Is Super Affiliate System a scam? or can you really make your first commission in 2 hours?

Hi, and welcome to my Super Affiliate System Pro Review (Updated January 2020)

You have ended up on this website for a reason:  To find out if the Super Affiliate System Pro is the real deal, right?

Let me start by saying that you are ahead of most people because you are doing your due diligence and checking things out BEFORE giving out your credit card number!

There are thousands and thousands of programs and systems on the Internet these days promising riches and fame, and this one seems to fit the description.

Is it really that good?

Can we trust what John Crestani is saying?

I watched the 2-and-a-half-hour webinar to find out what it is exactly.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in and find out what this system is all about.

Super Affiliate System / Internet Jetset 

I stumbled on this program while trying to find a way to create another passive income source for myself.

The Webinar starts with John Crestani arriving at his property in Malibu in his helicopter!

John Crestani Helicopter

Then he steps into his house where there are literally thousands upon thousands of dollars lying there on his table!

John Crestani Money

I guess the guy makes a valid point by showing real money, and by making that much, he deserves to flash it!

Who is he?

Super Affiliate System 5

At least, this is a big difference from the multitude of scams and very low-quality systems I have seen on Clickbank.

He is a real person, and his business is real!

His method of persuasion is also undeniably very attractive, and he uses tactics to sell his system that is quite similar to those who try to scam you out of your hard-earned money, so I had to check it out for myself.

If you have two and a half hours to spare, you can watch the webinar yourself right here:, but if you want a summary of what’s inside, please read on…

So, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to watch the Webinar.

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Internet Jetset SAS


Program Name: The Super Affiliate System PRO

However, the program also sells under “The Internet Jetset Online Program


Owner: Pendragon Labs LLC, 2017 – John Crestani

Price: A one-time charge of $997 or a payment plan of three monthly payments of $397

Rating: First of all, it’s LEGIT, and I give it a Thumbs up!  thumbs-up
Recommended: Yes (but with some warnings)

Is John Crestani’s program really worth the $997 investment or is it a rip-off?

Super Affiliate System 3

If you are like me, you have seen John Crestani’s advertising all over YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

He advertises his FREE LIVE TRAINING on how to make money online and live the laptop lifestyle.

Here is a short video I found on YouTube:  “An Invitation to Learn How to Built My Internet Business.”

Since I am an avid blogger, the laptop lifestyle is really my kind of thing.

I was very curious about what I could learn from his program, and I decided to take his webinar and see what I could find out for myself.

I was willing to go through the whole thing even though I had found a lot of mixed reviews about him and his system.

First off, let me say this:

John Crestani knows his stuff and gives valuable information in his webinar; I am not going to argue that fact.

He went from working at a cubicle all day to making over $5 million/year.  And he has no problem showing off his success, living life “On his own terms“!

But does he over-promise? Well yes!!

On the advertising page of the webinar itself, there is this claim: “How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online.

Hmmm, probably possible if you are a very advanced Affiliate Marketer and you have a TON of traffic to your website(s).

He is a very good salesman, I can also not argue that fact. He does make a lot of statements during his webinar that makes a lot of sense and is truthful.

He talks about how he struggled before he made it “to the other side.” From rags in 2011 to $5 million in revenues in 2016.

And he also shows some of his students that have also made it big. And it all looks very legit.

One thing that this guy said in the past and made me realize that he is the “real deal” is when I heard him say:

“The easiest thing I ever did was to make $1,000,000. The hardest thing I ever did is believe I could do it”.

This is so true for anyone who is aspiring to make it BIG with an online business!

So, let’s see what he had to say!

The webinar itself

Like I said earlier, he likes to flash his money, and the webinar starts out this way:

John Crestani 3 step blueprint

One thing that was really obvious to me is that he pretends that the webinar is live.

But it’s not, it’s a recording.

I won’t argue the fact that there may have been live people when they did the recording, but it’s obvious when someone signs up for the training, they can enter the webinar within minutes.

That point aside, he does show off that he makes a lot of money with affiliate marketing, and it is possible to make that much!

Some of his students went from rags to riches and are now making a lot of money:

John Cresatni students results

And how in just a few months, he made 1.5 million dollars in sales with a massive profit of $715,870.

That is impressive R.O.I., to say the least!!!

John Crestani results

Then, he tells a little about himself and how he tried the cubicle model of work and was very unhappy with his J.O.B. (Just overbroke) –  I did like that part! It is very true for the majority of people!

