Wealth Project [Review] – can you honestly make $17,500 in your first week?

Before I get started with my review, let me explain how I got to check this “new system”.

I am subscribed to many (probably too many) email subscriptions and I get invited to these “opportunities” almost every day in my inbox. I also get some that sounds way too good to be true. I received an email this week that went like this:

Wealth Project 1

If you are reading this today it’s because you are also skeptical of this system (Like I was when I first read the email) and want to know if it’s real or not. Well, I would like to congratulate you on doing your research prior to spending your hard-earned money on a system that really looks like it’s up to no good right from the start!

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I do a lot of system reviews and when I receive something like this, I want to get to the bottom of their claim and see if this new “get-rich-quick” method is different from the others, so I decided to start by watching the sales video.

Wealth Project 2

My Analysis:

Name: Wealth Project

Website: wealthproject.net

Owner: “James Robertson” – There is no one by that name claiming to be the owner of this system

Price: $37 + upsells

What I noticed right away from the sales video is that there are a lot of “money claims” but no testimonies whatsoever, just figures and names. Kevin from Canada made $9,565.55 last week, Julie from the UK made $12,317 yesterday and Brian from South Africa made $15,126 last month. There is NO proof whatsoever to confirm all of these!

This is the first red flag for me. How can we know who these people are? They are presumably made up by whoever is behind this system.

And like in the email I received, it also claims that anyone that uses this system can make up to $17,520 in their very first week!

Wealth Project 4

Then we also have the “get-rich-quick” method. According to the sales video, you can start making money right away: “In under 30 minutes and 21 clicks”. Well, that is my second red flag!

Where in the world can someone pay $37 for a system and start making money within 30 minutes and make that kind of money in a week? I wonder if the owner of this system is really thinking of what he is claiming! If this was a real thing, wouldn’t everybody be doing it instead of working???

Anyhow, everything that is said on sales video sounds really amazing, you can do all this without any previous online experience to top it all!

Wealth Project 5

Let’s not forget, the owner is supposedly James Robertson, a writer, researcher, and Online business expert as he calls himself. However, I could not find anyone under that name anywhere on the Internet claiming to be the owner of this system.

Wealth Project 6


Red flag no. 3 – Fake owner!

And of course this is a private invitation and you are not supposed to share this vital information with anyone and that the creator of this system has made sure that he only gets the right kind of people that qualify to use it.

So if you are watching the video that means that you are one of them! This is just another tactic I have seen many times before in my other reviews. All they are trying to do is make you feel like you are someone very special and that you have been “chosen”

However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is nothing in the video that tells you what you are buying. Legitimate systems will show you what they offer and you have a pretty good idea of what they sell before giving them your credit card number.

What do you get if buy Wealth Project?

Well, when I first looked at the video, I knew that this was something familiar, and guess what? It’s not only familiar, but it’s also a rehashed product. I did a review a little while back for a system called Wealth Academy and this system is the exact same system with a change of name and a few tweaks!

So basically what you will get in the member’s area is how to make money online by being an Amazon Affiliate. That’s it!

Wealth Project 8

You will have access to a bunch of PDF s and YouTube videos showing you how to create an account and become an Amazon affiliate.

Wealth Project 9

There is also some training on how to get traffic to your website using different methods from social media with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter…

One thing I did not find is some kind of tool to build your online presence! Without a website, how are you going to make the affiliate sales?

There is absolutely nothing here that cannot be found on the internet for a lot cheaper and even free.

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OK now, let’s think about the sales video for a second. He claims that you can make $17,520 in your first week right? Let’s do a little math here: Amazon’s affiliate program has a commission rate that ranges from 1 to 10% per sale depending on what you are selling (for example 3% for toys, 8% for furniture and 5% for digital music). But the majority of the items sold on Amazon has a commission rate of 4%.

That would mean that for someone to make $17,520 in revenue in a week, at a 4% commission, they would have to sell $438,000 in products!

I am not saying this is impossible, and most probably there are some real websites that are making those kinds of sales, but I can guarantee you something:

They did not attain those results in a week with a $37 system!!!

That is an absurd and ridiculous claim!

To make those kinds of sales you have to be an authority in your niche, meaning that you have to establish yourself as a leader on a given subject, and gain the trust of your readers and potential buyers.

You also need a ton of traffic that comes to your website and a conversion rate that is really high.

So this bogus claim of making $17,520 in your first week is just a plain lie!



Low introductory price, but if you chose to buy the upsells it can get expensive for videos and PDFs. Upsell 1 is $197, Upsell 2 is $177 and upsell 3 is $97. So the system can end up costing you $508.

Sold on ClickBank, so there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

You do receive “some” training


All of the red flags I have enumerated

Ridicule and very hyped up money claims

Nothing but PDFs and Videos, so nothing to build your online business website

Upsells can become costly

You don’t even know what kind of system you are buying until you actually make the purchase

The owner is Fake

A rehashed product from previous systems with a few tweaks (rehashed probably more than 1 time)

Not really beginner friendly


I have seen these kinds of system hundreds of time and I can tell you right now that they are NOT worth your time or hard-earned money.

