5 minute profit site [review] – Can you really make $3,406.73 in 6 days?

Being in affiliate marketing and always searching and learning new things everyday, one of my methods is I subscribe to all kinds of mailing lists!  I mean I get tons of emails everyday.  I browse through them and when one catches my attention, I stop and click. Well, this morning I was “browsing” through my emails like I usually do and this one caught my attention, so I opened it.  Here it is:

SUBJECT: $6.8 Billion In 2 Years


Did you know that BY 2020 the Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to be worth $6.8 BILLION a YEAR in the US alone?

Industry-leaders like ClickBank PAY OUT MILLIONS EVERY YEAR to their Affiliates.

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When those people buy you get paid commission. It’s that simple!

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OK so you might think that making an income from Affiliate Marketing is easy.

Maybe you could become a millionaire within a month? Yeah right!

Anyone who promises you that is a shameless scammer. I know what it feels like to FAIL.

I know how much it hurts. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

To make consistent, daily income from Affiliate Marketing….you need the right tools.

And you need the secret shortcuts.

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So of course, they caught my attention.  I am a member of ClickBank, and I am into Affiliate Marketing and know very well what it takes to make it in this industry.  However, what is this “SECRET SHORTCUT” I wondered. So, what do you think, I clicked on the link and was brought to their sales page!

Here is my analysis




Program Name: 5 Minute profit site

Website: http://fiveminuteprofitsites.net

Owner: Unknown, the person talking in the video is supposedly a “Sam Smith” and she says that she is “the spokesperson” for the program.

Price: $37 with multiple upsells! – There are 4 different upsells in their program for a total worth $618.


The first thing I noticed from this sales page is that, if you move your mouse by the top, as if you are going to leave the webpage, a popup comes on and they say that this program is in a BETA testing phase and that only a limited number of licenses are being given away for free.

Then, they give you a choice of watching the video or reading the transcript.

That was a first for me. Usually, we don’t get a choice of reading the transcript.

I decided to watch the video first anyway and see what this “SECRET SHORTCUT” was.

Within the first minutes of the video, I was already convinced that this is another one of “those” programs that promise the world in “under 5 minutes and 17 clicks”!

They claim that it’s a point and click software app! And that everything is Free? Let’s see how true that is!

How does 5 minute profit site really works?

The spokesperson says that beginners wanting to make money with affiliate marketing faces three challenges:

  • Build a website
  • Find affiliate products
  • Get people to buy the products

They claim/pretend that their software has everything built-in and that they have found a secret algorithm that can do all that for you in 5 minutes and 17 clicks and you will be making a lot of money.

Ok, I am getting VERY skeptic about this one.

It looks like all the other programs I reviewed before like Profit with Alex and the AZ code.  They are just taking a different angle… Actually, if you look at the product image from Profit with Alex, and compare it with this one, they are very similar…

The sales video is really hyped-up and full of false pretenses of making boatloads of money in a week, even thousands in a day!  I’m not saying this is impossible, but with 5 minutes and 17 clicks?  And they talk about a 12.3 million loophole…Huh? What loophole? This is also completely made up and is just put in the video to create a bigger hype.

I know for a fact that these figures are probably realizable, but not with an “all-done-for-you” software and in 5 minutes!!! Come on!!

OK, to start they give you a “free” website and they host it on their servers, and for this reason, they say they must charge a premium for that hosting, which is ok. But wait, that means it’s NOT free then!

What you will be provided is a “landing page”, but where is your traffic is going to come from?  If no one sees your page, how are your going to get people to click on your links and buy your affiliate products, and make $3,405 in 6 days?

It took me many years of trial and errors before I could turn out a profit with a website, so believe me when I say that you cannot make thousands of dollars in a week with a brand-new website. It is basically impossible to make money from a website or a landing page build in “5 minutes and 17 clicks”!

Then the video is very quick about saying that you need to subscribe to an e-mail autoresponder.  What they don’t say is that a service like Aweber that they recommend is not free.  This is a subscription service.  Aweber is one of the top email autoresponders out there, but without any traffic to your website, how are you going to get people to sign up to your email list?

My advice, in this case, would be to build your business first, and then subscribe to a paid service like Aweber, and not the other way around!

But first things first, you need traffic to your website, and unless you purchase some upsell product/program for an additional hundred dollars ($97 to be precise), the 5-minute profit site does not provide much for a beginner to learn the basic of getting traffic.

As a matter of fact, if you think about it, how can a product costing $37 be delivering any quality?

They do mention a step-by-step method that could drive traffic to your website, but they don’t say what method.

