AD Formula Review – Can you really earn up to $3,000 per day?

Hi there, if you are here reading my article today, it’s probably because you received the same invitation by email that I received.

This “Ad Formula” supposedly has the shortcut for making $3,000 or more per day.

The minute I got the email and saw the title, I knew I had to check this system from top to bottom!

The title itself is very appealing and can make someone dream…

Imagine, $3,000 per day that would make over $1 million in a year!

Of course, being in affiliate marketing myself, I decided to click on the link within the email and take a look at this system and see what it’s all about.

These systems that advertise hyped-up money claims are 99 times out of 100 too good to be true! If you are sick and tired of scams, schemes, and very low-quality systems, and instead, you would really like to finally find a real method to make money online without all the hype and fake claims, then I invite you to check my method of making money online while I sleep.

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My Analysis

Name: AD Formula


Owner: “Jack Heaton” – He doesn’t exist; you will see in my article that he is not real, at least he’s not the owner of this product!

Price: “Free” (Not Really)- I’ll reveal more inside this review!

I have reviewed hundreds of these “Make Money Online” systems and products.

They always have a spectacular claim that will make you rich overnight, but they hardly ever deliver on their promises.

The first thing I noticed before even pressing play on the sales video for this system is that they ask for your full name and phone number.

Whaaaat??? Really, my phone number??? That doesn’t start well! Why would I give my full name and phone number?

What purpose does this have to do with buying a digital product? If you have any experience with spam, well, let me tell you that by giving them your phone number, you will be bombarded with all kinds of scams, spam texts, and phone calls!

AD Formula 1

Anyway, the sales video starts out with a bunch of “News snippets” to try to give this system some credibility.

They try to make believe that these are “News endorsements” for their product.

In reality, they are all generic news clips talking about “working from home” opportunities in general terms!!

They are NOT talking about this “system”!

This is just a trick to make believe that their system is on the “news”.

AD Formula 2

And of course, you were chosen exclusively to see this secret video that only a few people are allowed to see. Yeah Right!

If you check the website next week and even next month or next year, the same story will be there!

AD Formula 3

Then they go on and show all these money claims about how members of their system are making boatloads of money.

One particular statement got me very curious; he (the narrator) says that he is not selling anything:

AD Formula 4

That was kind of surprising. But hey, it’s all about giving you confidence in their system.

Anyhow, he then introduces himself and his wife, and he shows a picture of his wife

AD Formula 5

Here is “Jennifer” on the image site

AD Formula 6

Oh, and the “owner” Jack Heaton, well I found him on Shutterstock:

So there you go, we have a nice “FAKE” couple promoting their product/system.

And then he goes on showing off a big mansion that he claims he lives in, his wife’s Bentley, while he drives the Rolls Royce you see in the opening picture of the sales video.

All of this, from being flat broke to having all of these assets in less than a year!

Hmmm, sounds like we have a lot of hype here, doesn’t it?

I found all of these “assets” that he said he owned, and they are all stock photos, but did not post it here, but I think you get the “picture” by now.

He (the narrator) says at one point in the video that you can make up to $10,000 per day with this system and only has to work a few hours a week.

This is complete hype! It may be possible to make a million-dollar online, but it will take more than a supposed shortcut to do so!

They are trying to insult your intelligence and making you believe all kinds of crap!

OK, so I went and finished watching the video which finally gives us a clue, from all the long-winded and boring talk, that what we are getting into is banner advertising

He says that banner ads are very different from traditional advertising because they are targeted, well that much is true.

He also explains that whoever owns the banner ads makes the commission when someone clicks on it.

If you know about Google Adsense, well it’s pretty much the same here.

However, he says that these commissions can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That would mean that your website has a huge amount of high converting traffic.

Then, of course, there is the “usual sad story” (like most of these hyped-up sales video) and how he turned things around with this AD Formula.

