Unveiled: The Shocking Truth Behind Infinity Processing System in 2024 – Scam or Lifesaver?

Infinity Processing System Front page

Today, I’m gonna talk about Adriana Villegas’ online program and see if it’s really worth your cash and time.

Chances are, you’ve probably looked online for ways to make some money at this point. If you have, you might’ve come across Adriana Villegas’ eCommerce program, the Infinity Processing System.

But before I dive into reviewing it, just so you know, I’m not connected to Infinity Processing System. I’m not promoting them or anything. I’m just giving you my honest take on whether this program is a good use of your time and money.

Alright, let’s get into my review of the Infinity Processing System…

Who owns Infinity Processing System?

Infinity Processing System is a program offered by an eCommerce site called Limitless Freedom that was founded and is currently owned by Adriana Villegas.

Infinity Processing System Adriana Villega

She is an online entrepreneur and social media influencer that made a fortune through digital marketing. And her niche appears to be more focused on marketing through YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information about her online. But when you Google her name, you would find that she had somehow gained a bad reputation when she ventured into other online marketing systems like—

  • Newbies on Fire
  • Email Processing System 1 and 2.0

As time passed, and with her experience in the industry, she built her own online business.

Her primary website’s language is Spanish, so it is impossible to comprehend what she offers precisely if you don’t know the language.

This may be the case—you can somehow conclude from its descriptions that she runs several eCommerce programs besides Infinity Processing System.

Infinity Processing System Other Systems

Also, just by referring to the primary structure of the website, it becomes clear that they run several affiliates through funnels.

There is nothing wrong with using funnels. I believe that they are a great way to earn income online and grow your business, but my issue is when it is used to mislead someone.

What is Infinity Processing System?

Infinity Processing System promotes income opportunities online through affiliate marketing. The program concentrates on marketing the products through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Infinity Processing System Website

At first sight, I thought the program was created by a guy named Andrew Bingmon since his photo is on the front page.

Infinity Processing System Andrew Bingmon

But I immediately realized this was not the case because I found another person named Lionel Johnson using the same contents and under the same website.

Infinity Processing System Lionel Johnson

It appears that the system is a copy-paste affiliate marketing where everything is set up and done for you, and what is left for you to do is promote them.

Referring to their Facebook accounts, I believe that they are real individuals. But as I visited their accounts, I found that they are also affiliates of other programs called Multiple Income Funnel and Daily Cash Secrets.

By the way, I reviewed the Multiple Income Funnel system a few days ago, and you can check it out here.

Also, it is to be noted that other than the founder’s name, no other essential business information was shared. But according to their domain age, the website was founded on March 15, 2017.

Also, based on their IP address, it appears they are located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Infinity Processing System IP adress

However, they are using a VPN which makes me a little suspicious about whether it is indeed their place of business.

If you’re unfamiliar with a VPN, it stands for Virtual Private Network. Its primary purpose is to provide online privacy and protect your identity as you surf the web.

Using a VPN makes perfect sense if you’re a private individual. However, I find it very suspicious if it’s a business because they provide goods or services to customers.

With the company cloaking basic information, does it mean that the program is just another scam?

Let’s continue with my Infinity Processing System review and find out more…

How does Infinity Processing System work?

As mentioned, the program is supposed to help you earn income through affiliate marketing.

This type of eCommerce works by promoting a product or service offered by the brand you are affiliated with. And then you earn commissions any time someone uses your personalized link to purchase them.

Under Infinity Processing System, you’re business mainly concentrates on social media platforms. Some of their recommended applications include Snap Chat, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

It is stated that the contents are pre-written, meaning you will only have to post them. And when someone clicks the personalized link, they will be redirected to the members’ website that is pre-made.

The program also includes creating a winner’s mindset. But it essentially involves marketing on social media and other platforms like Craigslist!

She will motivate you in some way how to succeed in your business goals. Still, you can ultimately obtain the inspiration you need in much cheaper alternatives like a book, audiobook, or inspirational videos online.

As mentioned, the contents are already prepared for you, meaning you’re not essentially learning affiliate marketing.

I hate DFY (done-for-you) systems because everyone who buys the system will get the same duplicate content, meaning that what you post to create your business and earn money will also be posted by everyone who bought the same system.

You also must remember that social media platforms and search engines like Facebook and Google have some enhanced restrictions on the duplication of content. They mark it as spam and a potential risk to their users.

If you’re looking for legitimate affiliate marketing that can teach you how it’s correctly done, check out my best work-at-home recommendation!

The best method

Is Infinity Processing System a scam? Here are some red flags

The program is all hype

Infinity Processing System mentions that they are not a get-quick-rich scheme, but it is stated that they guarantee you to earn the following—

Infinity Processing System Hype

This is not how affiliate marketing truly works.

