The Retired Millionaire [2020] – SCAM or $457/day?

The Retired Millionaire Scam

Is the Retired Millionaire really releasing his secrets on how he made his fortune or is it just another scam? My honest review reveals all!

First of all, let me congratulate you on doing your own research and due diligence before giving your credit card number to some “miracle system” that claims everything is done for you and will make rich overnight.

It’s the best way to avoid being scammed out of your hard-earned money and to finally find a truthful and legitimate method of making money online!

When I got invited to the sales page of this digital product by email, my scam radar became active 🙂

“A secret to making over $457 per day, today!” that sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it? That works out to be A little over $166K per year! Not a bad year if I do say so myself!

BUT, how real is this?

Do these “Retired Millionaire” secrets really work?

Well, rest easy, I did the research for you and I will reveal everything I found out about this system so that YOU can make the decision for yourself after reading my review.

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Name: The Retired Millionaire


Owner: Greg Larson (This is a pen name, meaning that the real owner/creator is hiding behind a smokescreen)

Price: In the sales video the narrator says that it’s $47 but on the checkout page it’s $67 – That doesn’t look good!

Score: 0 out of 10 – Useless and deceitful!

Recommended: A BIG NO


Unfortunately, I cannot give this system a passing grade. I have analyzed the information that is given in the sales video and it would not make any sense to recommend it. It has a lot of similarities to other crappy systems that I have reviewed in the past and everything in the sales video is either a lie or an exaggeration!

There is nothing legitimate about this program at all AND you will not retire a millionaire using it! It’s that simple!

OK, Let’s start with the sales video. It starts by asking you: “Are you ready to be rich?”

Then right away we have these testimonies of people supposedly making Thousands of dollars in just a few days with this system… Well, my keen eye detected a flaw in these testimonies right away!

Let me show you what I mean:

The Retired Millionaire Fake testimony 1


This woman says that she has made $9,567 in her first 3 days of using the system:

Well here she is on Fiverr offering her services as a professional spokesperson:

The Retired Millionaire Fiverr actress 1

The only money she made was from the Fiverr gig she did! Far from $9,567 in 3 days!!!

The same goes for this gentleman.

He has supposedly made $70,000 in his first month and he says something like “Greg Larson, the retired Millionaire or whatever you wanna go by, Thank you”

The Retired Millionaire Fake testimony 2

He’s also a Fiverr actor and the only money he made was for this fake testimony gig!

The Retired Millionaire Fiverr actor

I have seen these two before in other reviews of similar systems that I did in the past. That is what they do, they are actors reading scripts given to them from the creator of this system.

They have NOT made the money they are claiming they did.

I call B.S. on their statements!

Now to get back to the sales video and the other oddities I found, it shows other actors claiming they are making thousands of dollars within their first day of joining the system. I beg to differ but I don’t believe a word they are saying, they are simply using an emotional trigger tactic to get the person who listens to the video to become so enthusiast that they think they can do the same, which is simply not true!!!

Then the narrator says that he (I suppose he’s using Greg Larson as a real person) is the most successful person to make money on the Internet and has been doing this for 15 years. His intention is to give you one of the 50 spots available to use this system.

That is what I call false scarcity! You can check next week or next month and the same video with the same story will be there. They will take as many people as they can, that’s how they make money!

Then comes the almighty “all done for you” system handed on a silver plate.


The Retired Millionaire done for you system


The focus of the video is to lead you to believe that this system will do everything for you and you will be making thousands and thousands of dollars every week/month, and now that you had the chance to be on this website, you are one of the lucky persons to be given one of their websites. Just sit back, relax and watch the money rolling in making $1000’s per day!

The Retired Millionaire 1000's per day


Then the funniest part comes up on the screen:

The Retired Millionaire scam website

I had to laugh when I saw that. What an Ironic statement to say the least!

Then goes on saying that 99% of people buying so many of these so-called “miracle systems” out there never earn more than .01 cents on the Internet. If you ask me he’s describing exactly what this system will produce: Nothing!


The narrator says that you will make $500 at the very least without any kind of effort with this system.

