Push Button System Review [2022] – Scam Exposed!

Does the “Push Button system” really do what the video claims to do? You push a button and money magically appears in your bank account? I am very skeptical about this one!

I was invited by email to try out this “new” system (That has been out since 2017) that is supposedly revolutionizing the Internet Marketing Industry.

The “Push Button System” promises that you can push one button and make money!

A LOT of money!

Actually, the promise is to be able to push the button at the end of the video and make $20,000 in just 3 hours!

Push Button System statement 1
Push Button System statement 2

That would make a nice payday, wouldn’t it? In this review, I will explain the basics of these kinds of offers and what to expect from them. Let’s see what this one is all about shall we?

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Name: Push Button System

Owner: “Jay Brown” – Don’t believe it, he’s a hired actor

Price: $67

Recommended: HECK NO!!!


The sales video starts with this guy saying:

“I pushed one button and now I have $23,052 in my bank account. That’s 1 year’s salary with one click of the mouse! What the hell just happened here?”

Really? Is this a friggen joke??? This is so completely ridiculous, it should be qualified as a comedy, not a sales pitch!

For crying out loud! In the first few seconds of this video and I already knew that this system would be complete B.S.

And they have a bunch of other people saying basically the same thing within the first minute of the video, and again during the video!

But at the same time, this is not funny at all since some people will believe this nonsense and give them their hard-earned money just to be disappointed (and most probably lose their money) in the end!

If you are fed up (like me) with these right-out scams that promise you will become rich overnight without ever delivering what they sell and you want to learn how to make money online the REAL way?

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What is this Push Button System anyway?

First of all, I have to say it right away:

It’s a SCAM!

There, I have said it again!

This “system” has been around since at least 2017, if not longer, and has had a lot of different names (the now defunct pushbuttonsystem.com and financialfreedom-forever.com being two of them), and this time the creator changed the internet address (again) and used some “good” actors and a film crew to create this “story” making you believe that this system will make you a multi-millionaire in no time.

This guy here (He says his name is Jay Brown but we all know that is not his real name) arrives at this big mansion with his Ferrari and says “Never underestimate the power of a button

Push Button System Ferrari

Then he shows “bank screenshots” of over 2.7 million dollars in a bank account saying that this “Button” did that.

Do you know how easy it is to fake a bank screenshot? Any decent image manipulation software like Photoshop can do it! There are even apps for this…

Then he says that he has a “jackpot machine lever” that wins every time he pulls on it (Or presses the “Button”) and he can pull on it as many times as he wants. He even says, a few minutes in, that nobody believes him and that’s why he has this “Button” all to himself, but now, he wants to share it with you and make you a multi-millionaire!

Then there’s this guy(another actor) that is taking a “walk” meets Jay, installs the “button” on his cell phone, and five minutes later he’s got $7,789.25, he refreshes his bank account, and 30 seconds later he’s got $8,489.22. That’s almost $700 in 30 seconds!

Push Button System Actor2

Come ON!!!

What kind of system could actually send money to your bank account out of thin air in a few minutes??

If this was real, everyone would want a piece of it and they would be doing it!

Do you think they would sell it for $67??

I think not! It would sell for millions that’s for sure!

But then again this is just fantasy, as it will NEVER happen!

The rest of the sales video is just a whole lot of bull crap being told by the main actor “Jay” and some other actors’ “testimonials”.

A BIG waste of time in my opinion!

How does this “Push Button System” really work?

The first thing you will have to do IF you decide to buy in this system is to say goodbye forever to your $67.

They use securecart(https://securescarts.pw) to gather your personal information including your credit card number. I’ve done some reviews before (like The retired millionaire and The Job Quitter Club) that uses this checkout portal and this is what my Norton Security tell me about them

Push Button System Norton Warning

And it doesn’t stop there:

Push Button System Scamdoc report

Scamdoc is a web tool that evaluates websites’ trust and reliability.

As you can see, securecarts.pw has a horrible trust score! I wouldn’t give them any personal information if I were you!

The second thing that’s going to happen If you do get the system is that it’s NOT going to work as they say it does.

There is NO MAGICAL PUSH BUTTON anywhere on the Internet!


The Internet is full of these “crap systems” telling lies after lies like these just to make money off people who don’t know better!

It’s statements like these that tick me off:

No actors, no fake proofs, just real money generated in real-time.