He goes on saying that he had some beta testers and that some of them wanted to give out their testimony

To give you more examples of complete lies, false promises, and fake testimonies, look at what I found when I took a closer look at his “testimonials” from the sales video:

AD Formula 9

She just claimed that she made $588 in 10 minutes using “Jack’s system”

AD Formula 8

Now he made even more in 10 minutes of joining the system, talk about making a quick buck! $860 in 10 minutes!

What gets me is that the narrator from the video says that this system is not a scammy one like the ones “with useless scripts that no longer work”, and he goes on saying that all they want is get your hard-earned money, while they get richer behind the scenes.

AD formula 7

Well, I got news for you, this system is the same old crap and lies that I expose every day, and is exactly what they have just described in their own sales video!

If you have had enough already and are ready to change your life in a positive way, then click on the link below:

This is my no. 1 recommendation!

What is the AD Formula, you ask?

OK! By now, I had seen enough B.S. from the sales video and decided it was time to check what the heck is the AD Formula system.

Well, after filling in my information and getting in the member area, I got redirected to another website.

I realized right away that the AD Formula is nothing more than an affiliate pre-sale page and a sales funnel to the actual product they want you to purchase, which is Click2Sell.

Whoever is behind the Ad Formula is just trying to get affiliate commissions when someone buys into Click2Sell.

There is NO system, and there is NO AD Formula!

No wonder it’s free; there is nothing to purchase from AD Formula!  IT SIMPLY DOESN’T EXISTS!

So, I decided to see what exactly Ckick2Sell is.

When I first got into the member’s area, it was confusing, to say the least.

I managed to find a PDF guide, but it wasn’t much help except to learn how to navigate the system.

When you open up the member’s area, this is what you get:

AD Formula 10

I can tell you right now it’s not very transparent on how it works, and you have to figure out everything pretty much by yourself.

But what it seems to be is you buy ad advertising from these “sites,” and then you are supposed to earn a commission when people click on your ads.

But there is no information whatsoever on which website your banner ads will appear.

From what I understand, you create and manage banner ads with their system, and the bottom line is that you have to spend money to make money in these kinds of ventures.

In order to be able to buy ads, you have to go to the marketplace and buy some “packages” first.

Then, you would choose from the marketplace what kind of site you would like your banner ads to appear.

These are the categories you can choose from:

AD Formula 13

I decided to choose baseball in the sports section, and these are the choices I got:

AD Formula 11

As you can see here, the prices are very steep, to say the least, the cheapest being a $500 package for 2500 impressions!

It works out to $0.20 per impression, NOT a CPC (cost per click)!! This means every time someone “sees” your ad, you get charged $0.20!

That is very expensive!

And who knows, they might be using bots to drive traffic to your ads, and you would not even get a sale!

On top of that, you don’t even know where the heck are these banner ads are going to appear.

I click on a preview of what I would be purchasing, and this is what they show you:

AD Formula 14

Can you imagine!! What the heck is this anyway?? Are they really selling this to people???

OK, now let’s “assume” you are ready to jump in and try this system; you will have to fund your campaign, right?

Well, here are the prices of their packages:

AD Formula 12

So you can buy a $200 package, which is the cheapest you can get, but you won’t be able to do much with it.

The cheapest package of impressions I found in all of the “marketplace” was $250.

So you are stuck to either buy another package or dish out a lot more money for the Silver at $1,000 up to $25K for the Diamond!

What is even worse is that you have no control over who sees your ads, so you can lose your money fast without having anyone click on any of those ads!

I don’t know about you, but unless you have some money to throw away, I would stay real far from this one!

I will also show you a little piece of evidence that most people don’t bother going to and reading.

Here is their “U.S. Government Required Liability Disclaimer”:

AD Formula 15

Well, at least we can see that they are obligated to tell you that you will most likely lose your money and that the only people making money with this are the ones who sell the “system.”

It became obviously clear why the “AD formula” was free by the time I was done!