You have to realize that no specific amount is guaranteed in affiliate marketing. It may increase significantly one day and then massively drop the next day.

Earning a high and stable income in affiliate marketing is possible, but it may not happen as quickly as someone might have expected or as it’s told here.

Also, you may notice the “As Seen On Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, and INC” in front of their sales page. However, notice that it didn’t say the brand name. Instead, the term affiliate marketing is located in the uppermost center of the description.

Infinity Processing System As seen on

Putting the phrase “As Seen On” on your sales page doesn’t make your program legitimate. It makes you more scammy and spammy because it appears that you’re desperate to make sales. Thus, you put misleading statements to lure people into biting your bait.

If the person isn’t paying attention, such action may mislead someone to believe that the program was indeed featured in the said media agencies.

Fake Scarcity

The countdown timer on their sales page seems to be there for no reason. But this is a perfect example of how Infinity Processing System marketers utilize the element of scarcity.

As soon as the countdown timer hits zero, it goes back to 10 minutes after refreshing the page or pressing F5.

Infinity Processing System Fake scarcity

Even if it’s there for no reason, it gives you a sense that you would miss something out if you don’t avail of the program.

No refund policy

You must think things through before providing them with your bank account or credit card number and hit pay because they impose a no-refund policy.

Also, it is a huge red flag because if you are confident your program will bring change in a person financially, then I believe there is no reason for you not to guarantee your student’s refunds if they are not satisfied with your program.

Is it a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?

If you look closely, Infinity Processing System appears to be more of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme than an affiliate marketing system the way it’s set up.


Take a look at these examples—

Infinity Processing System Ponzi

Those statements in colour indicate that if you pay this amount, you are guaranteed this amount of income! Despite this, they still dare to tell you that they make no guarantees on their earning disclaimer.

They hype you with how much potential income you can earn, but what they’re selling is a promise of guaranteed returns.

After payment, you get the programs’ pre-made content, some mindset techniques, and a few social media marketing strategies.

And because you’re receiving pre-written content, they are made under conditions that would benefit the company.

Again, this is not how it works because affiliate marketing allows you to market any products or services that you feel represent your ideas or content perfectly.

If you want to know how affiliate marketing works appropriately, then check out my best work-at-home recommendation!

The best method


I didn’t see any positives about the company. Even if the program is relatively cheap compared to others, I believe it would be better to know that you’re getting your money’s worth, right?


No refund policy

Again, by restricting any refunds, this program is saying that you must do your due diligence yourself, which you are doing right now by checking things out before buying.

Fake scarcity

Fake scarcity is a tactic used by many low-quality programs. If you come back tomorrow or the next day, the website will be the same, and the counter will restart.

All Hype

I’m sorry that if you thought that this system would make you rich in no time, you are in for a surprise. What they provide is a false hope!

Ponzi or pyramid scheme?

The way the system is set up, it looks a lot, and it might be a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Infinity Processing System Review: Final Thoughts

I hope my Infinity Processing System review has helped you determine whether the program is legitimate or just another scam.

But either way, I generally don’t recommend DFY systems because their marketing pitches are usually overhyped and misleading. Still, it produces low-quality traffic and yields extremely low profits.

Yes, she will inspire you in some way and teach you how to advertise their products on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. But in perspective, you’re not learning affiliate marketing because the contents are pre-written.

Here is what others are saying about the system:

Also, you can find entrepreneurial inspiration from books like The Everything Store, Elon Musk Autobiography, Influence by Robert Cialdini, or This is Marketing by Seth Godin if you’re looking for some motivation.

With all this being said, my final thoughts are that if you do decide to join The Infinity Processing System, you might be able to earn money, but most people won’t.

I give it a 4-star out of 10

Infinity Processing system 4 star

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  • Guaranteed no upsells!
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And then, you will earn commissions every time someone engages the affiliate link you’ve provided and then uses it to purchase the products of the brand you are marketing.

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12 thoughts on “Unveiled: The Shocking Truth Behind Infinity Processing System in 2024 – Scam or Lifesaver?”

  1. Just as you said, I was aimlessly browsing YouTube for videos related to the “make money online from home” subject, when I fell into the rabbit hole that was initially dug by Adriana Villegas. I was skeptical from the very beginning. And the more I watched and the more I reviewed infinityprocessingsystem.com, the more my doubt and confusion grew. First, there is absolutely no hint of what type of products and/or services this affiliate marketing program promotes and sells. It focuses SO MUCH on how much “100% commission” is guaranteed if one was to simply post the pre-written social media ads. It could literally be ANYTHING. Simultaneously, it harps on sharing this “life-changing” opportunity with others. Thus it slowly begins morphing into a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, most of the reviews I see are positive YouTube videos that all flaunt their “success.” And yet, still, NO ONE even mentions WHAT I would be selling. So, I then submitted my question to the Live Chat where I was given nothing but silence. It wasn’t until I searched specifically for IPS Ponzi scheme that I found your blog. And how grateful I am to know that my gut instincts were on point! Thank you so much for your detailed account of what is REALLY going on there.

