Is Recession Profit Secrets a Scam or Legit?

Today’s Recession Profit Secrets review will give you the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the program you have to take into consideration prior to clicking on that “Add to Cart” button!

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If this program is something you came across while browsing the Internet or maybe you received an email and want to know if this system is worth your time and money, well you came to the right page.

The promise of earning income from home is very popular these days and if this is what you are trying to do then my review will be able to help you decide if Recession Profit Secrets is a scam or if it’s legit.

In this article, I will dissect the claim that this program will enable you to leverage historical economic unrest to secure your financial future.

But before I officially begin, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Denis and I have been successfully blogging and doing affiliate marketing since 2015.  This has enabled me to create an online asset that has generated 6 figure income since I started.

I also want to confirm that I am NOT an affiliate of this system, and I will NOT gain any profits if you decide to purchase it after reading this article.

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

Who are the Brains Behind the Recession Profit Secrets? If there are any…

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While doing research on the portrayed owner who is described in the sales video as Richard Pierce a data expert and former CIA staff member. Supposedly, his role at the CIA was to track financial fluctuations. Furthermore, he was hired to foresee when the marketplace was expected to decline.

So, I decided to do some research on Mr. Pierce and found out that he’s just a fabricated individual by the creator(s) of the system. 

How do I know that? Well, first they say it right in their disclaimer:

The name Richard Pierce is a professional name used by the author as a safety measure.

Recession Profit Secrets Image 2

And by doing an image reversal search I found that the man in the picture above is a model and is featured on

With this information, the founder of the company and creator of the program is hiding behind a pen name.

That is a HUGE red flag in my book.

If this was a legitimate system, then there should be no reason not to share genuine info about your entity.

They also state in their disclaimer that what they portrayed in the sales video and sales pitch is not really true, in their own words they say this:

All references on this website and in the resources that are available for purchase and download on this website are opinions and are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk.

These issues in themselves are enough to make someone VERY suspicious about the whole program.

Therefore, does this mean that the program is a scam? Or is Recession Profit System legit? Let’s see what is in the program

What is Recession Profit Secrets system about?

Recession Profit Secret is another classic example of a low-quality and scammy DFY (done-for-you) system. Their sales pitch promises high income, but such claims are empty because they do not have any genuine income disclosure statement to prove it.

DFY systems like Recession Profit Secrets overhype and exaggerate the potential of their products. They claim to bring your six-figure income in just a few hours or so. But this isn’t the case at all.

The way DFY systems work is they will provide you with premade materials and PLR (Private Label Rights) resources. What this means is that you are basically receiving the same content as any other person who buys the product.

And you have to take note that search engines like Google and websites like Facebook have strong restrictions on repeating materials because they filter them out as spam and dangerous to their users.

With this being said—I find it hard to believe that their system generates leads and you would earn a stable income through their system as they promised in their marketing pitch.

I am not particularly a fan of the DFY system because they are not a good choice if you are looking to make a living in the comfort of your home. Not to mention the hype they are creating, which appears to me that they’re intentionally misleading people in order to make a sale.

I also reviewed several DFY schemes in the past, and you can read about them if you want. Some examples are as follows—Download Dollars, Beast Funnels, AffiliSites Pro, and Googlix, just to name a few of the articles I have published previously.

Or you can see the full list of reviews if you are interested.

But you can check out my best work-from-home recommendation if you are looking for a program that can truly help you take advantage of affiliate marketing.

My No. 1 recommendation

How Does the Program Work?

Aside from the DFY system, the program does offer actual modules. But I highly suspect that they purchased from a PLR site or they have commissioned a freelance to put together the modules that is a common practice in the DFY industry—

First Module: How Banks Steal Your Money

You hear some internet gurus claiming that the bank is stealing money from them. However, in reality, the banks and other financial institutions aren’t stealing anything. Anyway, there are no real lessons here. They just present you with a conspiracy theory about the bank stealing money. So yes, there’s no value here.

Second Module: The Coming Economic Crash

Again, there’s no real value in the second module. It’s another conspiracy theory about the economic crash of the future and how you are supposed to avoid it.

Third Module: The Future of Wealth Creation

This part of the program is a continuation of the previous where you are supposed to avoid financial distress in the supposedly coming economic catastrophe.

Fourth Module: K-Waves Signal Beginnings of a Recession

The module teaches you how to earn money during the recession that they are claiming will happen in the near future.

Fifth Module: The Ultimate Investment Opportunity

They’ll provide you with their picks of the best investment during the economic crash.

How Much is Recession Profit Secrets?

The upfront cost of Recession Profit Secrets is $37. Based on my experience with DFY systems, the initial cost is just a front act, and when you actually buy the program, you will eventually find out that they have upsells that you’ll end up spending more money than you save.

Some examples of the upsell are as follows:

  • First Upsell: The Recession Profit Accelerator costs $67
  • Second Upsell: The Tycoon Code Premium Master Class Package costs another $67
  • Third Upsell: The Ultimate Crisis Protection System costs $47

They do have a 60-day refund policy, and you can request them to have your money if you are not happy with how the program is progressing.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly program that can help you earn a more reliable source of income online, then you should check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

My No. 1 recommendation

Is Recession Profit Secrets a Scam?

I won’t go as far as saying that Recession Profit Secrets is a scam, but I really don’t recommend it, either.

It is an overhyped, low-quality program that really does not offer anything of value.

What I LIKE About Recession Profit Secrets

I did not find anything positive about the program that could lead me to recommend Recession Profit Secrets. It would be better for you to search for better alternatives that can truly provide you with the results you are expecting.

What I DON’T LIKE About Recession Profit Secrets

Now, the following are red flags of Recession Profit Secrets—

Non-Disclosure of the Developers

Claiming that their founder is a CIA is a convenient and, I say, creative way to not share their true identities. But I believe that this is BS because none of his conspiracy theories about the bank stealing money make sense. Also, creating bogus names is a common practice DFY marketers do to cover tracks.

Overhyped and misleading

The sales pitch is full of half-truths and overhyped statements to entice someone to buy their system out of fear of a pending recession, but the reality is that this will not help anyone during a recession or any other time for that matter!


The program is misleading. They will only show you the upfront cost, and you’ll learn and be pushed to buy the upsells afterward.

Final Thoughts on My Recession Profit Secrets Review and My Personal Rating

I hope my Recession Profit Secrets review has provided you with the information you need about the program and why it may not be a good investment.

DFY systems advertise themselves as an affiliate marketing platform, but you have to remember that DFY is more referral marketing than affiliate marketing. They are two different business models, but most people mistake them as similar because they’re both commission-based.

However, the way you earn the commission is far different. The way DFY systems work is that the commissions are earned through invitations from current members.

The problem with this system is the potential income is not that great because you are only limited to promoting one product or those that are marketed by the same brand you are promoting.

On the other hand, potential income for affiliate marketing is unlimited because you can basically promote as many businesses as you like. Also, it gives you the freedom to create content and engage in the niche you like.

With this being said—I am giving Recession Profit Secrets a 3 out of 10 rating— The only reason I did not give it a 0 star is that they provide a money-back guarantee.

A Better Alternative to Recession Profit Secrets

If you are looking for a program or training course that can truly help you and guide you in creating your affiliate marketing business from scratch, and even if you don’t have sufficient experience in the industry, then you should check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

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I believe that’s just about it in today’s Recession Profit Secrets review!

And to show my appreciation just by being here with me, I am also giving away my book for free to help you kickstart your affiliate marketing endeavor—

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