Commission Alpha” a real system that can stuff your bank account with 3-5 paychecks per week or is it just another scam that makes empty promises?

After receiving multiple emails about this “new” system, I decided to analyze it to find out if this is really a method to make money from home without any experience…

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Name: The Commission Alpha


Owner: We don’t know who is the creator if this system, but we do know that they’re a member of The Super Affiliate Network

Price: $47 (for this “version”) But it does not stop there – I will explain later in this article.

Recommended: NO


First off, this “system” is NOT called The Commission Alpha.

It’s just a URL that brings you to the sales page.

The “creator” of this system calls it “The Super Affiliate Commission System”:

Commission Alpha Super Affiliate Commission system

OK so that is a little confusing to start with, but let’s not stop there.

Let’s talk about the sales video.

OMG… What a waste of time!

The narrator goes on and on and on repeating herself over and over and over again, saying the same thing in a different manner, so much so that it gets really annoying, to say the least! And her voice is also very annoying ( to me anyway)!

They show testimonies of people supposedly making boatloads of money, bank account screenshots with hundreds of thousand of dollars in them using this “commission system” and just repeat the same thing about 30 times!

To tell you the truth, this video is made for people that are very gullible… And have a lot of time on their hands.

To be truly honest, I barely listened to what was being said as I continued working on other stuff while the video was playing in the background. If you listen to the first 5 minutes, then the rest is just repetition!

We find out during the over 1-hour long sales video, that the REAL product behind is neither “The Commission Alpha” or “The Super Affiliate Commission System” is actually The Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson.

(NOT to be mistaken for the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani)

I have seen this tactic many times before. This is NOT a system per se, it’s a “doorway” to something else!

I have reviewed some similar systems in the past called IM Profit Multiplier and My Super Affiliate Mentor and this one uses the same sort of sales video and checkout method.

Let’s see what it’s all about!

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How does The Commission Alpha really work?

I figured out quite early during the sales video, that “The Commission Alpha/The Super Affiliate Commission system” is nothing more than an actual member of the Super Affiliate Network, charging $47 to access the system that they use.

Basically, it’s nothing more than a useless and painstakingly very long and annoying sales video and a checkout URL to access The Super Affiliate Network.

That’s it!

That is The Commission Alpha, it’s basically nothing more than a diversion to some sales pitch video but if you go through this “sales funnel” you will pay $47 more than everyone else who doesn’t. How do I know that?

The thing here is that anyone can actually access “The Super Affiliate Network” for free and look around WITHOUT paying the $47 charge!!!

How do I know that?

Well, instead of giving my credit card number to this “portal” and most probably be bombarded with multiple upsells that would have me pay more money to get some kind of “better deal” or “Complete package”, I went directly to the Super Affiliate Network’s website and was able to create a FREE account without going through any funnels.

Commission Alpha Super Affiliate Network

The FREE account gave me access to a good amount (22 videos in all) of complimentary getting started video series, where Misha Wilson outlines the basics of Affiliate Marketing, and how you can leverage their affiliate program to the maximum of its potential…

And for $7, I got access to The Profit Boosting Bootcamp, which is well worth the $7 in my opinion.

Here is the checkout of The Profit Boosting Bootcamp:

Commission Alpha Profit Booting bootcamp checkout

And now, here is the checkout page for The Super Affiliate Commission System:

Commission Alpha Super Affiliate Commission system checkout

As you can see, the only difference is the product description, but it leads you to the same place. However, you must pay a $47 fee which the original Super Affiliate Network does not charge!

Since I have looked into the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, I will give you a glimpse into what you get for the $7 you pay to gain access to it.

Commission Alpha Profit Booting bootcamp

It’s a beginner level Affiliate Marketing Course. In it you will receive a total of 15 modules ranging from:

Strategy and tactics and how to lay the correct foundation, 5 steps targeted traffic that actually converts, to “Creating Big Revenue”.

Here is a quick outlook:

Commission Alpha Profit Booting bootcamp overview

But the purpose of this review wasn’t to describe The Profit Boosting Bootcamp or the Super Affiliate Network…

So to get back to the original purpose of the review, the product called “The Commission Alpha” doesn’t even exist!

They even change the name from the email I received as soon as you start listening to their sales video to The Super Affiliate Commission System.

So it’s a member of the Super Affiliate Network promoting the system and charging you to enter it.

As soon as you enter your credentials through their portal, you will be redirected to the actual product which is The Super Affiliate Network.

Once you are in the actual system, there are three basic programs you can purchase from the website itself:

  • Profit Boosting Bootcamp costs $7. (We showed this one earlier).
  • The IM Profit Formula costs $7 for shipping (It’s a book)
  • The Solo Ad Sucess Formula for $297.
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle Membership that costs $297. This will give you access to 12 months of the Profit Boosting Bootcamp

There are also two other additional tier memberships (or training packages as they call it):

The Maui Intensive Program for $9,997 and The All-In package for $24,997!

As you can see, it can become VERY expensive…However, there are a lot of success stories all over the Internet of people using Misha’s system, so it’s really a matter of preference and affordability!

I personally am not ready to spend $10K or $25K on a system, but that is my own opinion…



The”PRO” I could find from this is that if you join with The Commission Alpha’s link, you will have access to The Super Affiliate Network, which is a legit system…


Exaggerated earnings for someone just starting out. I’m not saying earning the equivalent of 3-5 paychecks per week from home is impossible, but you will not make that kind of money right away, it’s just a hook to get you in and grab your credit card number.

False Scarcity – “only a few spots left”. Another tactic to get you in right away. Check next week or even next month, and everything will still be right where you found it on the internet.

You can join The Super Affiliate Network on your own for FREE instead of paying $47 to whoever is behind this “funnel”.


If you want to join the Super Affiliate Network, I would suggest going directly to and join them there and save yourself $47.

One thing that I really hate about this “Commission Alpha” is the rambling of the useless and very long sales video.

Whoever is behind the production of it must have some kind of psychology degree to make it that long and to repeat the same thing so many times so that people get almost hypnotized or something… I’m not sure, but I really think that it’s NOT necessary to sell a product!

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2 thoughts on “The Commission Alpha [2021] Review – Can You Trust it or Just Another Scam?”

  1. Not a comment just a question. I am new to anything online an am wondering if this is for real if u can make money with no knowledge of the tech world I don’t even have internet. Do u need internet to do this site? Please have more info on how all this works. I need a new way to make money. Thanks Laurie

    • Hi Laurie,

      To answer your first question, YES it is possible to earn money with no knowledge of the tech world. I started as a complete beginner and the platform I recommend in my article: Wealthy Affiliate and I am an experienced online marketer today. I learned everything I know on that platform. To answer your second question, yes you need access to the internet to create an online business.

      I assume you have access to the Internet since you have commented on my article. Just click on the link I provided and you can start today for FREE. No credit card required.

      Let me know if I can help you ?



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