    • Hi Stacey,

      I am grateful that I was able to keep you away from spending money where you were not prepared to… As you say, it’s like buying a pig in a poke when they don’t say what you are paying for… Thanks for sharing your experience, this will help others as well!

      I wish you success in your endeavors!


  2. Another Wealthy Affiliate rep I see. Always leaving a negative review on a product just to promote WA to earn a commission (nothing wrong with that).

    Clearly you haven’t bought this course, and don’t know what’s on the inside (I’m a member of IPS). This is not a thorough review. I don’t know how y’all do it. I have to buy something before I can leave an unbiased review on same. It is not a Ponzi/pyramid scheme which are illegal. IPS is not.

    P.S, they do have a support group. You can get through to Adriana herself.

    There is no perfect product out there. Stop acting as if WA is. I have nothing against WA by the way. All the best.

    • Hi Lia,

      I agree with you that “there is no perfect product out there”. Again, there are Crestani, Billy Gene, Graham Stephan. There are people who are saying that their system is a scam. But they aren’t. But they are not perfect either.

      However, to reply to your comment about Wealthy Affiliate, what I say in my article is that they will teach you “how affiliate marketing properly works”, something I could not find in Infinity Processing System. They will provide some training, but only based on promoting their own system. They also claim that they are selling a “digital marketing system” while in fact, I could not find any proof of that. What I could find however is a system promoting the same system over and over and are promising a “return” on the level that you enter. Meaning that if you enter at the $50, and someone you recruit through your “posted ads” buys the $300, it goes to the next “qualifying sponsor”. That is basically the setup of a pyramid scheme. In the beginning, it seems like you’re earning, but once you’ve run out of invites, that’s when it will all start to fail and fall apart.

      Plus, it’s just an opinion based on research and observation on how pyramid schemes work, and it is unbiased… I just call it as it is.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate teaches the basics of a “real” online business. Nothing is “done for you” (unlike IPS who sells pre-written, done-for-you content). Members are taught how to create a sustainable business based on affiliate marketing. It is basically like running a brick-and-mortar business. They do not promise success, they promise education in order to achieve success!
      And, as you say (about WA), I have nothing against IPS, but I have nothing to say for it either. The kind of system they sell will only benefit a few top “qualifying sponsors”, which is “legally” correct but highly unethical for the bottom members.

      All the best to you as well,


    • As a member of IPS, could you please tell me what sorts of products/services I would be posting about to sell? I’ve tried searching for the info but can’t find any. TIA

    • Hi Ed,

      I am sorry that you think I am bashing them by telling the truth about what this system really is.

      If you think that they can help you, well by all means go ahead and buy in as I even included a link to their websites. However, as I already said, this is the kind of system that will only benefit a few top “qualifying sponsors”, which is “legally” correct but highly unethical for the bottom members. All you will be doing is promoting the same system you have bought in order to go up to the top of the pyramid…99.9% of the systems that promise to get rich overnight are just overhyping their products to sell to the uninformed customer and from my research, this one fits the description.

      And as for your comment about making myself look good, I think you got the wrong impression here. All I did is propose another kind of system that does not promise anyone to be rich overnight. They promise education about affiliate marketing so that once you have learned how it truly works, you can become successful.

      My hope for you is that you can find the same kind of community that will help and support you as Wealthy Affiliate did with me.


  3. I do not think it is a pyramid scheme as you pay a once-off fee for the program and get 100% commission. You do not earn from any downlines, etc I am assuming that Adriana makes money off the once-off administration fee. The table of earnings with a weekly and monthly projection is therefor fake and misleading. The person who introduced me to this could not answer my questions either.

    • Hi Gee

      As I said in my article, “One thing I hate about all-done-for-you systems is that everyone who buys the system will get the same duplicate content, meaning that what you post to create your business and earn money will be posted by all others that bought the same system.”.

      I also said that it appeared to be a Ponzi or pyramid scheme… So I agree that it’s probably not “Legally” a Pnzi or Pyramid scheme because they would have been shut down by the FTC already…

      However, again, as I already said in other comments, “this is the kind of system that will only benefit a few top “qualifying sponsors”, which is “legally” correct but highly unethical for the bottom members.”

      I agree with you when you say that it’s fake and misleading 🙂

      Good luck

  4. Denis,
    Thank you for the breakdown of IPS. I was also wanting to see what was being promoted….nothing.

    Seems that the main focus was to encourage others to win with the 100% rewards.

    Some may achieve a degree of wealth; but……


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