Tube Crusher Review – Can You Make $3,000 Today?

“If you have a smartphone and 10 minutes to spare each day you are good to make thousands of dollars each day with our program!!”

Here we go AGAIN!  The same old song and dance from previous products I have reviewed!

They keep on putting them out there and I keep on disclosing their fake testimonies and VERY low-quality programs.  And this one is NO different.

They want people to believe that it’s possible to purchase a program for $37 and make loads of money without hardly any work.  Well, I will be blunt right away and tell you that this is complete B.S.!!!

There I said it!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and give this program a review anyway.

However, if you want to skip ahead, I can tell you right away that I don’t recommend this program.  It has all the same characteristics of some very low-quality programs I have reviewed in the past, and I have not recommended them either. If you are looking for something worthwhile, well let me tell you about the method I use to make money online.

It is NOT a get-rich-quick method. You will NOT make $3,000 the first day. But it’s a very legitimate and honest way to build your online business and create a solid foundation that will provide for years to come.

No.1 recommendation

Tube Crusher

My Tube Crusher Review

Program Name: Tube Crusher


Owner: Ciaran (from the sales video, but the narrator says that he prefers to remain anonymous!)

Price:  $37 and of course a lot of upsells


What is Tube Crusher all about?

The sales video is typical of a low-quality program. They all use the same tactics: “Hardly any work and thousands of dollars every day.”

It starts out with screenshots of thousands of dollars every day in their bank account like I have seen them before. The narrator claims that he made $91,433.21 in the last month alone using this system.

Tube crusher 1

Then he says that you are one of the lucky persons that can “get in” to his secret and copy his “testers” that have made more than $2,000 per day by doing almost no work whatsoever!

And then it tells the viewer that the big secret is YouTube.  And all you need is a spare 10 minutes per day to make that kind of money.

But you know what? Things get really interesting right about here in the video.

They show testimonials of “real” people telling the audience that they had their account setup in 15 minutes and money started pouring in right away.

Guess what, these are ACTORS, and they tell a FAKE story.  Here is the proof:

You can see this woman telling her story on the video about how she’s making $10,000 each week with this program

Here she is offering her spokesperson services on Fiverr:

Tube Crusher 6

And the worst part is I have seen her before in several other very low-quality programs.  Check out my review of Easy Insta profits and you will find her there too.

Here is another spokesperson that is featured in the video saying that he made more than $15,000 in about 15 days:

And here he is on Fiverr offering his services as a spokesperson:

And AGAIN, I have seen this guy before as he was featured in another one of my reviews called Tube Profit Sniper.

Here is a third actor:

And here is his profile on Fiverr:

And again, I have seen this guy in another very low-quality program called 30MinuteMoneyMethod.

As you can see, whoever is behind these programs uses the same method over and over again!!!

At this point I want to show you something else I found in the disclaimer at the bottom of the video sales page:

There you go! This program is just a recycled product with some recycled actors from previous programs.  They didn’t even bother to change the name of the program in the disclaimer!  The title says Tube Crusher but the disclaimer is for another program called EcomProfitSniper.

I did a review a couple of months back on EcomProfitSniper.  You can check it out here.  It has the same feel and the same characteristics of this program, but with different Fiverr actors.

Whoever is behind this program is just changing the background a little bit and changing the video a little bit, but it all looks the same and it uses the same tactics and the same hyped up money claims!  I also believe that the narrator is the same because I heard that voice before in other programs.

Check how I make money online by clicking the link below.

I use a real and honest method on the No.1 Affiliate Marketing training platform.

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Getting back to the sales video, after these fake testimonies, he tells a sad story on how he was raised in a single parent family and had no money until he became a prominent name with YouTube.

And then how he became very successful and now make boatloads of money just by uploading YouTube videos.  He also claims that he had some “beta testers” for his program and they all made at least $2,000 per day!

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that you cannot make money with YouTube, because it is very possible, that is a fact!

He does talk about PewDiePie as an example, and yes this guy does make millions with YouTube, but when he first started out, he didn’t just start making $2,000 a day right away!

But this program is based on FAKE testimonies and hyped-up stories, just like a lot of ClickBank programs that I have reviewed lately.

