Fearless Momma Review – Will you make $250 in 72 hrs?

I received an invitation by email just lately that had the subject line: “How to collect your 1st $250 sale in the next 72 hours”.

I read the email and it started out by saying that with my permission they would like to open my eyes to a new money-making idea.

I could make more money, have more free time and restore my lost confidence! It said that he was a marketer and routinely made over $10,000 a month. And that he wanted to share a secret with me.

Of course, being an online entrepreneur, I clicked and entered the sales page for The Fearless Momma.

You are probably here because of the same reason. You have received an invitation and want to check things out. Well, you made a wise choice. It’s always a good idea to check things out before putting any of your hard-earned money and do something that you’re not even sure about. There are so many scams and low-quality systems out there that it’s very hard to know which one is legit.

I would like to point out right away that I am NOT affiliated with the Fearless Momma, and this 100% honest review is based on my research and on my personal opinion of the product.

That being said let’s go ahead and get into the Fearless Momma 2.0.



The Fearless Momma - 1

Name: The Fearless Momma

Website: thefearlessmomma.com

Owner: Tammy Montgomery

Price: $250 and upsells up to $5,000 (Which are called high ticket commissions)

My Analysis

This product is by Tammy Montgomery. She has 10 years of experience in internet marketing and she is very successful. She’s also been in the mortgage and real estate business.

When I clicked on the link from the email I received, I was sent to this landing page:

The Fearless Momma - 2

Well, to tell you the truth here, even though it sounds pretty exciting when I see claims like this, my senses tell me that this is too good to be true! It sounds like a “get-rich-quick” kinda thing… And my experiences with these are not very delightful!

But let’s not put the carriage in front of the horses and Let’s click on the big orange button, shall we?

I was greeted with this video (sales pitch) from Tammy Montgomery.

The Fearless Momma -3

What I got from this video is that she buys solo ads to get leads and these leads turn into $250 commissions. She mentioned that she bought a 500 click Solo ad to get these leads. Did you know that it costs approximately $150 – $250 to buy a 500 click solo ad? And you have to be careful who you buy from. Some solo ads will not convert whatsoever. But we’ll talk about this a little later.

Let’s see what else we have in there.

I did not see how she did it, she just talked a bit about how she was able to lose 100 pounds because her online business Let’s her do whatever she wants whenever she wants, but nothing on how she did it…

The bonus in Step 2 is the exact same copy of the email I had received! It`s a downloadable PDF with a pre-written script to send out to your “leads”.

Then there is Step 3 – The sales letter:

The Fearless Momma -4

This is a video narrated by Tim Berger. It’s another sales pitch. In the video he shows how he makes money while sleeping, then he goes on saying that when you join and pay your $250, he will to work with you and help you get up to 1 to 2 “sales” per day. And then scale things up to make $1,000 per sales! There isn’t much in there but some screenshot of a Mastercard Payment from someone who paid their $250 and he got the commission:

The Fearless Momma -5

OK, I have to admit that it is an attractive and convincing offer. Tim makes a good sales pitch here with his “proof” of making money while he sleeps! And who wouldn’t like to get $500 in sales every day right?

Something was kind of “off” to me though. Why $250? What do they sell for that amount?


The Fearless Momma method – how does it really work?

The way this system works is like this:

When you visit the sales page and pay your fee of $250 (which is paid directly to whomever your referrer is), you can now do the same and use the same opt-in landing page to recruit others in the program.0

Like I said earlier, your first step is all about getting email leads. You will use the same landing page I showed you earlier when I had clicked in the email I had received.

To get these “leads”, if you don’t have a huge email list already, they suggest buying solo ads. Once you have found a solo ad that interests you, you buy access to their list either by how many subscribers your email message will be sent to or by how many clicks your email will get.

From these bought “clicks”, when a person subscribes via your link, you can market to them over and over or until they unsubscribe.

If a subscriber decides to buy from your link, they are actually paying you directly, because you became their “referrer”.

There is actually nothing to buy, no products are available for sale.

To be on the fair side, you do get access to a series of videos, but the bottom line is what you have to do is recruit people to invest $250 with your link, then you get the “commission”. Then rinse and repeat.

