The best online affiliate marketing platform – Wealthy Affiliate

Are you looking to start a new business online?

Do you want to make money online with your own website in this exhilarating online world?

Let me enlighten you with my honest and hopefully the most in-depth review of the best online affiliate marketing platform that I recommend and use every day.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the best and most advanced training platform on the Internet, to learn how to make money online using affiliate marketing.

Not only will you get a FREE step-by-step course, which includes thousands of training hours and “live” courses on how to build your online business, but they also have the best community with close to one million members of helpful, like-minded people that are always ready to help you in any manner that they can.

They provide website hosting (Forever FREE for starter member accounts).

It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to build a successful online business, NO coding required!!!

If I caught your attention by now, you can continue reading below for my full honest and in-depth review.

Free Starter Membership

Usually with most companies when you sign up for their program, they ask for a credit card and give you a free 30-day trial period and then at the end of the free period, they start charging your credit card.  Well not here at Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a pretty laid back and very low-pressure attitude when it comes to the payment side of things.

With a free membership you get all these advantages that no other program offers:

  • No Credit cards required at signup. No obligation.  No risk involved.
  • Ideal for complete beginner to the advanced affiliate marketer.
  • Free for as long as you want, you never have to upgrade.
  • Your first 7 days as a free member gets you all the Premium Member features.
  • 2 FREE websites.
  • Build your websites with Website builder in a few minutes
  • The first 10 lessons of 2 different classrooms (Certification courses and Affiliate Bootcamp) FREE
  • Jaaxy Keyword research tool (30 searches per month)
  • Live chat with support

Premium Membership ($49 per month – 59% discount for the first month at $19)

  • Up to 50 websites included
  • Build your websites with Website builder in a few minutes
  • SSL certificate (https://) and secured hosting
  • Site Speed (Websites are automatically optimized for top speed on all devices)
  • Full access to 2 classrooms (5 Certification courses and 7 Affiliate Bootcamp courses)
  • Jaaxy Keyword research tool (Unlimited searches)
  • Live chat with support
  • Weekly live webinars (which can be accessed afterward as a replay)

Basically, premium membership gives you FULL access to everything Wealthy Affiliate offers.

The reasons why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate

  • The support:   At WA, the support you will receive is amazing. As a free starter member, you get a ton of support from the courses offered and from the actual members (over one million strong) that are always happy to help you in a pay-it-forward and helpful way.  Here are the many ways to get support at Wealthy Affiliate:
    • Live Chat (There are always members “live” and ready to answer your question right away or within a few seconds)
    • You can send a blog post or ask a question within your own profile that is sent to your followers for them to respond usually within minutes.
    • Private messaging to any member or directly to the actual owners of Wealthy Affiliate.
    • Site support for technical issues is available 24/7
    • Weekly live training, which is available for replay later.
    • Entirely beginner friendly.  They take you step by step and help you build your website from the ground up, making sure you have a solid base to start with.
    • Especially the community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate – There is no other place on the web that has the community spirit that Wealthy Affiliate possesses.  People here are very friendly and very helpful.  You ask a question and get an answer within minutes by any member of the community that has the answer.  People are always willing to help out and discuss the many facets of affiliate marketing with each other and the communication tools are always busy with thousands of different threads of multiple subjects.


  • Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you to build your online presence based on your personal interest or passion.
  • They do not claim to be a get rich quick scheme.  It will teach you to build a solid base for your business, to utilize the up-to-date proper techniques and strategies, and grow from there.
  • Wealthy Affiliate as a platform is always growing, keeping up-to-date, and upgrading their services several times a year.
  • The training is very easy to follow in a text/video format with a “to-do” checklist.
  • They have an easy and precise process that you can follow:
    • Choose an Interest –  This is where you start.  It can be a hobby or a special interest of your own, but I do recommend that you chose something that you have an interest in.
    • Build a website (in literally a couple of minutes) You don’t need any experience and Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites of your own to start with.  No need for coding or knowing any programming, they provide all of the technical stuff for you.  You chose a name for your website and you’re good to go.  The only thing you need to do, and I encourage you strongly to do so, is to follow the step by step training provided and apply it to the free websites you have been given.
    • Attract Visitors and rank your website in the search engines. The training at Wealthy Affiliate will guide you how to get the traffic (visitors) to your website that are interested in your hobby or special interest.
    • Earn Revenues.  When your visitors buy the products you promote on your website your earn money.
  • Web hosting at a very affordable price (less than $15 /year) for a website of your own .com/ .net/ .org etc.  (if you don’t want the free siterubix)
  • FREE for websites under
  • Every free account gets access to the first 10 lessons, which will able you to build your website and launch your online business. You should have your foundation established and start getting visitors to your website.
  • Premium membership is optional but provides access to everything WA has to offer.


Here is a full list of the difference between a starter account and a premium account:

There are a lot more reasons for you to join the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Even if you think that your ideal niche (or possible idea) has no potential or has too much competition for you to start making money with it, I would like to point out that the Internet has over 3.75 billion users (As at January 2018), and I can guarantee that there is no market, in any particular “niche”, that has been fully dominated yet.

There are literally millions of subjects to chose that you can earn money with, and each subject has a gigantic amount of people looking for information that you can provide them.  By having a website with that information, you position yourself to help them and at the same time, you can monetize your website.

