Zendyx Affiliate System [Review] – Scam or $1,200/day?

Zendyx Affiliate system scam

Want to know the truth about Zendyx Affiliate system? Just read my honest review and find out what is the real deal!

Zendyx Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing program that claims to show you ways to make money online through the ClickBank affiliate program.

I stumbled across Zendyx Affiliate system through an email invitation that claimed I was a “winner” and that I had been randomly been selected to take part in this new money-making program.

Their claim to make $1,200 per day is very bold, to say the least, but is it possible? Let’s see…

I will tell you right away that my favorite method of making money online is NOT Zendyx Affiliate System.

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Name: Zendyx Affiliate System

Website: https://www.zendyx.com/zendyx

Owner: Mark Evans (Or so they say – I couldn’t find anyone by that name that claims to own this digital product)

Price: $39 plus multiple upsells

Score: One star rating   Only because you can ask for your money back!

Recommended: NO

What is Zendyx Affiliate System


On the sales page, the narrator starts by saying “discover the shocking truth to make up to $1,000 per day” and even talks about making over $100,000 per month spending only half an hour per day. I’m sure that this bold claim in itself would have caught your attention. Well, you’re not alone. Just six years ago I would have had the same reaction and jumped on board!


It’s very easy to find stock images on the Internet of luxury houses and fancy cars and put them in a cheaply made narrated video to make you believe that it’s what this system will bring you, and I don’t blame you for believing it, they make it sound so easy…

The fact is, when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Especially the part where you only have to work 30 minutes per day. That is absurd!

What is Zendyx affiliate system?

According to the sales video, it’s a digital product that will teach you to become an affiliate marketer and promote ClickBank products, especially the Zendyx Affiliate system.

Clickbank Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great method of making money online! It involves promoting someone else’s products and earning a commission when you make a sale through your own affiliate link.

It is a very legitimate method of making money online and it is also my favorite method!

Now, ClickBank is one of the biggest names out there. It’s an affiliate network that gathers thousands and thousands of digital products into one digital space. They are the middle man between the vendor (the product creator) and the affiliates (the one that promotes the vendor’s product).

What worries me about this system is the lack of transparency and honesty!

They say in their sales video that “you can make over $1,000 every single day”

Make $1000 per day

Although this may be true in certain cases, for example, a professional affiliate marketer that has years and years of experience and is promoting hundreds of digital products could make $1,000 in a day, that is not impossible.

But for you to make $1,000 per day with this system and make the kind of money they show in the video is simply a big fat lie! They show you nice screenshots of their Clickbank’s account with thousands made each day:

Clickbank screenshot

However, did you know how easy to manipulate these figures on the Clickbank website, to make you believe that they are making that kind of money? Here is proof in a short video from one of my mentors:

As you can see, the figures shown in the sales video may be all false!

But that’s not all I found fishy about this system.

Remember those testimonies from people making thousands every day?

Well, they are FAKE too!

Look at this:

Here is the original testimony of a man saying that he makes thousands with this system:

Zendyx testimonial 1

And here he is offering his spokesperson services on Fiverr:

Fiverr testimonial 1

And here is another of the fake testimonials from the sales video:

Fiverr testimonial 2

Again here this guy says that he made $1,332 commission in just one day thanks to Zendyx, but guess what…FAKE:

Here he is on Fiverr offering his acting services as a spokesperson:

Fiverr testimonial 3

Why would a system hire actors to tell fake testimonies if it was so great?

I’ll tell you why, it’s to make you believe that it’s true, where in fact there is nothing true in the whole thing!

I have seen these kinds of sales videos hundreds (if not thousands) of times since I started reviewing affiliate marketing systems and this one is NO different.

They play with people’s emotions, lure you in with a sales video full of lies and a cheap entry price, only to bombard you with upsells after upsells, saying that you need this and that to make this system work!

They show you vacation homes and luxury cars just to enhance that emotional hook!

Zendyx vacation home

Zendyx luxury car

Only to end up with either a PDF document and/or a few videos showing nothing more than what you could find on your own either through a Google search, or even a website like Udemy

If you are fed up (like me) of trying these very low-quality systems that promise you riches overnight without ever delivering what they sell, let me tell you how I make money online and how you could also start your own online business for FREE. ===>Check out My No. 1 recommendation<===

I do not see a future for anyone with this system.

