Is Miraculous Manifestation (2021) a Scam? Or is it Legitimate?

Is Miraculous Manifestation a scam? Or is it legit? For today’s topic, I’ll help you determine whether the program is a good investment or not?

Miraculous Manifestation Frontpage

When you go to the internet and search for how you can become a millionaire or how you can own one of those Lamborghini’s, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find lots of websites claiming that they have the answer to your financial goals.

Some internet gurus provide you online training course, while others offer an investment to a system. But probably the most amusing and entertaining I’ve heard so far is some so-called spiritual gurus claiming that they can make you financially abundant through the Law of Attraction.

The term was first coined and popularized by the book “The Secret.”  Today, many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of its popularity for improving their lead generation and increasing their profits.

One example of such online businesses that you might’ve come across is called Miraculous Manifestation.

Although their sales pitch already looks suspicious, it might’ve still caught your attention. And if you want to know more about the program, then today’s topic is specially made just for you!

But before I begin today’s topics, allow me to disclose that I am NOT an affiliate of Miraculous Manifestation and in NO way promoting any of their programs.

So is Miraculous Manifestation a scam? Or, are they a legitimate program after all?

Let’s begin and find out…

Who is the owner of the site?

One of the primary characteristics of a scam is a businesses’ unwillingness to disclose its true identity and basic information about its operation.

The video presentation of Miraculous Manifestation is suspicious right off the bat.

First off, you will be greeted with a success story that’s sounded like it was made up. And then show a picture of this guy they call Erik Jones, who is supposed to be the program’s founder.

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 1

The person looks to be in his mid to late 20s, but the presenter’s voice sounded like he is in his mid-40s or 50s.

And sure enough, this so-called Erik Jones appears to be a stock photo that has been used in various hairstyle website—

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 2

I find it extremely hard to trust any businesses if they are not upfront with the important details of the business.

Anyway, let’s check out what the program is all about and whether there are reasons to believe it is legitimate. Or is Miraculous Manifestation a scam?

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 3

What is Miraculous Manifestation? And how much does it cost?

Miraculous Manifestation is a program that primarily offers binaural and other meditative materials. It is a Clickbank product, and it will cost you $47 for the entire product.

And yes, what you’ll be getting for the price are mostly audio tracks. He claims that he obtained these tracks from a shaman. And listening to the files every day enabled him to attract abundance in his life.

The story is obviously made up and completely ridiculous, to tell you honestly. I will talk about what’s wrong with it in the next sections.

Also, I don’t find the products relevant at all because you can find tons of free sources online if you’re looking for binaural audio tracks to help you relax.

Other than the ridiculous sales pitch, there’s no additional information provided.

But based on their IP Address, we see that the site was published only over one and a half years ago, as indicated below—

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 4

Also, referring to the IP Address provided, it places them in two different regions in the United States, which is California and Virginia—

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 5
Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 6

This instance doesn’t come as a surprise because they are using a VPN connection after all—

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 7

An individual utilizes a VPN or Virtual Private Network to protect their identity and interest as they browse the cyberspace.

However, such action may not be appropriate if you’re a business offering products to the public. If you’re a credible company offering legitimate products, then there should be no reason for them not to disclose necessary information.

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The problem with the Law of Attraction

As mentioned, the said purpose of Miraculous Manifestation is to draw abundance in your life—manifesting abundance using the Law of Attraction, if you will. We are all familiar with this type of philosophy, and it was first popularized by the book called “The Secret.”

The term is often used especially by spiritual and motivational gurus, and it is a belief that you manifest in your life whatever you set your mind to. In other words thoughts become things.

For example, if you want to become a millionaire or own an expensive car or luxurious home, then all you have to do is to have faith and believe that you’ll have it.

And then, you will eventually manifest your hearts’ desire if you believe long enough. It’s typical motivational nonsense promoted by spiritual gurus.  

But don’t get me wrong here—I don’t have any problem with the self-help genre. My issue is the philosophy of this kind of teaching itself.