Then, the story goes that he read “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss and that was the trigger that got him to get into the Internet Business.

With his online business, he went from working in a cubicle to living on a ranch in Malibu within five years!  Not bad at all, I would say so myself!!!

The webinar itself is also composed of a live demonstration of his money-making method, his 3-step system, the seven biggest mistakes affiliates make, and how Tech companies are giving Free money to help you start.

With the live demo, John shows us that (while using Voluum and revcontent) he has a weight loss product that he advertises, and he loads up $500 in advertising money so that people can start seeing his ad (He doesn’t say where these ads are displayed), and 45 minutes later in the webinar, he had these figures:

Views:  10481 people

Clicks: 277

Conversions (sales): 25

Sales in $:  964

Spent (in 45 minutes): $157.22

Profit: $806.78

(I would show a screenshot, but the numbers were too tiny on the webinar)

So, not bad for 45 minutes!!!  Actually, at that rate no wonder he makes over $100K a week!

Remember that he has a ton of money to start with, though! And that is the downside to a newbie. 

You need a lot of money to make a lot of money with this method.

Getting back to the webinar, he then shows his 3-step method or the only three things you need to have a 6-figure marketing business.

Basically, it’s this:  Select a niche, use a marketing system (Facebook ads) to generate visitors (people), and create a Funnel or a presell page(Place) to convert visitors into sales or affiliate offers (product).

Super Affiliate system 6

To create those ads, he recommends using videos (videos are much more likely to get a “click” than any other kind of static image ad), and he recommends using Pond5, which is an excellent source for all kinds of videos to create your ad.  What I like about this is the fact that you don’t need any technical skills to get a professional-looking video, but it will cost you between $35 to $100 for each video you choose…

He does mention that you should only promote offers that people are buying like crazy!

He also shows that in order to make money using this method, you need to spend money on advertising.  Here is a screenshot that tells it all:

Super Affiliate system 7

After the three-step method, he tells what he calls the seven biggest mistakes that separate the “I’ve tried that” affiliates from the Super Affiliates.  They are:

– Not advertising Internationally

– Not using free money (By this, he means using offers from Google AdWords, Youtube Advertising and similar ad campaigns where you spend $100 and get another $100 of free advertising)

– Creating your own presell page (But he doesn’t tell you where to get those presell pages made if you don’t do them yourself)

– Doing any technical work (Again, he doesn’t say what tools to use, so my guess is you have to buy his system to find out what he uses)

– Not using a Swipe File (A collection of tested and proven advertising) to save time.  My guess is that these swipe files are included in his system.

– Not building a recurring revenue (He recommends finding an affiliate program that will pay you recurring revenue – I totally agree; this is what my website is based on!!!

– Not targeting the right audience – Again, he has a VERY valid point here.  If you don’t segment your audience to what they are looking for, you set yourself up for failure.

“You want to target people who are buyers; that’s the key!”  He said that there is a method where, if you already have a list of people who are buyers and you upload it to Facebook, they will find a lookalike audience of buyers, so you are actually letting AI algorithms target the ads for you.

Super Affiliate system 8

But how do you get that “list of buyers”?  His secret:  He asked for it!    Some people would not give him anything, while others did.

Pretty simple, I guess.

Here you can see a screenshot of an email he sent to “Chris” asking for leads for creating a lookalike audience:

Super Affiliate system 9

In Summary, you need an advertising budget to work his method:

Super Affiliate system 10

And this is, in fact, VERY true!

He also says that this is NOT a getting-rich-quick method, which is also very true for Affiliate Marketing in general.

He also has three conditions:

Super Affiliate system 11

This makes a lot of sense. If you want to replicate his success, you will need to follow his lead, right?

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Internet Jetset

So, what is the Super Affiliate System (rebranded from the Internet Jetset program)?

It has two components:

No. 1- Complete Affiliate training course

It’s a basic 6 weeks step-by-step Affiliate Marketing course.

Super Affiliate system 13

There is over 15 hours of video training which is divided into different modules.

The course will take you through all the required steps of building a successful affiliate marketing business.

Modules Include:

  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Choosing your Niche
  • Tools and Software to use in order to understand advanced copywriting
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Overcoming Failure
  • Copywriting techniques
  • Advertising
  • Scaling your campaigns

So as you can see, for someone just starting Affiliate Marketing, the course is pretty complete to get you started. It has been created with the newbie in mind!

