How to make money online without an investment

So you want to earn money online?

Do you want to be wealthy and live the “laptop lifestyle?”

Did you know that writing a “blog” and monetizing it with “Affiliate Marketing” is just like having your very own brick and mortar business?

And, in time, it will provide you with the means of making very good money online!

First, let me start by being very honest:

No one can make money online with a blog without hard work and dedication.

Money cannot be made easily online, period!

If you find a product, service, or some kind of program that says otherwise, and it sounds “too good to be true”, well, it usually is!

There are a lot of scams, schemes, and very low-quality programs out there, don’t let yourself be another victim of their tactics.  All they want is your credit card number and run!  I have written reviews on these kinds of programs and you can find them on my website in the section “Reviews”.

I should emphasize the fact that not all programs are the same, and we should not think that everything on the Internet is a scam.  However, there are a lot of them that take advantage of the inexperienced person, and lure them into buying programs that are not worth anything.

If you have been a victim in the past or if investing any kind of money to have your online presence as an affiliate marketer with a website is not an option, I do have a solution for you.

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OK, let me tell you how to get started.

There are two good options for you to start or to improve your chances to make money online with a blog.

But like I already said, you must first put in the work. This must be your priority, you have to commit yourself and never quit!

Once you start using these two easy options you should get a large number of ideas and suddenly, content writing is not that hard anymore.  You will be able to keep writing about your subjects for a long time, probably without running out of ideas.

So, what are these 2 options you ask?

1) Problem-solving

The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of product or service you will offer.  This is called a niche.

It usually is something that interests you, something you have a passion for and you are good at.  Or it could be something you want to learn and are willing to research it thoroughly.

Every niche out there has some kind of problem that needs an answer.  People will search for an answer to a question they have, and usually online through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This is where you come in.  When you know your niche well, you know what kind of problem-solving article you can write.  You can share your personal experiences, and by doing this you should be able to figure out what your target audience is looking for.  You must aim at your target audience and think like them and offer them a solution to their problem.

Instead of giving your advice away for free or keeping it bottled up in your head or even worst, trading your time for money, there are millions of people out there looking for an answer to their specific problem.  When you chose your niche make sure it’s a subject that usually needs a solution to a problem related to your chosen niche and that people are ready to pay whatever it takes to overcome their problem and change their life.

By offering a solution to their query, you will attract the right kind of people to your site (with the help of search engines and relevant content that you provide) and by this time they are ready to solve their problem. While looking for an answer, you get them to take action and voila, you just made an affiliate sale.

2)Product Reviews

 Writing a product review is one of the most common ways affiliate marketers promote products online.  If you review a product that is related to your niche, you will get an audience that is ready to take action.

A good, honest product review that is compelling and informative, will provide value to your audience.  The more you do a good job here and the more you will become an authority in your niche.  Don’t try to be too much of a salesman or disorganized.

Simply provide value to your readers and audience.  Your product review should address how well the product or program or whatever you are reviewing works.  This is where your research is important, the more research you do into a particular product (or niche), the more authoritative your review will sound.  In essence, you want to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Now, let’s say that you have used the problem-solving option, and you think that it’s a popular subject.  Is it a popular subject for people to search for it on Google? Same applies to product reviews, even if you have found 100’s of products to review, are they something that your audience is interested in?

The point I want to emphasize here is “Keyword research” I will not get into the specifics of keywords research here too much.  I wrote a blog all about keywords in this post here.

However, I will mention this: good keywords or keyword phrases will get your audience to find you.

Once you have found a keyword or keyword phrase that has potential and is popular enough for people to search for it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your audience will find you.

It’s just a matter of time (and strategy) before your blog ranks with the search engines and you end up on the first page of the SERP (Search engine result page).  Once you are on the first page of the search engines, traffic starts flowing on your website and you start making money!  It’s really that simple.

I personally use Jaaxy for my keyword research, which is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  I would not dare write a post to solve someone’s problem or do a product review without first doing my keyword search through Jaaxy.

With both options, we want to make certain that the blog post or the product review is something worthwhile and is a topic that is popular in order to maximize your effort.

You basically want to help your audience by directing them to your solution.  Remember, you are a reviewer and a blog writer, and you want to help your audience with their problems, you’re not a salesperson.

To get back to our original idea “to make money online without an investment”, this is where I suggest you start.

If you don’t have a website yet, and you are looking to start your online business, but have no spare money to invest in this new venture, you can join a community of over 1 million members, that, just like you have a dream of making decent, honest money online.

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In conclusion:

You will need to find your way up the ladder in order to make money online.

But it is POSSIBLE – I did it working at it part-time only!

By following the strategies supplied and by joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will get the training, support, and web hosting to get you started on your online business.

Best of all you won’t have to dish out any investment! 

This is NOT some big fancy programs that promise you the moon.

You will have to put in the work and effort, but it will pay off in the end if you do!

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6 thoughts on “How to make money online without an investment”

  1. My wife and I are recently retired and were looking into various online affiliate opportunities. The search was easier reading articles like this one on the Grateful Affiliate. We ended up at Wealthy Affiliate and have been very happy with the platform, themes, training, and support from the community which helps keep us motivated.
    Wishing you all the best! Jim

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m glad that you found Wealthy affiliate and it has lived up to its name.  We both are very happy with it!  

      To your success!



  2. Great way to categorize two awesome ways to make money with your blog without having to invest money.

    I’m always looking for new things to write about and often get stumped thinking I have no more ideas to write on my blog. But when put in those two easy ideas of problem solving and product reviews, that just opened up a whole new list of posts i’ve got lined up to write!

    I’d have to say I agree with you that putting some added work in your blog by writing consistent posts is one of the best ways to make money online without having to invest money. Essentially using your knowledge and monetizing it by sharing it online with others.

    Very informative, thanks!

    • Hi Cameron,

      I’m happy and “grateful” that you have found my post informative and inspired you to create more content.  At Wealthy Affiliate, they really emphasize the fact that tons of quality content on your website will eventually pay off and you will show the search engines you MEAN business, and they will reward you by ranking your posts.  I truly believe this and I have proven it in the past.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  3. Keywords makes a good website and a good website attracts more people and therefore more sales.
    The good thing is that with this platform ”Wealthy Affiliate” mentioned here, it provides great training about these keywords and also gives you the Jaaxy research tool for free to use in finding these keywords…simply amazing!

    • Hi Akwi,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a “one stop shop” when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.  Keywords are an important part of it, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg!  It is amazing how much information can be found.  Just by using the search bar, someone can find almost anything related to website building, affiliate marketing and much more.

      I am “grateful” that you have found my article of some help to you!




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