Again, the concept is that you manifest in your life what you want. If this claim is true and such philosophy is the answer, how can you explain people starving in third-world countries?

Maybe they’re not manifesting enough? You see the problem here?

Let me remind you that the Law of Attraction is not factual either, and it is considered a pseudoscience. 

So in order for the law of attraction to work, you would need to generate abundance in your life. Nothing is going to fall on your lap just by thought alone, you also need to take action in order for this law to work.

This is where I find that these people are using the term “law of attraction” to fool people into thinking that if you think about it long and hard enough you will somehow get whatever you want. This is NOT how it works!

There are plenty of free resources online that teaches this philosophy and how to “generate” abundance in your life, and making believe that a $47 system will bring you abundance is simply selling snake oil in my opinion!

Is Miraculous Manifestation a scam? Here are the red flags to consider…

Please don’t buy the product! It is a scam! or at least it’s a very low-quality system! Everything about the program is untruthful.

Let’s go through each of the red flags and why you shouldn’t invest your time and money in their digital products—

Bogus background story

As mentioned, the image of the supposed founder is a stock photo that was used on various websites.

In addition, he mentioned that the image of the burning house below was his former home—

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 8

Again, the image doesn’t belong to the program. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to trace the origin of the photo, but I found that it was used on several websites.

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 9

One of the articles above says that the premise is called Mount Zion Prayer Ministry. Coincidentally, Zion is also the name of the shaman in the video presentation.

So yes, here is the so-called shaman named Zion that has helped this Erik Jones.

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 10

As you might have guessed, the image wasn’t his either.

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 11

Next, the creator claims that he has proof of his success. Are they the images below?

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 12

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 13

Yes, one of them is a stock photo, while the other image was stolen from a resort located in Phoenix.

Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 14
Miraculous Manifestation IMAGE 15

So would you still put your trust in them?

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Irrelevant product

The presenter claims that the products are controversial and given to him by a “shaman,” as discussed earlier. But, again, this is false marketing!

They mentioned that this is a perfect system to help you manifest. However, I am certain that what they’ll provide you is recycled material from other scam programs.

Or they have brought the materials from a PLR (Private Label Rights) provider website.  This is especially common practice in some Clickbank products.

Some marketers buy PLR content from online providers, and then they resell it and claim that the products as their own.

Clickbank is a legitimate affiliate marketing platform, and you can find many relevant products there. Unfortunately, however, there are some dishonest marketers that sometimes slip through the crack.

Also, this products cost $47, which is relatively cheap, you might argue. But you can find tons of free sources online and free applications on Google Play, just so you know.

You don’t have to pay anything!

False Claims!

Binaural does provide relaxation and is a great meditation method, since I personally use some binaural beats in my meditations. However, it can’t help you become a millionaire or realize your dream car or house.

This is not what binaural beats will do.

As I said earlier, you must take action in order to realize your dreams, they are NOT going to appear to you out of thin air!

False Scarcity

Scarcity tactic is a common marketing strategy used by dishonest entrepreneurs to persuade audiences to buy their products. It is based on misleading audiences into believing that the products are only offered for a limited period.

Are there any positive traits about the business?

No. There is none. I didn’t find any positive things about the program. And I suggest that you save your money for more legitimate programs that can truly provide you the financial freedom you desire.

I also reviewed several income opportunities in the past that you may want to check out—Money Bootcamp, Affiliate Dojo, and List Leverage, just to name a few.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you with the answer to the all-important question—is Miraculous Manifestation a scam? Is it worth investing time and money into them?

I don’t recommend the digital products they offer because of the many red flags. And it would be best if you avoid them and spend your hard-earned money on more legitimate programs.

Although it would only cost you $47 (plus the obvious upsells they don’t talk about in the sales page), you can find free sources online such as YouTube or download free mobile applications in Google Play.

Let’s continue to the last section of the article, and I will show you a much better source of income online…

How I earn income online?

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I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds today!

Thank you for the time and effort in reading my “Is Miraculous Manifestation a Scam?” review!

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