If it was that easy, everyone would be making a killing on YouTube!

How does Tube Crusher really work?

I will be totally honest with you.  I did NOT purchase the system for the following obvious reasons:

Ridiculous money claim:  To make $2,000 per day right away with little or no work is simply absurd!  There is no way that it is possible.  It is very typical of the “get-rich-quick” scheme!    This is a VERY bold claim and even for someone with years of experience, it would be a very good day indeed!  Maybe with multiple businesses set-up and a LOT of work.  But with 10 minutes of work per day – NO WAY!


Nothing in the video that explains WHAT the program is and WHO is this “Ciaran”.  All that we can get out of the video is statements like “From rookie to wealthy vlogger” and “A spare 10 minutes a day and you’re good to go”.  These exaggerated statements alone are enough for me to be really turned off from this system.


You have to buy to know what it really is, and for $37 (and a lot of upsells once you are in) this “Ciaran” who is a made-up person, wants to help you make $2,000 a day with 10 minutes of work.  Yeah Right!!!

Just think about it for a minute, what can you possibly get for $37 except maybe some basic pdf files which are probably PLRs and maybe a video or 2.  I have written a review on Tube Profit Sniper a couple of months ago, and this program looks and feels like the same and it’s probably related.


The FAKE testimonials!! When you need to hire actors to tell your “story”, well then it is what I say it is a “fairy tale story”.
They are hired to dictate a script and make believe that they are making the tons of money they claim they are doing, but as you could see in this post, this program is recycled from previous ones I have reviewed like EcomProfitSniper and  30MinuteMoneyMethod and they use the same actors over and over again!!!

They are NOT making that kind of money with this program!


I did not want to waste my time and money buying this system and then asking for a refund.  I have seen enough in the sales video to know that it is a very low-quality system.  I have bought many systems like this in the past and I just wasted my time and money!

It is very unlikely that you will make money as the narrator says you are if you buy this system. There is no program or systems that exists that can make you rich overnight.

In order to make money online, you have to put in the effort and work at it.  NOT with 10 minutes a day of work, it’s impossible!


It is obviously the same kind of product I have already purchased, tried and got reimbursed because of the very low quality of their product.

Unfortunately, like I have proven in this review, there are tons of programs like this one that have only one purpose:  Get your credit card number and run!

What you will actually be getting

The narrator says that you will be making $2,000 on your first day with this “system”.  To make that kind of money you would need millions of subscribers and a LOT of views.

What you will get is not a system as per say.  Like I said earlier in this post, you will get access to some basic PDF documents and probably a few videos.  But there are NO big secrets here!  It is just plain basic stuff like I have seen them before!



– ClickBank 60 days money back guarantee

– Some training provided.


-Fake money claims – The sales video is full of lies and hyped-up money claims

-Fake owner – Ciaran cannot be found anywhere. It’s a made-up name. We have to conclude that this program is also fake to hide who’s really behind it.

-Fake testimonies – Just look at the Fiverr actors

-Red flags all over the sales video

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture here.


Is it a SCAM?

Making money online with YouTube is real!

However, this program has too many red flags to consider it legit!

All it does is lure people in by telling them a lie and make them believe that they will be rich by working 10 minutes a day!

So, in my personal opinion, this program has pretty much everything it needs to be called a SCAM.

Whoever buys this program is going to be very upset and disappointed by what they get.

What really makes me angry is that this kind of programs gives Affiliate Marketing a bad reputation.

Uninformed and new people think that its that easy and it doesn’t require any work to make money online.

Making money online isn’t easy but it is possible.  This program will only give you some very basic information that you could easily find yourself by doing a little research.

I do have a solution for you!

When I first started out with my online business, I too got caught up in these scams and lost money to very low-quality “systems”.  Back in January of 2016, I found this platform while doing some research on how to make money online.

Like you, I wanted a legit way to do business, and what I found was a community of like-minded people, helping each other build an online business and ultimately make money!

What you need to understand right now is that if you are looking to be rich overnight, you are not on the right website, because what is thought here is not a scam.  It is NOT a get rich quick scheme either.

Stop trying to be rich overnight!  An online business has got to be treated like a regular brick and mortar business.  You have to give it some time and effort in order to really succeed!