By seeing all of this, I decided NOT to buy, even just for the purpose of doing a review.  I saw enough red flags in the sales video to realize that it is not the kind of program I would invest in.



Being a product sold through ClickBank, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee

You do get a “website”

The initial price of $37 is relatively low, but what do you get for it?  The front-end software that is it!  There are multiple upsells once inside.


Way too much hype for what it really is

No control over your website – If the company that has your website on their servers folds up tomorrow, you are out of business

Fake or exaggerated income claims – I cannot believe that you can start a website in 5 minutes and be making thousands in the next few days, not for a beginner anyway!

Is it a SCAM?

Like I indicated earlier, I did not purchase this program, and therefore I will express a personal opinion here.  This program has a lot in common with other scam products, like fake income claim and “get a boatload of money in a couple of days with a website that was done in 5minutes“.  However since you do get a website and probably some other related stuff, I wouldn’t call this one a scam.

It is, however, a very low-quality product, and don’t expect to make any of the promised money they claim you can make in a few days.


My verdict is:

I don’t recommend it

What I dislike about these kinds of program, is that people get all excited, buy in the program and then when they realize that they have been had, they think that affiliate marketing is what they just experienced.

Well, it’s NOT!  It’s these kinds of program that give affiliate marketing a bad reputation!


If you are still here and read all the way through my review, then you are ready for something different!

I do have a solution for you.

However, this method is NOT a get-rich-quick method, but it’s a proven honest method.

Anyone who has the will to make it work, will eventually really make it with this method.  I am the living proof.  I have been using this method and I can say that it does work!

If you want to start your own Online Business and you are ready to put in the necessary effort to make it work, there is a platform that does just that.

The best thing is:


Yes,  it’s FREE for as long as you want! NO credit card, NO commitment NO hyped-up stories!

They will also provide two (2) free websites and the training you need to get your online business ready to take on the Affiliate Marketing world.

It is my No. 1 recommendation. It’s called:


6 thoughts on “5 minute profit site [review] – Can you really make $3,406.73 in 6 days?”

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for chiming in. I don’t believe in a done-for-you in 5 minutes kind of thing. It simply doesn’t make sense. Affiliate marketing is a real business. You have to be at the helm and navigate in order to succeed.

      These kinds of programs (there are a lot of them out there) are all based on prying on people’s emotions and lure them in, and then upsell them to something “bigger and better”. But the reality is that most of the time, they are low quality like this one is.

      Thanks for your input!

      I wish you success!

  1. Man this claim is ridiculous and I also have a bad history with the companies which say that you will earn a huge amount of money in a short period of time. So whenever I hear such claims I just stay away. However I wonder how long it takes to build a legit online business.

    • Hey Furkan,

      Affiliate Marketing is a very legit way of making money online, however, what this program is claiming is way out of the normal time frame.  The claim that you can make over $3,000 in less than a week “within 5 minutes and 17 click” is completely ridiculous!  It is simply NOT the reality.  So it’s a good thing that you did stay away, because you would be just wasting your money!

      To answer your question honestly, I would have to add some variables like how much time and effort are you willing to put in?  An online business is the same as a brick and mortar business.  It will not grow by itself, you have to be willing to work at it to make it profitable.

      There are a ton of “get-rich-quick” schemes on the Internet, and everyday, people get caught in their web of lies, so we have to be vigilant in choosing the right program/platform!

      I would suggest that you sign up for free here, at Wealthy Affiliate, this is where I learned everything I needed to start and grow my online business.  I strongly suggest that you start the FREE courses right away and see how fast you can grow your online business there!

      Oh, and by the way, bu signing up for FREE, you also get 2 FREE websites, that can be yours forever, without paying a dime!  Now that is more of a deal isn’t it? 

      Thank you for your comment, and hopefully I will see you inside the wonderful community of Wealthy Affiliate!

      To your success!


  2. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is right?
    In my search for information, there seems to be a lot of these types of schemes around.
    I can see how easy it would be to fall into one of these traps, maybe they set the price lower to increase sign up rate?

    • Hey Vaughn,

      Sorry for my late reply!  I agree, when it’s too good to be true, it usually is…  Their price is set up to get you in the door, then as soon as you are in there are up sells and down sells galore!  That is why it’s cheap to get in! 

      These very low quality program are only there for one thing:  Make a quick buck on the inexperienced!  Period.

      Once you’re in you can quickly figure that what you have bought is nothing more than a hyped up product, and that anyone could find the information on the internet for free most of the time.

      Thanks for chiming in my friend.  I wish you the best!



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