My Commission Bootcamp [Review] – $527/Day or Scam?

My Commission Bootcamp says that you can generate profits up to $527/day.  Is this a scam or can you trust this statement?

Commission Bootcamp a scam

I have heard it so many times before!

Do “this” and become wealthy in a week. “Buy this system and you will be making a boatload of money within a day or so”.

However, I have yet to find a system that does all that!

Don’t get me wrong!  IT IS POSSIBLE to make money online, I am living proof that it is possible!

BUT (and that is a BIG “but”), you must be realistic.  There is NO magic systems or magic button anywhere on the Internet.

Any system that claims that you can become rich overnight without hardly any work is simply telling a big fat LIE!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here and hang on, we will dissect this system and see what it’s really all about.

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Name: My Commission Bootcamp


Owner:  Chris Brant – This is just a pen name, the real owner is hiding behind it and doesn’t want you to know who they are.

Price:  $47 (Plus multiple upsells)

Recommended:  NO

I was invited through an email sent in my inbox to this new digital product a few days ago.  As always, I make it my duty to check out the new digital products that come out and inform you guys what I found out about them, and if they are worth your time and money.

I clicked on the link provided in the email and was sent to this sales video:

My Commission Bootcamp Sales Video

A few things I noticed right away before even pressing play.  The counter below the video says “This Site Will Be Taken Down in 24hrs When Countdown Hits 00:00:00”.  Well, let me tell you that this is totally false and it’s an actual tactic to make you believe that there is a scarcity that exists for this product.  IT’S A LIE!

The same goes for “As Seen On TV”.  The video starts with a news clip taken from one of the TV networks (ABC).  It does talk about working from home, but it’s not related to this product, it is a segment of the news report about someone working from home.  This again is a weird tactic to “pretend” to the most vulnerable that the news is featuring this product!  ANOTHER LIE!!

Well, that doesn’t start well… And I haven’t even clicked on the “play” button yet!

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What is My Commission Bootcamp?

OK, so I clicked on the play button and watched the 8-minute video.  It starts out with a “recording” of the ABC Network channel 9 talking about some lady who works from home.  There is NO mention anytime in this “recording” that it’s related to My Commission Bootcamp.

I get it!

They (the creator(s) ) want to make a point that it’s very convenient to work from home, not having to commute every day through endless traffic jams wasting hours just sitting in a car to get to that job!  I am NOT going to argue that fact, but as I said before, it has nothing to do with My Commission Bootcamp.

It’s the general idea of working from home, which is VERY convenient!

The actual sales pitch starts like this:

My Commission Bootcamp Sales Pitch

Would you say that $500 to $1,000 per day would change your life?  Of course!  I am also NOT arguing that fact either.

Imagine the financial freedom…

The “narrator” (Since we don’t have a clue who is behind this system, so I will call him the narrator) says that for a “very limited time” he will be handing you his successful work-at-home system.  And he goes on to say that his system has been seen on Fox News, CNN, ABC, and CBS. Another Filthy LIE! 

He then congratulates you to have found this secret page and that you are a very exclusive individual since it’s only offered to 100 people because space is limited…and the site will be taken down in 24 hours…Again not true!

Come back next week, or even next month, and the same video and the same sales page will still say the same thing, and they will still be accepting anyone who wants to buy their system!

Then there are a few weird testimonies saying they just use “copy and paste” and are making money…

Then, of course, the bank account:

My Commission Bootcamp Bank account

This image can easily be created with any kind of image manipulating software and monetary figures can be altered…

At least they have a disclaimer at the bottom…Which is required by law anyway!

Here is a video from one of my mentors showing how to fake a Clickbank account…

This method is the same for faking any kind of monetary system.  Scammers use this tactic all the time!

The rest of the sales video is to convince you to enter your name and email to get “instant access”.

I did, and guess what?  I was redirected to another sales video!

This one is 20 minutes!

It starts out by saying that the information on this one should not be shared with anyone else…

My Commission Bootcamp secret video

Another one of those tactics making you believe that you are exclusive to this information.  They (the creators) are not keeping this a secret at all!  They want to make as much money as they can, and they are the only ones who are going to make money with it…

Then the video goes on and on about how it’s so easy to make money with it.  There are so many exaggerated claims that I only chose a few to show you what I mean.

It is very typical of a very low-quality system.  Why do I say this?  Because I have seen it hundreds of times before. 