You also get access to an Active community of like-minded people doing the same thing (The Jetset Crew).

The second part of the system is {Ready2Launch} Affiliate Campaigns

Super Affiliate system 14

You also have access to Swipe Files, Presell pages, Network referrals, and Weekly Workshops.

There’s also a private Facebook group (for members only) and weekly coaching sessions.

Inside the courses, there are quizzes and homework.

It is a step-by-step process that is explained in detail.

Anyone who takes this course seriously and applies John’s techniques should be able to make it happen, and if, in fact, you have a hard time getting results, John’s team will be there to help you.

Is it a scam?

From my analysis and from what I have seen in the webinar, this system is definitely NOT a scam.

It is legit and has value for the beginner and the advanced Affiliate Marketer alike.


However, I will be sincere here and this is my full disclaimer and honest personal opinion.

First of all, let me say this:

I am not a member of the Super Affiliate System.

I did not join because I already have a growing and successful online business that I started three and a half years ago, and it did not cost me $1,000 (Or I should say $997) to get started.

Actually, I started for free. (I will tell you more about this a little later)

I do appreciate the fact that the Super Affiliate System is legit and real, and if you follow John’s advice to the letter you will most probably succeed!

But you have to realize the following:

  • Is this system real, and can you make money with it? YES
  • Can anyone be successful with this system? YES
  • Is it affordable for everyone? NO!  And that is the downside of it all.

Pros and Cons


For both the beginner and the advanced affiliate marketer, the courses are well-made and easy to follow.

Legit and true system!  A lot of the Super Affiliate System members are very successful with it (There a numerous real testimonies on the webinar saying that they made it big).

He does mention the important part, that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, and anyone who has tried their hand at affiliate marketing know that it requires effort and work to be successful.

Pre-built templates for ads and landing pages

30-day money-back guarantee

John Crestani has really made well for himself and has been featured in magazines such as Forbes and Business Insider. He has experience, and he really knows his stuff.


Expensive – It’s not everyone that has a thousand bucks to buy the system

You need a hefty advertising budget of at least an additional $1,000 to $2,000 to follow through and successfully start making money just to get going.

Oversold –  Although his system does work, it is NOT the average amount of money a beginner can make doing Affiliate Marketing and is used to lure the beginner into the program.


Even though this is a very legit program, I am not convinced that it is the best way to start an Affiliate Marketing business.

Especially if you have a tight budget.

To follow this system and make any kind of money, you will need to invest a lot of money in your advertising budget in order to get any kind of traffic to your offers.

There are so many Internet Marketing systems out there today that are fake and low-quality that at least it’s refreshing to find a system that has quality and value in it.

The only downside is the money needed to start.  If you are on a tight budget, you will need to make a big decision and invest thousands of dollars in this system.  But if you do, you will probably make money a lot faster than the average affiliate marketer who relies solely on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), something I did not hear in the webinar.

At this point, I will let you decide if it’s for you or not.

I decided to pass on this one mostly because of the price of the system and the amount of money needed for advertising.

I did, however, join a platform over 4 years ago, and I have been a member since then I was able to scale my business without paid advertisement, and I am now successfully making money online.

It’s a great and cheaper way (It’s actually FREE) to get the step-by-step training you need to get your online business started and have your own Affiliate Marketing website.

What do I recommend?

The Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate

You can join this platform, which is more of a community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people, for FREE.

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And I will see you on the inside.

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Please feel free to leave your questions or comments below in the comment section, I will be very happy to reply.


12 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate System a scam? or can you really make your first commission in 2 hours?”

  1. I came across Internet Jetset when it first came out and John Crestani came across as a bit of a shady Guru from his presentation video of flash cars, firing a machine gun, taking a ride in a helicopter and generally living the high life in Las Vegas.

    But after I researched the guy more, he actually turned out to be the real deal. 🙂

    As for Internet Jetset, the webinar sounds like you can gain some value, but at the same time, seems a little hyped up.

    But I do like the fact that there’s plenty of training available with IJ and there are templates to use too.

    However, I’m not keen on paying the monthly fee (whether it’s $47 or $97) because it means there will be additional expenses outside of the platform for paid ads to get traffic.

    Personally, I think blogging is the best and most cost-effective way of getting started online.


    • Hi Neil, I do agree with you. Yeah, they are legit, but expensive! As far as the money to dish out every month I would rather be blogging too.  It is much more cost effective.