I am however going to say here that nobody joins because of the products being sold, they get in “for the money”.

The videos provided here when you join are tools to promote the system itself. So like I said, everyone who joins is not buying the “product” but the opportunity of making the 100% commission. It’s a “pay to play” concept.

They are divided into 7 modules and they are explained on the sales page but here is a glimpse:

The Fearless Momma -7The Fearless Momma -8

The upsells

Remember I told you that Tim Berger, in his video said that he wants to help you “Scale things up to $1,000”? Well, that is where the upsells come in. These high ticket commissions are a huge part of the system, but they work the same way.

In order to get the high commission, you have to “qualify” or be licensed to collect those commissions. Let’s say a referral of yours goes and buys the $3,000 and you don’t, well you don’t get the commission either! So to make that kind of money, you will have to dig deep into your bank account!

The Fearless Momma -6

This is a screenshot from a YouTube video that I was able to catch while researching this system. As you can see, the upsells start at $1,000, then $3,000 and as high as $5,000!

Also, by doing this research, I found out that Tim Berger is the owner of a system called Six Figure Empire (SFE), which is a high ticket system so I believe that the two are in some kind of partnership, and that is where the upsells come in.

Here is something else I found on YouTube. It was part of a “webinar” given by Tammy Montgomery and during her presentation, she shows “The perfect Big Ticket Funnel” which clearly shows that The Fearless Momma is just the entry to Six Figure Empire:

The Fearless Momma - 9

Graduating to $1,000 paydays is what people dream of for sure, but you will have to “pay to play”, which means that if you don’t buy the upsells, you miss out on those commissions and someone else above you will get it…

Is it possible to make money with this system?

Well, yes absolutely! It is certainly possible to make money with this system. If you use their training and put the offer in front of people, you will certainly make sales and earn those commissions!

However, you have to factor in what amount of money you have to put in before you can actually make those sales and come up with a profit.

In order to get people in front of “the offer”, they suggest that you use solo ads to kind of take a “shortcut”. The reason I am saying this is that these programs tend to recommend that you get paid traffic to get your results quicker. But these “clicks” can get very expensive to drive traffic to your website (up to $0,50 per click). So you do have to factor these costs prior to consider if this is for you or not.

Yes, you can create a website and generate traffic to it for absolutely free using SEO (Search engine optimization), it is a possibility. However, you have to realize that if you start from scratch, it will take a lot of time, effort and a lot of hours of work to get a significant amount of people to your offer.

Either way, you will need people to get to your offer if you want to make some kind of profit!

Then you have to budget for at least $20/month for an email autoresponder like Aweber. Add the cost of domain names and hosting for a website(s). That is on top of the advertising costs (buying ads) that can easily be at least another $200/month.

So you see, you really have to be prepared in order to be able to profit from this system.


Now the question everyone wants an answer to. Is the Fearless Momma a scam?

Well, I will leave that one to your own you and your opinion.

I will give you my personal opinion, based on my research.

I see a few things here that make me kind of worried.

First of all, the way the system is set up. You have to “pay to play” so you cannot earn any high ticket commission if you don’t buy them. Plus you have to recruit people and they get to pay you directly. This is very comparable to a cash gifting scheme. MOBE was a company that had the same structure and they were shut down by the FTC.

And about the high ticket products. They are way overpriced in my opinion. You really don’t need to spend that kind of money to have a profitable online business.

and last, if you decide to get in, you are in for good because due to the nature of the system, there are NO REFUNDS!

The Fearless Momma - 10

Bottom line is, we can say that this system is not a scam. There are real people behind a real product. And the no refund policy is not a reason to call it a scam, it’s the way the system is structured. All I did here was to give you the facts based on what I have found during my research.

I do have my own reasons not to get in because there are risks involved. I will let you decide for yourself if this system is for you or not but I personally don’t recommend it.

How about a free method to start with?

What if I told you that you could start your own online business, right now and for FREE instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Does this sound too good to be true? In this case, it is VERY true!

This is not a scam or a Get-rich-quick method either!

It’s on the platform that I use to make money online and this is my invitation for you to check things out for yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Fearless Momma Review – Will you make $250 in 72 hrs?”