These “done for you” or in this case “copy and paste” systems are all the same.  They lead you to believe that their offer is too good to be true and 99.99% of the time it IS too good to be true

They start by showing luxury cars and big houses, making you believe that this system will provide you the means of procuring these luxuries:

My Commission Bootcamp big house luxury car

Then they make claims like this:

My Commission Bootcamp 20-30 min per day copy and paste

If making money online was this easy with this system, don’t you think that everyone would be using it?

Oh and let’s NOT forget the FAKE Testimonies  We see this first guy saying that he made $94,066.16 in the last 6 months thanks to this system by “Chris”.

Well, guess what…He’s a paid actor and the only money he’s making is from this “acting gig”!!!

My Commission Bootcamp Fake testimony I

Here is another man claiming that he made a boatload of money with this system:

My Commission Bootcamp Fake testimony 2

As you can see he’s a video spokesman just like the other one…The only money he’s making is from his “performance” in this sales video.

Now, why would someone hire actors to tell FAKE TESTIMONIES if this system was so good in the first place?

Before I finish, I want to make something clear.

Affiliate marketing is a proven method of earning good money!

It’s systems like Myu commission Bootcamp that give it a bad reputation.  They tell lies and use fake everything to promote their own crappy system that in the end, only the vendor of the system makes money.

There is quite a difference between purchasing a “done-for-you-make-money-overnight” system that claims things like this and being taught the right way with the right tools:
My Commission Bootcamp 3000 per day

You can be certain that My Commission Bootcamp will never live up to its claim.

And if you decide to purchase the front-end product, be prepared to be bombarded by upsells after upsells, telling you that in order to make this system work, you need these upsells, and end up paying a LOT more than the original $47.

Disclaimer:  Obviously, I did NOT purchase this digital product because of my experience, I know a crappy system when I see one.  This review is based on the lies and fakes that I found during the 2 sales video I watched and based my review on!

What I liked about My Commission Bootcamp

I did not find anything positive that would let me recommend this system to anyone!

It’s a TOTAL SCAM! If you do decide to go ahead and purchase this system, you will lose your money! Period!

I truly recommend that you STAY AWAY!

What I didn’t like about My Commission Bootcamp

Exaggerated money-making claims – You will not make $500, let alone $3,000/day with My Commission Bootcamp!  Never!

Fake bank screenshots – Its really easy to tell that these screenshots are made with an image manipulation program.

Fake Testimonies – Fiver actors reading a “script” and telling a total lie about their experience.

Fake “As seen on TV” – None of those networks have ever featured My Commission Bootcamp on their newscast!


I say it again, STAY AWAY!  That is the best thing you could do for yourself.

There is nothing in the sales video that indicated that this is a legit system – in fact, from experience, you will get nothing that is worth your time and money with My Commission Bootcamp.

You might get some old PDFs and a few videos at the best.  I have seen it so many times before that I know when the product is not worth anything.  Especially when they are promoted the way they do this one!

Is My Commission Bootcamp a scam?  Well if it quacks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it’s usually a duck…

I leave this one at your discretion but I give it a BIG FAT 0 out of 10 stars

0 out of 10 stars

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As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!

30 thoughts on “My Commission Bootcamp [Review] – $527/Day or Scam?”

    • Hello Beverly,

      I am very sorry, but you are not asking the right person for your refund. I am NOT affiliated to My Commission Bootcamp in any way, shape, or form.

      This article from my website is actually a negative review of the system, and I DON’T recommend it! My advice is to Stay away from it!

      Your only option to get your money back is to go to the ClickBetter platform ( and request your refund from them or send them an email at

      They ( are the ones who are supposed to give you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

      I wish you good luck in getting your money back!


      • Hi Bethy,

        As I have mentioned several times in the comment section of this article, there are several ways to ask for your money back…

        First of all, you have 60 days to ask for your money back through the ClickBetter platform by calling them at 1-800-719-1832. You can also send them an email at
        If that doesn’t work and if you paid with a credit card, call the credit card company and dispute the charge with them. If you paid with Paypal, contact Paypal support and dispute the charge directly through Paypal…

        I hope this helps!


  1. Hi, 

    I really appreciate that you are trying to do the right thing letting know people some red flags here. Nevertheless, I think a lot of people out there use this kind of marketing strategy, especially when they are starting. I am the kind of person that believes that accountability is extremely important when it comes to results. You may enroll in the best program ever, but you are the one that has to do the work. I have nothing to do with these people, but I am wondering if it is really not working for all the people. Did you try them and do the work or did you just take a pretty close look at its marketing?

