Is Rapid Profit System a Scam or can you make $336 per day?

This review is about a system called Rapid Profit System. It has been brought to my attention while looking into a platform called JVZoo. I decided to check it out and let you in on my findings.

As an affiliate marketer, I’m always searching and analyzing all kinds of systems, and this one has been on my radar for a little while now.

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At first look, their sales page is pretty much like any other sales page, with the money claims and the testimonials. But is it real? Can you make money online using this system?

Let’s find out

Rapid Profit System 1

Product Name: Rapid Profit System


Owner: Omar and Melinda Martin of HigherLevelStrategies, Inc

Price: $19.95 for the front product with upsells of $27 for the “turbo package” and $37 for the “turbo powerhouse”

My Analysis

I watched the unusually 6 minutes short sales video, and although there are similarities with “other” systems I have reviewed, this one was pleasantly straight to the point without all of the usual blah blah! What I like about this one is that it’s not the usual “get-rich-quick” videos with all of the hype.

There is, of course, their sad story to begin with where they were homeless and living in their car, and by keeping the faith and working hard, they made it big.

But that is not the high point of the sales video. It is straight to the point and short!

What a difference!

He (I believe it’s the actual owner – Omar Martin that is talking) says that they have devised a system that has made them $336 per day with their online business.

And he does mention that they made over $6 million dollars online, so that is quite a statement! Is it true? Maybe.

I can tell you that whoever is talking is a good presenter and has a lot more class than a lot of sales videos I have seen before.

Anyhow, in his presentation he says that “It is much easier to put a product in front of the traffic than it is to find traffic for a product”

Rapid Profit System 2
Rapid Profit System

Well, I couldn’t agree more!

Then he goes on saying that the Rapid Profit System will teach you to identify your perfect audience, in other words finding your exact customers online First, identifying what they need, and then bringing it to them!

Well if that’s the case, we have a winner here!


This system claims that they will show you how to “assemble a huge hungry, and highly targeted audience inside of Facebook by leveraging bonuses in a really clever way”. He also says that they invented this method and that nobody is teaching anyone right now using Facebook ads.

The sales video says that they also include an OptimizePress Page template, which means you will have to buy an OptimizePress plan if you want to use it. Don’t get me wrong here, OptimizePress is a very powerful and very well-made landing page builder! I’m just pointing out that you will have to disburse some money for this too.

Oh, by the way, they teach you to use all this using JVZoo.

If you are unfamiliar with JVZoo, it is a marketplace for affiliate marketers with thousands of digital products and they usually come with a high commission rate. If you know ClickBank, well it is a similar platform.

They will also include in this system, 5 customizable bonus products ( with Private Label Rights to them, and a list of 15 Guaranteed Approval codes, and an approval script to send to vendors on JVZoo for you to promote.

And that just about covers what the sales video is all about.

So what is the Rapid Profit System

And who is it for?

It’s made for people who want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money with it. They are training modules in video format that teaches how to use Facebook ads, Squeeze pages (or Landing pages), and email marketing.

One of the things I liked right away about this system, is that the owners are real and they don’t hide behind a smokescreen. Omar and Melinda Martin are both affiliate marketing very influential people (I guess we can call them gurus).

Rapid Profit System 2

As you can see, they offer a 30-Day money back guarantee on their digital product.

Once you get in for a one-time fee of $19.95, you will be taken to another sales page. There you are offered access to two upsells that you can sign up for.

The first one is The RPS Turbo Package which costs $27 and should help you in building an email list using the system’s templates, products and campaigns.

Rapid Profit System 3

By getting the upsell you will receive:

20 more private label rights (PLR) products to use on your campaigns, 4 extra OptimizePress pages templates, and 4 “done-for-you” pre-written email campaigns, and a “swap file” with over 3000 email subject lines called the Million Dollar Email Subject Lines.

If you pass on the first upsell, you will be offered a down-sell to the RPS Turbo LITE package, which does not include the email campaigns and the swap file for $17.

Or you can decline the down-sell and be offered the RPS Powerhouse

Rapid Profit System 4

In this upsell, that will cost $37, you will gain access to:

30 PLR documents and two extra bonuses:

The secret Funnel Session – Maximize your sales funnel effectiveness

The Secret traffic Training – Drive targeted traffic to your offers.

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The Rapid Profit System in details

Once inside the member’s area, you will be greeted by Omar and Linda in a video welcoming you to the member’s area.

Then you get to the training part, which is in video format

The Profit System breaks it down into three phases:

Phase 1 – The Market

Rapid Profit System 8

This section covers Niche Selection and Audience Identification. You are shown an overview of how to find traffic, the mentality of your audience and what to look for. He also explains that money doesn’t fall from the sky “you have to put in some elbow grease”.

Rapid Profit System 11

The entire video is made up in a way that it fits for any kind of niche you are into and is subjective depending on what you want to promote. It boils down to a few things I picked up while watching: You have to find your audience first! Then you develop your niche. Which makes a lot of sense.