Udemy has a ton of free (and some courses at $9.99) training on how to start an Amazon Affiliate business for an example of other choices you have. These will probably give you as much information as Wealth Project.

Is this system a scam? Well no, because of two reasons: You do get something for your money and you have the option of getting your money back. However, I will qualify this system as a VERY LOW-QUALITY SYSTEM and is no better than these products I already have reviewed in the past like:

The AZ Formula

The AZ code

The AZ sniper

Voice Cash Pro

Daily Cash siphon

The final decision is up to you, but if I were you, I would not waste my time with it!

I Do NOT Recommend This System!!!

There are a lot of other ways to learn how to sell on Amazon. Even the Amazon.com site itself has a ton of very valuable information at your fingertips and free of charge!

What you should do instead

There are many different methods to make money with affiliate marketing.

However, if you want to learn to become an Amazon affiliate from a trusted source, why not get your training, website, and everything that goes with it from a platform that has a proven record and over one million members.

They will show you how to build an online business based on what you are passionate about, what makes you “tick”. When you write about something that you love, it becomes a lot easier and enjoyable.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business, however, you have to be shown properly how to do it!

This platform is very newbie friendly and it will show you methods that doesn’t require any paid traffic. You will learn how to drive free organic traffic to your website, which is how you get to the first page of the search engines.

Let me introduce you to

Wealthy Affiliate

There’s a lot to say about this platform, too much to enumerate in a single article but if you’re committed to putting in the time and effort required, they will teach you Affiliate Marketing using video-based lessons with tasks to complete during and after the lessons, so this way you revise, learn, practice and retain the information you have just watched.

This is done while creating your own money-making website. They will actually provide you with 2 websites free of charge!

This method is not a get-rich-quick thing that will claim that you will make money within a few days or a week.

You will build a solid foundation and grow from there. Just like starting a brick and mortar business.

The most important thing you should do when you join is taking action! Most newcomers to the affiliate marketing get overwhelmed when they learn something new and do not take action. Believe me, I was in your shoes until I decided to take action, and I haven’t looked back since!

Just give it a try before deciding if this is for you or not!

You can start today with a free membership account, which is completely free of charge, no obligations, no credit card required!

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Are you ready to start earning money online the right way, or are you going to keep on wasting your time and hard-earned money on these low-quality systems? I have written an e-book called “Work Online From Home And Make Real Money” that will show you how I got started and the steps to take to create a successful online business like I have.

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8 thoughts on “Wealth Project [Review] – can you honestly make $17,500 in your first week?”

  1. It really is bothersome that people would try to sell something like this using such inflated numbers that may or may not (most likely not) even be real. It’s almost laughable, especially when you couldn’t even find the owner’s name through a search. It’s just preying on people who might really be desperate to make some money, and instead of helping them, just rips them off. Thanks for this review and I hope it saves people from getting sucked into this type of low-quality system! Happy New Year and God bless!

    • Yeah I agree with you that these kinds of system only prey on the people who might be desperate, and all it does is get them even more feeling despair!  I am happy that you have commented on my article!

      Happy new year to you as well!

  2. Hi Denis, This is an excellent review of the Wealth Project product. After reading your whole article, I have same opinion and agreed with you that this is not best product for those who want to learn and earn with step by step guideline. I like your #1 recommendation to join in Wealthy Affiliate program. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  3. So many people are in a bad financial situation – it is disheartening so see them fall for hyped-up rehashing of what you can get for free just by watching YouTube.  Thanks for exposing those that you have so far.  I checked out your suggestion.  A couple of huge differences I have noticed is that Wealthy Affiliate has weekly, ongoing trainings that address contemporary topics and methods.  And they appear to have an excellent system of support.  Thanks for that suggestion.

    • You are very welcome!  What you have pointed out is just one little aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.  They have the whole nine yards of training when it come to Affiliate marketing!  I hope that you find my suggestion worth your while, I sure have found it worth my while!  🙂

      Thank you for taking time to comment on my article.

  4. Hello Denis . . . I see we are “kindred spirits” of sorts.  So many of us have fallen into the Hansel & Gretel moment where we see a seemingly inviting cottage of sweets and yummies, only to realize that we have again been duped into a quagmire of misleading statements, and empty promises that can only be filled by pumping more money into a “system” that offers no apparent solution to our primary goal – – – increasing our income in a sustained manner.  

    I wonder how many thousands of people have fallen into this illusion — I am certainly one of them, and I shudder to think of the money I have spent chasing those roads with no real destination.  

    Affiliate marketing does offer a bit of relief, as we really don’t need to make a lot of up front costs to promote a quality service or product.  However, as you are aware, the core of our success is developing sound marketing and usage skills that can help launch our affiliate marketing efforts with a measure of success potential.  I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate offers the most practical, cost-effective, and productive system that at least I have experienced.  

    Wealthy Affiliate offers product, service, training, support, encouragement from a community of users and the real tools to help us grow our business if we are serious, consistent, and patient.  

    I wish you and all . . . . success and forward growth! 

    • You have hit the nail right on its head with your comment!  I cannot add anything else to it! 🙂

      I also wish you success and forward growth


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