    • Hello Nicole,

      Good question!

      I have a disclaimer that says in my article that I obviously did not purchase the product. However if my 7 years experience in affiliate marketing has taught me one thing, it’s that that there are NO magic systems out there. Anyone who claims that working 20 minutes per day can earn you $3,000 is (to put it bluntly) full of crap! They use these sales tactics to lure people in there low-quality training and they (the people who buys) end up on the losing end, while the creator is the only one who’s making money.

      Using fake testimonies, fake bank screenshots, luxury cars and big houses and making people believe that their system will provide the means of procuring these luxuries seems to be the “norm” for these kinds of systems.

      I despise them!

      That is why I expose them as much as I can! If I can help some people stay away from them, I have done what I wanted to do!

      I hope this answers your question 🙂

      Stay safe and prosper!

  2. I suppose products like My Commission Bootcamp will continue to float to the surface.  You are right that programs that support a less than successful program for online riches make real oppurtunities doubtful as well.  When an online business is your dream and you are an honest and truthful person, you assume others are as well.  

    Finding that the world does not always have the same personal behaviour expectations was a lesson in disappointment.   This leaves us with a huge responsibility to check things out and do what we can to protect ourselves.  Just like I have never heard of Click Better.  This whole cycle of events has made it necessary to do our research and read reviews of anything we are interested in online.   Thank you for this review, and the business aspects that are less than honest.

    • You are very welcome Sami.

      I am here exactly for that purpose, to inform and expose the reality of these so-called “get rich quick” systems. The only ones that make money with them are the creators.

      I am grateful that you have found value in my article. I wish you the best!


    • I am sorry Isabel, but you are not asking at the right place for your refund.

      I am in no way shape or form affiliated with My Commission Bootcamp.

      I wrote a review on them and I don’t recommend it!

      What I suggest is that you go to and ask them for a full refund if your purchase was made within the last 60 days. Or you can try and call them at 1-800-719-1832.

      I hope that this will help you get your money back.

      • Yea this is why people get sent to the hospital; playing people out of their money is a dangerous game! You see them on t.v.
        In the hospital bed and they look like someone ran over them and lit them on fire but nobody knows why, what, when, or how,
        It’s kind of like when right after this guy Ray puto Punta took my money then the next page said that it wasn’t available!
        Here’s looking at You ray!!!

        • Sorry to hear this “Mad victim”. Next time, please take the time to review what you are buying PRIOR to giving them your hard-earned money. I too was victim like you in the past, that`s why I decided to warn people about these crappy systems that don`t do anything else but create wealth for their creators…

        • ?good one! Hey Ray!? Honestly not funny to be scammed, I used to due a lot of TSR. work for companies where i had to stretch the truth. One day i decided i couldn’t no longer deceive people it left me feeling guilty even though it was my job and I needed to feed my family I thought about how it would make me feel if I were to believe in a scam and lose my money or pay for something that was not legit. And yes it is true there is a lot of scam artists out there trying to do their job and get your money that’s how I came across this article because I was looking up to see if my boot camp was legit they start off saying it’s free but I wanted to go online and make sure thanks for the great reviews. Seeing yours made me laugh because I thought about what if people had thought that about me when I was in Telemarketing Sales.? I enjoyed the money and bonuses i loved,talking to people and being good at customer service,but when i finally realized the company didn’t have a license or a permit and it was all a scam i was done. Thank God for letting me see the pro’s. and cons. Thank you Denis I’ve learned a lot…

  3. So what makes you better than the commission boot camp are you also going to rip people off to you don’t mention your money to start your account and what is the selling of product or legal fees for your software to use what do you offer people to sign up for your websites.

    • Hello Gerald,

      As I have mentioned in my article, there are NO FEES to TRY Wealthy Affiliate. You get full access to the whole platform absolutely free for 7 days. You just need a username and an email address.

      If, after the trial period you decide to stay and build your online business, you can take advantage of a 59% off the first month membership fee for $19. The subsequent months thereafter are $49 per month. There is also the option of going yearly with a total fee of $459, which saves you 2 months out of the whole year.

      These fees are all that there is, there is no hidden agendas or hidden costs. You will however, if you decide to get your own domain name, have to pay a registration fee for your website`s name of about $13 per year. But that’s it! No other fees are charged!

      I hope this clarifies your worries about legal fees and other costs.

      If you have other questions, you can reply to this message or send me an email directly to

      Stay safe and good luck!


  4. My name is Pamela Harris.
    I bought the material to start making money but I have not received anything yet please help me get what I purchased.