I only started to make money online after joining this platform and I want you to get in on my “secret”  

Here is my secret, it’s a platform called Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

You can join for FREE and you will get free step-by-step training and 2 free websites to get you started!

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Please feel free to ask a question about Tube Crusher or leave me a comment below.  I am always very happy to reply promptly to all my readers.

Keep On Keeping On!  I will see you inside!


12 thoughts on “Tube Crusher Review – Can You Make $3,000 Today?”

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    I heard of this Tube Crusher and I am glad to see your review. It does give off bad intentions by saying you can make a lot of money everyday. To promise such a thing is ridiculous as we all know the money can and will change every month. 

    Do you know of anyone who has tried this program? I would like to know their input to the program. Thanks for sharing this great info!

    • Hi Timm,

      No, I am grateful that I have not heard of anyone trying this program before.  

      As I explain in my article, these low-quality programs are not even worth the time and money to try them.  Just by doing a little research, I have exposed all of their scummy tactics, so I don’t think it’s even worth the time to try, even if they have a 60-day money back guarantee. 

      This one has all of the features of a scam, so we might as well call it what it is! 

      Thanks for your question!


  2. I walked away once I heard no work and $1000 of dollars each day right from the start. I know people who have built high subscriber YouTube channels but it took them years to do so in order to make 1000-10000 dollars a month.

    On top of that, YouTube is very competitive so you are going to really have to put in a lot of work with no return because everyone else is competing against you.

    • Hi Jessie,

      Yes, it does take a LOT of work, be it YouTube or a blog.  It is the same thing.  You cannot make money overnight like this program claims that you can!

      I am grateful that you have walked away from this one and that I had something to do with it!

      I wish you success!


  3. Thanks for reviewing this program.  There are just so many of these types of offers.  I have to admit that I have in the past fallen for some of these programs.  Especially if the price point is minimal. Only to be disappointed in the end.  My rule of thumb no matter how compelling the sales pitch is: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  The fact of the matter is that any successful business takes effort and most likely either time, money or both.

    • You are absolutely right Tom.  And this program is not any different.  You have the right mindset to succeed in the long run with your attitude. It does in fact takes time an effort to make it in this online business.

      I wish you great success!


  4. When a program uses fake reviews it is definitely a big red flag. Thanks for doing that research and finding the proof of the bought testimonials. This is proof enough for me that it is a program to stay away from – if it really was as great as they promise, it should not have been a problem for them to get real reviews right?


    • Hi Mike,

      You are absolutely right my friend!  These very-low quality programs rely on actors to tell their scripted stories, just to hype the sales video even more.  

      That being said, it is very possible to make $3,000 per day using affiliate marketing.  But for those who are looking for a get-rich-quick method, I am sorry to say that this program will not live up to it’s hype.

      If you want to make money online using affiliate marketing, it takes dedication and work!  Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build a solid foundation and work your way up the ladder from there.  You can’t build a house by starting to make the roof, well it’s the same with any business.  And an online business is not any different.

      Thanks for your comment!

      I wish you success my friend!


  5. I’m happy I came across your post, there are indded lots of fake sites and programs/platforms out there, and it is becoming frustrating to find good ones, I know there are, but there are so many fake ones, that i’m losing hope. To know that the same person(s) is/are behind these programs, is even more frustrating. 

    Tube Crusher is certainly scrapped as one of the platforms I want to try, however, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is something I will try, how long have you been there?

    Hope to see you there one day !

    • Hello Emmanuel,

      Yes my friend, it is frustrating to see the same programs rehashed into another similar low quality program.  These guys need to be exposed and that is what I am doing.  The “Get rich quick” scheme is now more popular than ever, as people wants everything right now.  And years ago, I was one of those people and got burned from these programs more than my share.  The almost 3 years ago (to answer your question) I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I haven’t looked back!

      Thank you for your comment!  Hope to see you on the inside too!


  6. I loved reading your review! Thank you for doing excellent detective work! You would think that these actors would try and look a little different when performing for different products.

    • Hi Colleen,

      Yeah, either change their appearance, or the owners of these low-quality products should hire other actors, maybe it would look a little more legit!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article!


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