The button is REAL

Push Button System Big Fat Lie

It’s the complete opposite!

This video is just a long 51 minutes LIE!

Why else would they use hired actors? Because no real results would even come close to what they are pretending!

Do you want to know why I say this?

Well in the 51 minutes of watching this endless lie, not once was it mentioned HOW this works because it DOES NOT work!

They pretend that it’s a magical button and that when you click on it money appears magically in your bank account!

It is only to make people “dream” that it is possible. And I have to admit that the actors are pretty convincing (unless you already know that they are actors).

They (the creators) have been doing this for years now and they know how to make a quick buck from vulnerable people.

They also change the website’s URL once every so often to make believe that it’s a brand new system, while in fact, it’s a more than 5-year-old SCAM!

One last thing:


As soon as I saw the first few seconds of the sales video, I knew what I was in for!

First, I don’t want them to have my personal information, and second, why would I waste good money on something I already know is not even worth the time spent watching the sales video?

I have over 7 years of experience in Internet Marketing and have reviewed hundreds of systems like this, so I can spot the bad ones right away! No need to waste any more time or money and make them (the creators of this system) even richer…

The purpose of this review is to expose them as SCAMMERS!



NONE Whatsoever


This one is a REAL SCAM

False and fake testimonies (and make-believe scenes) by paid actors

Fake Bank account screenshots

Actors telling lies

You are NEVER going to get your money back even if you try, they will not answer your email (if you can find an email address to send your request to) they will not answer your phone call, they will simply keep the money you sent them!


Is the Push Button System a SCAM?

Well, I will say it again: YES IT IS A REAL SCAMNo doubt about this one!!!

Once they get your personal information they will run with your money, and probably sell your information to other scammers, which in turn will spam your inbox with more crappy systems..

Stay AWAY and Beware!

Never trust these kinds of systems. They are the types where you could lose a lot more than $67. These scammers have no limit and no scruples!


What I do suggest is that you follow a proven path to make money online.

If you now realize that there are no magic buttons that will make you rich, you don’t want to spend more time or money on useless systems like The Push Button system, you are prepared to put in some time and effort to build an online business with a solid foundation, then let me tell you how I make Passive Income using Affiliate Marketing.

Building an online business can be compared to a brick-and-mortar business.

You can’t open a coffee shop in the desert and expect to make money. It’s the same thing for an online business. You need to start with a solid foundation, plan what you need to do, and then work on it, and then work some more.

Once you have the foundation completed, and you are giving it all you got, the sky is the limit! It takes time, patience, and persistence. What I am proposing is NOT a get-rich-quick method.

However, the Internet has the potential of reaching a lot more people (5.4 BILLION as of June 2022) than a brick-and-mortar business

And you will need guidance in order to succeed!

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As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments section below!

14 thoughts on “Push Button System Review [2022] – Scam Exposed!”

  1. So you accuse a method online to discourage people from buying it but you have no proof other than repeating the offer and in turn now your selling your program ??? Am I supposed to believe you now? I’m open to clarification and proof from your side

    • Hello Lisa,

      First off, let me say that the offer that I propose is REAL, unlike this “push-button” thing! As I wrote in my article, the main reason I wrote it was to expose them as SCAMMERS! Even if I did not buy the system, I can spot the scams from a hundred miles with years of experience I have.

      I have proof that my method works and I do earn money with Wealthy Affiliate, even when I sleep! You can believe me or not, that is your choice.

      What I despise from this (push button) joke of a system is that they lead people to believe that earning money a ton of money online is as easy as pushing a button! Really?

      If it was this easy don’t you think that everyone would be doing it? They wouldn’t sell it for $67 that is for certain! The sales video is full of lies and is just ridiculous! I have seen some ridiculous sales videos before, but this one tops them all. I mean think about it for a minute. What the heck is this button supposed to be? A magic button??

      What I can say for certain is that if what you are looking for is to earn money online, ask anyone who is successful online, it takes dedication, hard work, and persistence. What I propose is NOT a get rich quick method (which by the way doesn’t exist). You are not going to earn thousands of dollars doing nothing (or just pushing a button), as this push-button system is leading to believe.