As you can see the potential of growing a lucrative business within this platform is REAL!!! And thousands of members are making money online since joining Wealthy Affiliate.  The owners, (Kyle and Carson) have been teaching people how to make money online since 2005 and have over 1 million members (including myself) on their platform.

These members are the Wealthy Affiliate community, and they help each other succeed.

They know the power of blogging and owning their website to create a passive income.

What is a passive income you ask?

It’s an income stream that has the potential of earning you money over and over again from the same source (your blog post).  When you create a blog post, and you have traffic (potential customers) going to your website after typing a keyword into a search engine, you create a business opportunity.

When they (the potential customers) take action on one of your suggestions (We call them affiliate links), you make money.  This can be repeated for as long as you want, and as often as someone clicks on your affiliate link and takes action (potentially buys something or subscribes to a program).

That is why we call it a “passive income”.  You can be making money while you sleep since you only have to write your blog once, but the opportunities of making money from it are neverending.

Wealthy Affiliate is THE best place to start an affiliate marketing business on the web!

My rating for Wealthy Affiliate is 10 out of 10


Are YOU ready to change your life with your blog and start making money today?

My advice is to try the starter membership, NO credit card required, NO obligation, NO upsells or any other forced payments and NO risk involved.

10 thoughts on “The best online affiliate marketing platform – Wealthy Affiliate

  1. No doubt, this is the best online business to join these days. I was staring at the comparison table between two memberships in Wealthy Affiliate when the idea of promoting it as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate came to my mind. I saw $49 monthly membership in there for premium… How much will be my commission if I refer someone to the site paying $49 per month?

    • Hello Gomer,

      Glad you agree with my review, as it is the best platform out there.  

      To answer your question about the commissions they go like this:

      You earn from members that have joined with your affiliate link and upgraded to premium. 

      $8 for the first month which is for the $19 special offer, then $23.50 for the $49 per month . If a member that you have referred goes to a yearly subscription, you earn $175 per year.

      Starter Members (Free members that have not upgraded to premium) can also earn from their referrals:

      $4 for special offer referrals ($19 for the first month), then $11.75 monthly (for the $49 per month) and $87.50 yearly commissions.

      So you see even a Free starter member can make money from his/hers referrals without paying any monthly fees, which is something really unique, that I haven’t found anywhere else on the web.

      Hope this answers your question.

  2. Hello. I was very interested in this article. I have been thinking for a long time what to do to free myself from full-time work. The choice fell on the online business. I am most interested in creating a passive income and I will be able to blog. It’s good that I found your entry and I registered with Wealthy Affiliate. As you wrote it is the best place to build an online business.

    • Hi Michael, I’m glad you found my website and that you jumped in the WA gang.  You’re not going to regret it!  See you on the inside. 🙂

  3. This is a great review.
    It’s a great way to make money by helping people.
    It’s a totally legitimate program that offers the best training and support.
    There’s so many times when I’ve gotten help from live chat or support.
    If you’re willing to work hard at your dreams and helping others you will be successful.
    Do you feel that there are any cons to joining Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Rob, 

      Glad that you feel the same way I do about WA, and yes if you put in the work, you will be successful.  There are thousands of members that are successful already.  As for cons about WA, the only thing that comes to mind right now is that there are no mobile apps, but from what I heard, it’s coming in 2018.  So “No”, I don’t have anything to say that would be negative about WA.  It’s a great community and a great platform to launch any kind of online business.

  4. I like it how simple it actually is to build a website! When I first got into this, I thought I’ll need some sort of coding skills and so on. Haha, just push a button and your website is live.
    Of course, to achieve success with your website is a whole different story. It’s requires consistency and hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end!

    • Hi,

      I agree that today, building a website is a LOT easier that it was 15 years ago.  No coding required whatsoever. You do have the right attitude and mindset that to achieve success: persistence and hard work IS required, but the results can be phenomenal!

      I wish you success my friend


  5. This is a great review for Wealthy Affiliate! Working from home is in a lot of people’s dreams and I think through a platform, such as Wealthy Affiliate, those dreams can become a reality. I know it says that it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but how long do you think it takes to get comfortable with affiliate marketing and start making a profit?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Ahh “the famous question” how long until I make
      some money.

      Well to be honest Andrew, there are many factors that apply
      here.  It depends on your niche, on how much effort you put in, how
      persistent and motivated you are, the quality of your content, how you use SEO
      to rank your website, and I could go on and on. 

      But the main message I want to give you today is
      this:  A website is like a business and it evolves with time.  Treat
      it like a business that wants to help people with a solution to their problems
      and ultimately, you will get yourself an audience. 

      Your target audience IS your business.  Without traffic (your
      audience can also be called traffic), you don’t have anything but a pretty
      website.  So, you should first concentrate on creating honest and quality
      content.  As much as possible.  The more the better.  That is my recommendation.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be when it comes to learning all
      these things and much much more! Nowhere will you find any community and
      training platform like WA with the tons of information and good, proven
      learning that you can apply right away, instead of trial and error by

      You have every tool you need to succeed right here.  Now it’s up to you my friend.

      I hope this answer will help you in your journey.  I wish you success and wealth!



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