    • Hello Pamela,

      First I would like to confirm with you that I am NOT affiliated in any way, shape, or form with My Commission Bootcamp. I have written a review and I don’t recommend this product whatsoever!

      What I suggest to you is to ask for your money back through the ClickBetter platform. You can request your money by sending a ticket to their support email at They ( are the ones supposed to handle your request. However, I have heard that you will have a hard time getting your money back even if they have a moneyback guarantee. 🙁

      What I suggest is this: If you paid with a credit card, call them and dispute the charge with the credit card company. If you paid with Paypal, contact Paypal support and dispute the charge directly through Paypal…

      I am sorry that you have been misled and that you haven’t received anything from My Commission Bootcamp. However, it doesn’t surprise me, they are the only ones making money with this!

      I hope you find a way to get your money back!

      If you need any more advice just reply to this comment 🙂


      • I need somebody to help me to set up my account because I just signed up with Cam boot and I need to get set up for my account

        • I’m Sorry Moses, I am NOT related in any way shape, or form to the Commission Bootcamp, in fact, this is a review where I give it a 1 out of 10 and I DON’T recommend it. Exaggerated money-making claims, Fake Testimonies, etc. My opinion is you will not get very far with this system. If I were you I would contact ClickBetter and try to get your money back…

    • Denis, you know it’s funny how you mentioned everything that stood out, the one thing I’ve noticed about (My Commission Bootcamp) and a couple of other sites claiming to be able to give you all the tools you need for success is that there is a few using the exact same video, to lure the unsuspecting into their web!! LOL no pun intended. heck 47 dollars, is still to rich for me!!
      Yup you guessed it it will be going back into my Account *_*

      Thanks for your time:
      Have Blessed Weekend,
      and stay safe and God Bless

      Sandra Harris 05/01/21

      • Hi Sandra,

        What boggles my mind right now is that I wrote this review over a year ago, and these scammers are still at it! As long as people believe their lies, these scammers will be there taking money away from hard-working citizens trying to take a shortcut, where there are NO shortcuts! That is the awful truth!

        People need to realize that there are NO shortcuts! If they want to earn money online, they have to understand that it’s the same thing as a brick-and-mortar business. You must put in the time and effort and especially persistence.

        I have learned this the hard way myself (as I have been scammed in the past), but today I have a successful online business!

        However, there were NO shortcuts, I worked my a$$ off, that’s how I got where I’m at today!

        For anyone who is reading this, my method truly works, just as long as you treat this as a business and NOT as a get rich quick method!

        I am grateful Sandra that at least you were able to get your money back! That is one less victim out there! ?

        Have a great weekend as well


  5. Thank You Denis for your assessment of this horrible scam of a company! I almost bought into the charm of the video, but decided to check further into their claims on the web and ended up here. Thank God I investigated deeper into the “Commission Boot Camp Scam”. You saved me a lot of stress and heart ache, and I thank you for that my friend. Anyone who is looking out for the little guy is a friend of mine, so thanks!
    Alan Hoda

    • Hello Alan!

      I am grateful that you have found my article of value to you.

      It is the exact purpose of it: To help people avoid being taken for a ride with some worthless piece of crap of a system! Even though $47 won’t break the bank, the fact remains that it’s still hard-earned money. So taking the time to investigate BEFORE you buy is really wise and I congratulate you on doing your due diligence!

      I wish you success, my new friend 🙂


  6. I watched the Bootcamp video
    Something told me to look it up
    online if it was a scam. Then I came
    Across your thoughts Denis
    It safes me a lot of heartache

  7. Hey Denis
    I watched the videos for the MyCommissionBootCamp and thought it to be interesting. Of course, at the beginning of the video it said completely free so when it was to the part of $37 today, 07/15/2022 that was a red flag to me!! I am with you, why is this scam still going on and they haven’t been busted for doing this to people! This is complete and straight up fraud!!! Thank you for your review. I wasn’t about to pay for anything, as should anyone else with all the scams going on throughout this world, without checking it out first!! PLEASE EVERYONE DO NOT EVER SEND OR PAY FOR ANYTHING WITHOUT CHECKING IT OUT FIRST!!! Is there a way to report these people? I hate that they are still up and taking people’s hard earned money!!

    • Yes, they’ve been at it for quite some time now, and they will keep on doing as long as people send them money…

      If you want to report them, I would start by looking at the FTC website and see what their criteria are. I”m not familiar with this legal stuff…

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my review!



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