You should also select a niche that has potential! If this “passion” of yours is nobody else s, then you may work for nothing.

He explains in his video to:

  • Research Facebook groups and pages to attract and locate your potential customers.
  • Once you have identified your niche and you know where your customers are, you will have to promote your product.
  • Reach out to vendors to promote their products.

I think that it makes a good introduction to the topic and Omar is very “entertaining and interesting”, so the video itself is not boring and keeps you wanting for more.

There is an additional video lesson on how to create a “bonus product” and PDF material related to what you have just learned included in this first phase.

Phase 2 – The Funnel

Rapid Profit System 9

This phase is divided into two parts and is about capturing prospects customers from your chosen niche.

Part 1

Rapid Profit System 12

The main objective of this video lesson is to build a sales funnel to get your prospects to your offer using:

  • Facebook ads to send your audience to your landing (squeeze) page
  • How to build your email list and the importance of growing your list with purpose and value
  • Using Facebook pixels to identify your audience

Part 2

Rapid Profit System 13

This is where the video lesson shows you to create a converting bonus page, to get your audience to take action and increase your opt-in rate, and eventually make money. In this part you will learn how to:

  • Design your bonus page
  • The importance of adding video to boost conversions
  • To add an additional bonus as an incentive.

The bonus page is a key part of the affiliate sales funnel and Omar makes it easy to understand and is very logical in his approach.

Phase 3 – The traffic Campaign.

Rapid Profit System 10

In this final phase, you will learn to initiate and maintain your campaign. This is broken down in three parts:

Part 1

Rapid Profit System 15

This first part is on Facebook Ad Creation. He talks about:

  • How to properly use images on Facebook
  • How to write a proper ad campaign
  • How to target your audience

Part 2

Rapid Profit System 16

The second part focuses on the custom audience you can create with your Facebook ad manager. The goal here is not to get as many clicks as possible, but to get targeted clicks. Omar will show you how to use:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Create your custom audience with Facebook ad manager

Part 3

Rapid Profit System 16

The third and last part of the video training is on “follow-up email persuasion”. You will learn how to convince your targeted audience and offer unconditional value to them so that they purchase your offer with high converting email campaigns. Things that are discussed here are:

  • How to follow up
  • Engagement for your email campaign, open rate, bounce rate etc.
  • Good subject lines
  • Selling through email and plan your follow up sequence

You also get access to download all six videos to your computer and there are PDF documents for every one of them.

Don’t forget the PLRs and the bonus products also included.



Real training and real proven methods are taught in a very understandable way.

Up to date and accurate content.

Affordable at $19.95 for the basic product.

No questions asked, 30 days money-back guarantee

A lot of bonus materials, PDFs, and downloadable videos, so you don’t have to “log on” their system every time you want to continue your training.

Easy to follow and organized training material.

And much more… But you get the idea here, I kind of like the product!


Not everything is included, you will have to buy additional systems for your landing pages and email autoresponder.

Using the advertising techniques taught here can get costly if you don’t have prior affiliate marketing experience, especially if you’ve never used Facebook ads before.

It could take months and you will probably have to spend a lot of money before your Facebook ads start being profitable

JVZoo has a policy of holding back your payments for 90 days, which is kind of killing the mood to promote through them.


Is Rapid Profit System a SCAM? Definitely NOT!

This is one of the few systems out there that I DO RECOMMEND.

My take on this system is that the original basic product is definitely worth the $19.95 investment.

The real value is in the 6 high-quality videos provided. They are packed with relevant information to help people on improving their chances of making money online.

However, I don’t think that buying the 2 upsells would be worth the extra $64. BUT that is my personal opinion.

Omar Martin has charisma and sincerity in his videos that I have seldom seen in any training I took in the past, and he tells it like it is! No BS provided here!

Will you make money with this system? Well, it all depends on you and how seriously you apply the methods that are taught here. It’s entirely up to you

If you are interested in this system, you can click here and you will be redirected to their sales page.

My method

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14 thoughts on “Is Rapid Profit System a Scam or can you make $336 per day?”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe it. It’s an affiliate marketing product that’s actually good? They’re so rare and hard to find! lol 

    Thanks for this review of Rapid Profit System! It actually sounds like they use some decent methods. The only thing I worry about it using Facebook ads. I’ve done that before and haven’t been very successful. But, I was kind of going at it blindly. 

    Maybe something like Rapid Profit System could help me figure out how to do ads properly on Facebook. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks again! 

    • Hi Christina,

      Yes they have a decent Facebook ad video that will help you get started. However, you have to realize that using Facebook ads is not a short-term approach and it can take months before your ads convert into sales.

      I strongly suggest that if you go through the whole training before you start purchasing ads.

      Good luck! 