He also claims that if you are one of the thousand people that buy other so-called “get-rich-quick” system they realize the methods don’t work and they become furious with the people selling you lies…

The Retired Millionaire selling lies

By this time I had seen enough!

Aren’t they describing their own system here???

If you are fed up (like me) of trying these crappy systems that promise you that you will become rich overnight when in fact it’s all lies and deceptions? Let me tell you how I make money online and how you too could also start your own online business for FREE. ===>Check out My No. 1 recommendation<===

I watched very uninterested until the end of the first video, entered my email address and was redirected to a second video!

Well by now the narrator says that I am very lucky and that I have just a few minutes to grab one of the last 50 spots available! If I don’t act now they will give my spot to the next person! If I do “claim my exclusive spot” I should be getting:

The Retired Millionaire certified website

And according to the sales video, I will be making a guaranteed $500 today, without any products, no experience, no coding, no video production…

Oh and the system is supposedly worth $23,957, but they only charge $47 for it!

So I decided to click on the “Let’s Get You Started” button.

Not to my surprise, My Norton / Lifelock security system intercepted the link and gave me this message:

The Retired Millionaire Norton Warning

I knew for a fact that this system was not trustable so it did not surprise me at all. I did, however, continue to the (AS I have been there before and if you do not give them any information like a credit card number or an email it should be fine) and got to this checkout page:

The Retired Millionaire Secure Cart

I don’t trust this “” checkout AT ALL because I have done other reviews in the past that uses this checkout platform and I found it to be pretty shady and even found some very disturbing proof that they cannot be trusted:

The Retired Millionaire Scamdoc report

Second, As soon as I got on the checkout page I found other proof that this is not something I would get into:

The Retired Millionaire Secure Cart Job Quitter

You see on the top right-hand corner, it says Secure payment Website for:

Job Quitter

Also if you look closely to the first image it says your price $67 NOT $47 like the narrator says in the sales video.

Not to my surprise, this system is just a rehash of another system I have reviewed a few months ago, that is NOW OFFLINE called The Job Quitter Club.

You can read my other review here: The Job Quitter Club Review

And this “Job Quitter Club” system was a rehash of another system I reviewed called Private Cash Sites which is also OFFLINE as of now!

So, If you want to know what you get from this system, it’s the same crap from the other two I’ve already reviewed, and evidently from the same creator(s).

You can find the exact system in my review of Private Cash Sites: some cheap landing page that you must connect it to a whole bunch of other software that cost money and a few PDF’s on how to use affiliate marketing.


Do you see the pattern here?

They get a bunch of people to give them their credit card number, scam them out of their hard-earned money and then close up shop and start over under a different name, leaving everyone who purchased the system in the dust!

I don’t think it will surprise you that I did NOT purchase this product, and from all the evidence I have shown here, I REALLY DON’T RECOMMEND THIS SYSTEM to anyone!




There are no pros, a rehash of a crappy system, doesn’t change it! It’s still a crappy system!


Fake testimonies with actors telling lies by reading scripts given to them by the creator(s)

False scarcity, the system has no limits and anyone who wants to give them any money, they WILL take it!

A 60-day “satisfaction” guarantee is Not a money-back guarantee!

Very suspicious checkout page – I don’t trust them at all!

Different prices on the checkout page than the sales video. On the checkout page, it’s $67 but the sales video says it’s $47.

A rehash system of another rehashed system. This is the 3rd system that I review from the same source and they will do it again, I am certain. They run away with people’s money start over under a different name and URL.


I have a hard time keeping up with all these “new” systems that come out every day, and trying to keep my audience away from them is an endless job. The worst part is that this one isn’t even a new system, they are the same old lies told over and over again.

Let’s call it what it is: A crappy system!

I used to be more politically correct and call these systems “very-low quality” but I am getting very fed up with the unscrupulous actions of these scammers and my mission is to try to expose them as much as I can so that people don’t get caught in their web of lies.

No one should be buying this, the lies they tell about you making $500 right away is absolute B.S.

What you can do

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