      What I did when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate 5 years ago, was to go through their step-by-step training, and I built my online business while learning everything I needed to learn about affiliate marketing. The best part is that this platform is also a community of like-minded members all eager to help each other succeed. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, you have to try it (for FREE by the way) to realize what it’s all about!

      Bottom line is that it’s NOTHING like the lie that this push-button system is trying to sell!

  2. OSBI looking for you guys! They say everything that you are telling people are false! Shame on you for playing on innocent peoples heart hoping this was real and this could have been the answer that their families needed!

    • I agree completely with you Patricia!

      This sales page is a freaking JOKE! There is NOTHING true in anything they say! As if a click of a button would generate thousands of dollars! The whole concept is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!
      I am grateful that you have not fallen for their SCAM!

      That is all there is to say about this “push button” thing

      IT’S A SCAM!!!!

  3. Hi There
    I have been trying to become a Button Pusher for many years. I would really like to become one right away. Please text me at xxx-8xx-70xx and my name is Norman Artunian.

    • Well Norman, I think you don’t get it.

      This push-button thing is a SCAM.

      There is NO button, it DOES NOT EXIST!

      I wrote a review dismantling the whole video and process! They are only trying and get people to give them their credit card for something BOGUS!

      Sorry to burst your bubble here, but there is no such thing as a push-button money-making system. I’ll say it again: ITS A SCAM

      Even if you keep on searching for another couple of years, you will not become a button pusher. There is no such thing. It’s actually ridiculous!

      • Hi Denis
        I see what you mean. It was a good feeling to see something like this. But it is to bad that it does not exist. Thank for emailing
        Norman Artunian

        • Of course Norman! These unscrupulous individuals know how to trigger the kind of feeling to get people to believe in a BIG FAT LIE.

          They hire very good actors and get the people to give them their credit card numbers and then disappear in the dust leaving only hurt and despair to the ones who believed them.

          This kind of LIE and fantasy is the reason I expose these dirty programs so that people are kept away!

          Yes, I agree, that it would be great to have a system where you only push a button and money magically appears. But think about it for a minute, first, don’t you think that it would cost more than $67?

          We are in the real world, not some TV fantasy where anything is possible, and this push-button system, as ridiculous as it can sound, only exists in a fantasy world.

          At least, I am grateful that you have stayed away from it!

          If you want to start something worthwhile that will generate money online, I suggest that you start with the right system, and with the right attitude. An online business has to be treated the same way as a brick and mortar business. There are no shortcuts, you must start with a solid foundation and build from there.

          I suggest that you check out where I host my website and where I learned to earn money while I sleep (and while I’m awake of course)

          Click on this link and I will show you how —> Wealthy Affiliate

    • My dear Norman, we all do.

      It’s just like that saying, if its too good to be true, it usually is.

      In this case, the actors and the creators of the scam are talking like every hard-working person watching their video is “dumb” and all they want is a credit card number so that they can scam everyone who does.

      Can you imagine having a system like that. It wouldn’t sell for a few bucks that is for sure!!!

    • Sorry buddy. There’s NOTHING that exists that is similar. It’s a SCAM. If there was something similar everybody would be filthy rich and no one would work.

      As I said before and I keep repeating to you, It’s a fantasy that DOESN’T exist!!!

    Of course. You just can’t push a button and woosh $20,000 plus appears in your bank account. I know that and everyone should know that. It takes work and money to set up. Accounts servers. And everything else to support a business on the Internet. Similar to what you would have to do in a brick and mortar business.
    The fact that they offer upsells. Starting at $197. You know there’s something going on on the back end. And. They offer to set you up with 100 websites in their marketing program. Each website has to have a server and support. Which is not free.
    And most probably there will be consultants involved. They’re going to have to be paid out of pocket. From the buyer’s money.
    So there probably there is a plan for their system. But it’s going to cost money to set it up. And maintain it. So it’s not like pushing a button. But what way to start?
    I have to agree with Denis it’s Definitely a scam from the beginning.

    • I totally agree that everyone should know this. A simple magic button on a webpage that instantly gives out money does not exist! Period. But why do you think they (the creators of this webpage) have elaborately made this video? Because some people will fall for their scam and then they (the creators) will basically steal their hard-earned money and laugh all the way to the bank.

      This is where I come in and try to tell as many people as possible NOT to fall for their scam!

      Thanks, Alan for taking the time to comment and confirm my findings! Much appreciated!



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