  2. JVZoo products are usually a hit and miss. I’ve bought a few products and some of them are actually good.

    This product makes me think of Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels (great guy btw!), but being a more affordable way to get introduced in this kind of marketing.

    I’ll put this one on my to checklist. Thanks!

    • You are welcome Laura,

      This is one of the few digital products that I do recommend.  The first thing different about this one is that the owners are real and they don’t hide behind a fake name or image.  Then there is the actual product, which is in my opinion worth the time and money.  There are of course up sells, like any other good business would do, but just the front product is good enough to recommend!

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you success!


  3. Hi Denis,

    Thank you for this review. It’s nice knowing that genuine platforms still exist out there. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. 

    I’m already a member of WA, although just a newbie. Should I just stick to it or can I also try out the rapid profit system? I don’t know if it’s possible to combine the training from both platforms?

    • Hi eohia,

      Well it’s really up to you my friend.  If you want to supplement your training, you can try the Rapid Profit System, it will not be money wasted in my opinion.  However, if you are a complete beginner, it can be confusing to do two training simultaneously, but hey, that is your choice right?  It is really all up to your capacity and how much time you have to do it!

      Thanks for taking the time to write on my article, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out!


  4. I bought this package and have asked for a refund and haven’t received any refund yet! Please refund my $27.00. I really need this money. Thanks
    3184873398 text

    • Sorry, Patricia,

      I am in no way, shape, or form related to this product. I bought the system myself and wrote a review on it.
      If you want a refund you have to direct your request to Omar and Melinda Martin of HigherLevelStrategies, Inc. They are the owners/creators of the system. You can find their website here:

      Good luck

  5. thanks for your honest review first off. So my question is how long does it take before you start seeing some kind of profit. i would be a beginner but i am willing to learn and try as long as i eventually start making enough money to stay home. i know you don’t work for them amd understand you probably can’t give a definite answer but maybe a guesstimate would help me decide if i should do it or not

    • Hello Moana,

      First, let me say that there are no shortcuts and the only avenue you can take is to dedicate a LOT of work and build your online business from the ground up. Omar and Melinda Martin would most probably say the same thing.

      An online business has the same principles and has to be taken care of the same way as a brick-and-mortar business. The only difference between the two is the potential customers are not restricted to a certain geographical area since the internet has 4.7 BILLION users. That is the beauty of online businesses.

      So there is no such thing as “overnight success” as a lot of other systems would lead you to believe. If you compare an online business to running a race, it’s NOT a 100m dash, it’s a marathon.

      The only pointer I can give you is to work, create and learn. Everybody is different and there is no way to give you any kind of estimate. You are the one that will decide on your own success.

      I started for FREE back in 2016 with Wealthy Affiliate and I never looked back. Now I wake up and check how much money I made while sleeping. You can do the same thing. Just follow the link above and start for free and create your online business. ? I also offer personalized coaching if you follow my link.

      Good luck

  6. Good Morning, Denis
    Hope your Monday has started off on the right track !
    My name is Joe Henson & I signed up for “Rapid Profit Package” on Friday, 11/05/2021. The program was offered to me by “April Matthews.” I understand from your review that this is a fictitious name for Jeff Lerner. The program was offered for $37, but when I clicked on the link to join, the amount was reduced to $17 & I was very happy. “April” then offered to set up a website for me “for free.” However, when I clicked on the link to the “free” website design service, I was asked to provide a credit card for a charge of $147. I can’t tell you how sick & tired I am of these “bait & switch” deals that are all over the internet. I haven’t proceeded with the website design offer at this point & I’m tempted to just forget the whole thing as it’s only cost me $17 at this point. I have provided my e mail address, to your group, “Wealthy Affiliate” & I hope to receive an e mail from your group soon. Any feedback on the foregoing would be appreciated.Sincerely,
    Joe Henson
    214 557 3379

    • Hello Joe Henson,
      I am grateful that at least you haven’t fallen for their “bait & switch” and that you did not spend more money through the bogus system you mention in your comment.

      And yes, Jeff Lerner is behind Rapid Profit Package in some way…

      But let me explain something right now! You are writing your comment from Rapid Profit System right now which is completely unrelated to the system you bought. This review talks about Rapid Profit System which from Omar and Melinda Martin of HigherLevelStrategies, Inc. and is a LEGIT system

      I know this can get confusing with such similar names.

      If you want to read my review of Rapid Profit Package, follow this link: and in it, I confirm what you just said: April Matthews (Fake owner) is part of my review along with another fake owner called Greg Thomas…

      I want to congratulate you for keeping away from all of them!

      I also noted that you joined Wealthy Affiliate. Well, let me say that you have joined a very LEGIT platform where they will teach you everything you need to create a sustainable online business, and you will be able to earn passive income using the methods they teach.

      You have taken the right step into your brighter future… Please do not hesitate to reach out once you get inside the platform. I will reach out as well! ?

      Stay safe and prosper!


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