These are ridiculously high amounts of money they are charging.

There is also the fact that you are using a system that is based on “general categories” and putting out a “very generic ads” to a “general audience.”

Nothing is targeted, so your chances of success are very slim to none!


At this point, I usually put up a Pros and cons list, but with this system, I cant find any Pros! There are NONE!

And all the Cons and red flags have been enumerated in my article already.

There are also all the outrageous money claims from the “Sales funnel – AD Formula.”

I can honestly say that unless you want to risk money and that you can afford to lose some, I definitely DON’T RECOMMEND this system.

I give it a 0 out of 10 and a BIG Thumbs Down!

Thumbs Down

Now, the question on everyone’s mind:

Is this a scam? It’s really hard to say 100% that it is a scam, but it has all the right elements to be one.

So if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s usually a duck!

In this case, I will let you decide!

In my honest opinion, if you put money into this, you set yourself up to lose whatever you decide to purchase. That’s the harsh reality!

I do have a different approach for you!

If you want to make money online, I will have to be honest here and say that any system that promises riches for a few minutes of work per day is making it sound too good to be true, and as I said before, 99% of the time, it will be too good to be true. You will most likely end up frustrated because you will have lost money and have not made a penny!

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10 thoughts on “AD Formula Review – Can you really earn up to $3,000 per day?”

  1. Hi Denis. thanks for this expository insight into these so-called gurus deceptive traps. You are indeed a friend. You are a marksman. You shoot from the hip. You have hit the target. We at WA sure appreciate you and the fantastic work you are doing to shield us from the ravenous beasts.

    As a new kid on the block, I got involved in something almost like that. But seeing your expertise, it would be quite appreciative if you check it out as well. MotorClub Of
    I look forward to your reply.

  2. Hi Thank you for exposing yet another disgraceful site promoting their evil scams to screw people out their hard earned cash.  I really don’t know how these people sleep at night. But as long as you and others are doing good quality reviews in them hopefully some people will be spared the disappointment. Thanks, Kenny

    • Hello Kenny,

      Yeah this system is really up to no good, and that is one of my main reason to expose them so that people that do some research before buying these fake systems.

      Thank you for commenting on my article!

      I wish you a lot of success!


  3. This is absolutely right!… I’ve had enough of all the scams ,and unfortunately I have wasted a couple hundred dollars paying for those kind of sites, and believe me when I tell you, the Wealthy Affiliate link that was posted in this blog is totally legit .

    I am currently a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community,and I can say I am very lucky to have found this … 

    Are there any other ways to distinguish between the real and fake sites?

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately, the only way to differentiate a fake system from a real is experience, and trial and error.  That is why these systems rely on the innocence of the newbies and they pry on their emotions to get them in.  This is why I try and expose as much fake systems as I can!

      You did the right thing by joining Wealthy Affiliate!

      I wish you success!


  4. Thank you for this Denis! There are so many “get rich quick” schemes out there and it is important to expose them as they are so that others wont fall into the trap. The internet is full of things that are not real and you are doing a great service by writing this article. I believe people want something that others work hard for and that is not how things are done. It takes time and effort to truly make money online and it is not going to happen overnight. Thank you!


    • Hi Niko!

      Thank you for your kind words!  That is what I try and do, expose those fake systems so that people can take a  decision based on the real facts before buying them. 

      You are so right about people wanting everything right away, but unfortunately it’s not the way it works. It does take time an effort like anything else in this life.

      I wish you a lot of success!


  5. Hi Denis! At first I need to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your blog about Ad formula. Your discovering the truth about `super easy way to get rich` made me laugh a few times 🙂 I completely agree with you, WA is the option for online business, not so fast but reliable. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Luke,

      I am so grateful that you have found Wealthy Affiliate.  I agree with the fact that it is not a “get rich quick method”, but at least it is a real method with real results.  These fake systems need to be exposed for what they really are!

      I wish you a lot of success with your online business!



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