Stay Home Profits Review: $500 per Day by Only Posting Links?!

In my years of working in online marketing, I’ve seen many scams. Typically, they invent fake, overly dramatic sob stories, hoping to appeal to people’s emotions, even more than Wattpad tales do. Stay Home Profits stands out because its homepage is very simple and direct. It looks like a newbie web designer used Stay Home Profits as a learning project. All you find is a site description and a request to put in your email so they can add you to their marketing list.

But is there a chance that Stay Home Profits is different from other scams out there? Or is it just like the rest, only out to get your cash and your email, in return for something that’s worth nothing?

Today, we’ll dig into what Stay Home Profits has to offer, and then I’ll give you my thoughts on this program to help you decide if it’s a good investment or just another scam. So let’s jump right into today’s conversation…”

Product Overview: Stay Home Profits

Stay Home Profits FRONTPAGE

On the landing page and on the sales counter, you won’t find any information about the owner and founder of the website. No information at all!

However, it appears that the website was established on April 7, 2020. Business owners who are not willing to disclose basic corporate information are suspicious if you ask my opinion.

In any case, Stay Home Profits have not clearly indicated what kind of program or training they provide. It is just another one of those you receive in your spam emails. But you’ll eventually learn that they advertise themselves as an affiliate marketing program once you have provided them with an email address.

It is only then that you’ll see the promotional video for the program, which is a typical marketing pitch you would see in any scams where they overhyped the program and created fake testimonial videos in an attempt to lure people into their scam. They even make a statement at the beginning of the video that they are paid actors! So none of what they say is real!

After the second video of endless cringey and false promises, they will again ask you to enter your name and email address to proceed to what they say as proof that their program works.

But again, it is only nothing but another set of fake testimonials and exaggeration of the potential of the scam program. And it is only at this point that you will learn that the income opportunity is posting links to online content and platforms such as social media, blogs, stream videos, etc.

The sales pitch even promises a quick $500 if you join. But trust me, I’ve been in this game for a while, and I know that copy-and-paste tactics aren’t the best way to earn cash. In reality, you could earn more from sites that pay you to complete tasks or click on ads than from this gimmick they’re trying to sell!

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How Does the Stay Home Profits Scheme Works?

In the description of the program alone, you can immediately tell they are pitching the program as an income opportunity from home. However, the thing you have to bear in mind with link posting income opportunities is that this is a fake work-from-home job choice.

When you see these opportunities anywhere on the internet, they are long-running scams that you have to stay away from.

Once they receive your cash, they will disappear like Batman with his smokescreen. Poof! You now lost $47 in the process! The following is how the scam works:

First Step: Phishing of Personal Information

Remember the super simple landing page? This type of website setup is referred to as a “squeeze page,” and it is the primary characteristic of a link-posting scam. Right off the bat, they will ask for personal information, mainly your name and email address, to get through the next landing page. It may not be that relevant to you, but your personal information is crucial to them because they either use them in their sales funnels or sell them to third parties.

Second Step: The Sales Page

After you provide them with the information they need, they will redirect you to their sales page, where the typical overhype promotion happens. They will tell you things like you’d earn thousands of dollars overnight without mentioning the income opportunity they are trying to sell. In some instances, like Stay Home Profits, they will again require you for your personal information.

Their tactic is to create fake stories that are meant to capture your emotions, and then they suddenly build it up by pitching that their money problems have gone away in a spur of a moment through a magical system they discovered. Does it sound familiar? Try watching Stay Home Profits once more, and you’ll see the point I am making.

Third Step: Low-Quality Content and Tons of Upsells

Once you have paid the membership fee, you won’t get anything but the referral links to the program, which you have to copy-paste into social media platforms or internet forums. In addition, you might also get low-quality materials and training courses on affiliate marketing that they may have even acquired from PLR (private label rights) websites.

You’ll observe that their focus is not helping you to become financially stable. Instead, their focus is to sell you more upsells and buy hidden costs they have not mentioned at the beginning of their marketing pitch.

Effectiveness of Stay Home Profits

If you are interested in Stay Home Profits, unfortunately, it is all hyped!

None of what they say is real.

Back in business school, I was taught that if “something is too good to be true, then it is likely not to be true.” so is a $500 a day without doing any work promise true?

Let me confirm that it’s NOT going to happen!

In addition, they can’t even directly mention what type of income opportunity it is or who are the owners and founders of the website.

In other words, you won’t get any value from Stay Home Profits. You’ll just end up spending more because of the tons of upsells.

Pricing and Plan

The cost of the Stay Home Profits program is a one-time payment of $47. Yes, it might not sound that much, but you have to bear in mind that it comes with expensive upsells and hidden costs that you have to buy as well in order to access some parts of the program.

The only saving grace of Stay Home Profits is that they have a 30-day refund offer. However, I believe it’s not worth the stress, especially since they do not have the most reliable customer service support.

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The only positive about Stay Home Profits is the 30-day money-back guarantee. But even with this single factor, I don’t believe that the program is worth anything at all, and it is best to search for better alternatives, such as my best work-from-home recommendation!

On the other hand, there are a few things I’d like to talk about on why Stay Home Profits is not worth your while, and it includes the following factors—

  • Misleading and exaggerated claims
  • Phishing of personal information for their personal interest
  • Tons of upsells and hidden costs
  • Fake testimonials
  • Products with zero value

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

There’s nothing more to discuss here—Stay Home Profits is a link-posting scam. They make false marketing pitches like $500 without having to do anything, and they fabricate stories to capture your emotions and lure you into buying the scam.

Also, the cost of the program might not be that much, but it has expensive upsells that you might end up incurring more expenses than saving or earning $500 a day.

So with this being said,I am giving Stay Home Profits a deserving ZERO STAR overall rating:

Alternative and Recommendation

One of the items that are included in the Stay Home Profits program is a low-quality and outdated tutorial on affiliate marketing.

Although Stay Home Profits is a link-posting scam, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money in the comfort of your home. In fact, I have been in the affiliate marketing business since 2016, and it has been generating reliable passive income for me since then.

It has not only helped me with my finances but so have many people around the globe as well. And many people are attracted to the potential of affiliate marketing because it suits all levels of experiences.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about inventory management and shipment because all you have to do is to promote products and services through your website or content. But most importantly, your potential income is unlimited because you can market as many brands as you like.

However, it has not been easy for me, especially when I was just starting out. But I found one program that helped me establish a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch. They guided me in the aspect of website creation, domain & hosting, paid ads, and creating engaging content that provides value to my audience, just to name a few.

If you are interested in the program that I personally used and you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, then you have to check out the highlighted description below:


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And to show you my gratitude just by being here today, I am also giving away my eBook for absolutely no cost to you and help you kickstart your affiliate marketing business today:

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