  1. Loved the review very detailed. It is a little nice to see something that is not actually a scam. However the pay to play products or promotions like Fearless Momma for myself at least are way to risky of an investment. Plus that fact that you mentioned Mobe already has me running away from it as fast as I can. Nice to know it isnt a scam but still seems a little shady. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate I know this to be a legit product as I am a member myself. Am curious though besides being an affiliate of WA do they offer e commerce training as well?

    • Hi Cathy,

      Yes, you will be able to find training on e-commerce on Wealthy Affiliate along with a whole lot more.  The best way to find out is to create your FREE account and check it out for yourself, and when you are there, I will be able to provide you with my personal support!

      I will see you on the inside!


  2. Dear Denis,

    Thanks for the thorough review on the “Fearless Momma”. Again it is another spammer in my opinion.

    There is no free lunch and any business take time to bear fruits. “Will make $250 in 72 hours” sounds interesting, but is not possible to reach in such a short time.

    I participated in such program several times and each time I ended up losing money. At certain stage, there are upsells. If you don’t buy and pay them, it is the end of your business.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a reliable program, which show you step by step to build online business.



    • Thank you, Anthony, for your input!  

      Yes, I agree that, although very tempting, making back your $250 in 72 hours is probably not impossible, but it is risky, especially if you are short on cash.

      Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, has a starter membership which is completely FREE, and you don’t have to give your credit card to get in!

  3. Great article! I appreciate your comprehensive review of Fearless Momma! There are so many scams out there, it’s great to have websites like yours guiding people in the right direction. What would you say the biggest sign of an online scam is? I have not fallen victim to any scams yet, I have come across the legitimate site you mention in your article, Wealthy Affiliate and I am very happy with my results so far.

    • I would say that a scam is mostly done by email (but there are websites too) and it’s asking for either a payment or a credit card number and then, they just get away with your hard-earned money without any ways to get it back.

      The systems I reviews are not scams per se, they tend to exaggerate their money making claims so that you get excited and buy it, but these offer a money back guarantee most of the time, so we cannot qualify them as scams. 

      As for Fearless Momma, well this one is different.  It’s an MLM and your payment of $250 (or whatever other levels you choose to get in) goes directly to your sponsor, so they do say that there is no refund because of the nature of this one.

      Hope this clarifies things for you.

  4. There are a number of products like Fearless Momma that start out relatively simple and do not require huge financial investments. Unfortunately what I see here is the up-sells are required to make the product successful. I am personally put off by any product requiring substantial up-sells as I want an all inclusive product that I know from the start that I am committing to. 

    I am a fan of WA as you are allowed to test the product before committing and there are no up-sells. In my mind, this product was the perfect fit and has not hit me with any nasty surprises.


    • I agree with you 100%.  $250 doesn’t seem that much, but to make substantial money, you will need to invest thousands, and it’s not really guaranteed that you’ll ever make it back.  These kind of MLM are really not my kind of thing either. 

      As far as Wealthy Affiliate, well like you said, you can really “kick the tires” before committing to anything and you get a bunch of free training and 2 free websites.  Nothing to lose and a thriving online business to gain!

      Thank you for stopping by and giving your opinion.  I really appreciate it!

  5. Hi Denis, certainly an interesting one.  Looks like one of those sites where the chance to make affiliate commissions may push you to becoming involved.  I do notice that the The perfect Big Ticket Funnel graphic that she has put on her website is a direct takeoff from Russel Brunson and click funnels (i don;t want to use the word stolen). Do they set this funnel up for you – or give you the tools  – so that you can sell your own big ticket items  and if so, I am guess you may need to pay for clickfunnels as well?


    • Hi Paul,

      I took that graphic from a Youtube Webinar that was available to anyone who wanted to watch.  I believe that they may have taken the graphic from ClickFunnels, but it was for their own purpose and show members how to sell the big ticket items (up to $5,000).  There are many ways to promote this system, and I guess someone could use ClickFunnel to create a sales funnel and sell this “system” but I did not see it as an obligation.

      Thnaks for the pertinent question my friend.  If you have any more, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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