Kindle Publishing Income Review: Your Gateway to Success or Just Hype?

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Ready to find out if Kindle Publishing Income is your ticket to author success or just another online letdown? Let’s dive in.

Embarking on a writer’s journey can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’re just starting out. Remember the old days of chasing publishers and agents just to get your book out there? Well, times have changed for the better. Now, platforms like Amazon’s Kindle offer a lifeline to self-publishing, putting the power back in your hands.

So, you’ve probably come across Sophie Howard’s Kindle Publishing Income while scouring the internet for self-publishing tips. It promises a lot, but there’s a catch – the price tag is enough to make your wallet wince!

Are you here to figure out if this program is really worth your hard-earned cash? Then you’re in the right place for an honest, no-strings-attached review.

Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with Sophie Howard or her program. What you’ll get here is my unbiased perspective on whether Kindle Publishing Income is the key to unlocking your writing potential.

So, let’s get this show on the road and see what’s what!

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Getting to Know Sophie Howard: Digital Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Who exactly is Sophie Howard? She’s a well-known figure in the world of Amazon FBA and a digital entrepreneur with some serious clout. Before diving into the world of Kindle Publishing Income, Sophie had already laid the groundwork with several online courses, including Blue Sky Amazon.

Her previous course does a solid job of teaching the basics of buying and selling on Amazon. But here’s the rub – it comes with a steep price tag of $3,495.

That’s a pretty hefty investment, especially when you consider the wealth of free resources available online for learning Amazon FBA strategies. You don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to start making money online.

In fact, there are more budget-friendly and lower-risk options out there, like affiliate marketing. If you’re curious about diving into affiliate marketing, I’ve got some great resources for you right here.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the high cost of Sophie’s previous course didn’t sit well with everyone, leading to a fair share of negative feedback, such as:

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Balancing the Scales: Positive Feedback on Sophie’s Course

While I’ve highlighted some of the challenges and negative feedback regarding the high cost of Sophie’s previous course, it’s important to present a complete picture. Not everyone had a less-than-stellar experience. In fact, there’s a significant number of positive reviews as well, showcasing a different perspective on the value and effectiveness of the course.

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It is also noteworthy to mention that their Trustpilot score is 4.1

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Kindle Publishing Income: A High-Priced Echo of Blue Sky Amazon?

If you’re wondering how Kindle Publishing Income stacks up against Sophie Howard’s earlier venture, Blue Sky Amazon, here’s a quick heads-up: the price point is pretty similar – and by that, I mean it’s on the higher side.

But what about what you’re really getting for your money – the quality of the program itself?

Stay with me as we delve deeper into my Kindle Publishing Income review. It’s time to uncover the nitty-gritty of Sophie’s training course and see if it’s truly worth the investment…

Breaking Down What Kindle Publishing Income Is All About

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So, what’s the deal with Kindle Publishing Income? As you might guess from the title, this program is all about teaching you how to make money by selling eBooks.

That’s right – we’re not talking about physical books here. This course is laser-focused on the world of self-publishing, which, let’s be honest, comes with its own set of challenges, different from traditional paperback publishing.

Before you dive in and invest in this pricey course, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. Intense Competition: The eBook market is crowded. You’ll need to bring your A-game in both quality content and smart marketing strategies to stand out and draw in readers.
  2. The Self-Publishing Hurdle: If you’re new to this, brace yourself. Starting without an existing audience means building your reader base from scratch – and that’s no small feat.

Now, if you’re on the lookout for an income source that’s potentially more stable and less risky, I’ve got something you might be interested in. Check out my top recommendation for working from home – it could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for!

What are the Features of the Training Program?

The features included in the training course comprise the following:

  • Step By Step Training – the training is a step-by-step process and relatively simple
  • One-Year Support – for a full year, you will also get exclusive support from their panel of skilled team members
  • Sophie’s Book of Contracts – this feature includes Sophie’s strategies for hiring writers, graphic designers, and other related works
  • Niche Finder Software – as the name suggests, you’ll get techniques for finding the most profitable niche
  • 90-day Weekly Group Coaching – on your first 90 days in the program, Sophie will provide coaching sessions to a group of aspiring Amazon FBA entrepreneurs
  • Low Content Masterclass – the lessons here teach you the essentials of content marketing in improving your sales.
  • Public Domain Masterclass – you’ll learn how to find public domains where you can market your eBook
  • Fast Launch Facebook Group – you’ll be given access to Sophie’s private group
  • International Profit Multiplier – another perk of the Kindle Publishing Income is it teaches you how you can take advantage of selling your content in different languages.
  • Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier – lastly, it also provides you with the distinction between a paperback and an eBook and how you can make money in each form

I also reviewed similar online training programs in the past. And you can check them out if you like—Publisher Supremacy and Fiction Profit Academy.

How Much is the Program?

If you’re interested, you have to settle a $497 monthly fee to have full access to Kindle Publishing Income. To me, the price of the program is too high, considering the success rate in publishing eBooks is low.

They also have a 180-day refund policy. It may seem like a decent deal at first sight, but the policy is conditional, and you have to participate in all of the courses and launch an eBook first before you get your money back.

If you’re looking for a more affordable source of income online, then you have to check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

Is Kindle Publishing Income a Scam?

No. Kindle Publishing Income is definitely not a scam. If you’re considering buying the program, then I believe that you are in perfectly good hands.

As good as the training modules—it may not be for you, especially if you are aiming to earn significant income online.

What I LIKE and DON’T LIKE about Kindle Publishing Income

The Upsides:

  1. Legit Expertise: Sophie Howard is the real deal in the digital entrepreneurship world. If you’re looking to dive into eBook publishing on Amazon, she’s got the know-how to guide you towards success.
  2. Quality Training: Given Sophie’s solid background in Amazon FBA, the training you’ll receive in this course is top-notch and deeply informed.

The Downsides:

  1. Pricey Investment: Let’s get straight to the point – Kindle Publishing Income isn’t cheap. It might be a tough stretch for those without the budget to cover its costs.
  2. Complicated Refund Policy: Yes, there’s a 180-day refund policy, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. To qualify for a refund, you need to complete all their courses and publish at least one eBook on Amazon. It’s a bit of a hoop-jumping exercise.
  3. Mixed Feedback: Despite the decent content of the program, Sophie’s previous course has attracted quite a bit of negative attention, mainly due to its steep pricing and the strings-attached refund policy.”

Looking for something more affordable? Check out my top work-from-home recommendation for a budget-friendly training course that can still help you make money online.

Wrapping Up: My Take on Kindle Publishing Income

As we reach the end of this Kindle Publishing Income review, I hope I’ve given you the insights you need to decide: Is this program worth your investment, or should you consider other options?

For those of you aspiring to see your writing dreams come true, Kindle Publishing Income does offer a solid starting point. But here’s the catch: Sophie’s program is quite a financial commitment, and the refund policy comes with some strings attached.

If your budget allows for it, and you’re comfortable with the cost, then sure, give the program a shot. But remember, this kind of business model isn’t a walk in the park. The challenges – from stiff competition to the tough task of marketing your book and building a readership – are real.

Stay tuned for the final part of my article, where I’ll introduce you to an alternative that’s not only easier on your wallet but also has the potential to be a more lucrative source of income.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the KPI course and haven’t finished it yet.

    It works for me because I have a large social media following through my business,and have been able to market my book. I outsourced and spent ages on the titles and book description.

    I am now on my second book and made the decision to invest most of my spare money into it. I just felt that the risk was worth it.


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