  2. Hello Denis. Thank you for bringing forth the information you have found out about the Super Affiliate. I have been receiving a ton of emails from them and was wondering. I have not yet opened one but I had a feeling it was a bad deal. Sounds like they are very untrustworthy if they can not even seem to get the prices right. I will be staying away. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Melissa,
      I am “grateful” that I could point you in the right direction. Even I thought that this program was worth looking into, but once I looked a little closer, I stayed away and was compelled to tell everybody about it. There are some good things in the program, but it is very much oversold, and there are many upsells. I would rather go for a program like Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to making money online. They provide a complete system.
      Thanks for your comment!
      I wish you success and wealth

  3. This is like a fairy tale and you rightly put the question “can you make your … in 2  hours?” Good questions, that you have put, and the answers came out of your mind was awesome. Thanks for your neutral review. It helps us find ways to judge any site for legitimacy, and not being a scam.

    Please, keep it up, If you can examine and review sites like this, many of us will be benefited with such an impartial review.

    I do appreciate your pains and time you had to invest for such a review… 

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article.  This system is real and has a lot of benefits, the only downside is the fact that to make it work you need to have a hefty advertising budget.

      If you want to start an online business I suggest you check out my recommendation.   Wealthy Affiliate will get you going in no time and you can start for free.

  4. Hi Denis! John Crestani and his program may seem a scam from the beginning because he literally sells the idea of becoming a millionaire. And most sites that do that are scams. But it turns out he is indeed a well known person in the affiliate marketing world. And if you pay attention to his videos, he indeed knows what he is saying.

    I personally believe there is value in Internet Jetset. I also know it’s hyped. And it’s definitely not affordable to many that want to get started online. I would not recommend Internet Jetset for anybody that is running on a tight budget.

    • That was exactly my point of view Henry!  You have really summarized my article in a few sentences. 

      Thanks for such a great comment!

  5. Thanks for a great review, Denis. My take away on John Crestani’s course is that there is a price point for every budget. Years ago, I took an advanced marketing course from Neil Patel. It cost $1,000 plus there was a $5,000 upsell (which I passed on).  Crestani certainly has the reputation of being a successful marketer. Too bad he did not get into how to get lots of traffic to see the offers. But the way I see it, regardless of how much a course costs, it doesn’t matter if a student does not take advantage of what is taught and apply it to their unique situation.

    • That is exactly true Glen, there is a price point for every budget.  And although John Crestani is very successful and knows his stuff, it’s not for everyone. Especially if you are on a tight budget.  Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, lets you start for free and gives you 2 free websites to get going.  I truly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to build an online business but does not have the means to pay right away…

  6. Man, get down to earth why you slander something that works. You tell me that a different schedule is better, what nonsense.

    I was in 28 programs and I know that John Craistani has a great program because thanks to that I earn over $ 100,000 a month where for five years I could not earn commissions.

    • Hello Denis,

      I would like to start by saying that IF you would have read my article entirely, you would never say that I have “slandered” John Crestani’s system.

      I will quote a few lines from my article here:

      “Legit and true system! A lot of the Super Affiliate System members are very successful with it (There a numerous real testimonies on the webinar saying that they made t big).”
      “John Crestani has really made well for himself and has been featured in magazines such as Forbes and Business Insider. He has experience and he really knows his stuff.”
      “There are so many Internet Marketing systems out there today that are fake and low-quality that at least it’s refreshing to find a system that has quality and value in it.”

      If this is what you call slander, well you should really look up the definition of slander in the dictionary.

      The only thing I said about the system was that it’s not for everyone.
      It’s expensive for someone who’s just starting unless you have $1,000 to spare. That is the only downside I had to say about it!

      And you allegedly earning $100,000 in a month is just another proof that John Crestani’s system works if you have the means to put in the needed funds to scale your business.

      You also say that you were in 28 different programs before and never made any money… That tells me that you are aware that there are a lot of crappy systems out there and I am one to know this also.

      My “different schedule” as you say is “another choice”. I’m saying that this method will not cost you $1,000 and more to start.

      And that Wealthy Affiliate is also legit!

      Thousands of members (including myself) are doing great things online with the training, website hosting and expert help provided at a much lower cost.

      You can actually start for free and scale it from there and I give my readers a chance to look it up. That’s it!

      I wish you continued success with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.


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