It also surprises me that ClickBank allows such a system on its platform. They have been better at screening these lately, and this kind of product has been seen on another platform called Clickbetter instead. So it might be taken down because of the high refund volume…We’ll see!


Needless to say, I did not purchase this system for the obvious reasons enumerated above. I have enough experience to know when the sales video is full of lies, then the system will not live up to what it’s promoting, that is a certainty.



You do get a 60-day money-back guarantee if you buy the system and you are not satisfied, that is about the only thing I found that is a pro for this system


False scarcity – They say on their sales page to hurry because the system will be removed at midnight, which is another lie. Check again next week it will still be there!

Fake Clickbank screenshots – The video we have included here shows you that it’s very easy to manipulate data and create fake screenshots. It can also be easily done with a regular image manipulating software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Fake testimonies – As we have shown in this review, there is nothing true about anything these “actors” have said in the sales video. They were paid to say what the creator of the system wanted them to say.

Emotional triggers – pictures of vacation homes and luxury cars are just there to make you believe that this system will bring you those, when in fact it’s just playing with your emotions to get you to click and buy their system.

Multiple upsells – If you do decide to buy the system, they will not stop at $39. They will then try to make you believe that in order to really make $1,000 per day you will need to purchase another product, then another, and another so you could end up dishing out hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the process!


As I stated earlier, I don’t see how anyone (besides the creator) could benefit from this system and my advice is to stay away!

I see these kinds of systems come out every day and I have reviewed quite a few of them like:

CB Moneyvine; 10-Minute Payday; Home Cash Club;  and Instant Cash Solution just to name a few…

They try to make believe that this is the next best thing to inventing the wheel, when in fact all they do is sell empty promises!

Now the question on everyone’s mind: Is this a scam?

Well, the definition of a scam is a dishonest scheme or a fraud. In this case, it is quite close to what the dictionary tells us. However, you are getting “something” for your money, so it’s not quite what a scam (taking money from an individual without providing anything in return).

I will leave this one up to you…

I can honestly say that I consider this type of system as “VERY LOW QUALITY” instead.

How about a “Real” Method?

As I said earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer and I have been doing this for the past 4 years now.

Prior to using affiliate marketing as a business model, I was like you, going from one scam to the next always looking, searching and getting burned (and losing money) in the process. And let me tell you I was disappointed many many times!

Affiliate marketing has changed all of that, and now I make money while I sleep!!!

The affiliate marketing industry continues to grow as the online spending increases, and the number of companies investing in their affiliate programs is constantly increasing. To be completely honest, there has never been a better time to get involved in Affiliate Marketing!

That is just ONE facet to building a business online, and a website can be monetized in many ways.

But you will need guidance.

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Website(s), Education And Expert Training.

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As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Zendyx Affiliate System [Review] – Scam or $1,200/day?”

  1. The first red flag is the claim of $1200 a day. I believe you can make that kind of money with affiliate marketing but it isn’t easy and takes dedication and hard work. When you point out that the claim is paired with only working 30 minutes a day, I think “too good to be true” because it usually is. Fake testimonies I believe ensures this isn’t a system wasting time with. There are legitimate ways to make money with affiliate marketing but Zendyx Affiliate System isn’t one of them.

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Yes, I agree, Zendyx, with all the red flags I pointed out in this review is not worth anyone’s time and money. It has every aspect of being a very low-quality system and the only people that will make money with this is(are) the creator(s).

      Check out my recommendation instead, you will not be disappointed and you can test drive the platform for FREE, with no obligation from your part and no credit card required to create your starter membership!

      I wish you success in your endeavors!


  2. Such articles are not easy to make, requires a lot of time investing and website testing, I give you props for that.

    I have come across a lot of Zendyx like scheme websites that offer fake and baseless promises, so I would like to thank you for taking the time to share a detailed informative blog.

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes, there are a lot of fake and baseless products out there. Some people take advantage of other’s unawareness to promote bogus systems and lead them to believe that they will strike it rich in a day or two, which is absolute nonsense! There are no such systems anywhere!

      With my reviews, I try to tell people that if you want to make it, if you want to create a sustainable online business, there are no shortcuts!

      There is only one true way, and that is with dedication, hard work, and persistence! That is the key to success!

      I don’t think anyone can argue that!

      I wish you success!



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