Is Affiliate One a Scam? Or is it Legitimate After All?

Is Affiliate One a scam? Or is it a legitimate program you can invest in? In today’s article, I will provide you with the answer you need and help you decide if they’re the right fit.

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Is Affiliate One a scam? Or is it a legitimate program that can help you gain financial independence in just a few simple clicks?

If you have these concerns in mind and you would like to know if the program is indeed a good investment, then you have definitely come to the right place!

In today’s article, I will provide you with my analysis of Affiliate One and help you decide if you can truly trust the site in achieving your financial goals.

But before I begin, allow me to have this moment to share with you that I am NOT associated with the program. And I will NOT earn commissions nor gain any benefits if you decide to try out and pay for the program.

This is my honest review and analysis of the legitimacy of Affiliate One and its potential as an income opportunity online.

So without any further delays, let’s begin today’s topic…

Who is the Creator of Affiliate One?

Affiliate One was developed by a digital entrepreneur named James Fawcett. He has years of experienced in the field and has developed numerous digital products in the past.

It’s claimed that he is among Warrior Plus’ top 5% vendors and 5% affiliates. In addition, there’s an article stating that his methods have generated him $1.1 million for the year 2021. However, we have no way of confirming his claims since there’s little information about his identity.

With so little background, does this mean he is untrustworthy? Is Affiliate One a scam? Or is he a legitimate internet guru after all?

If you’re looking for a legit platform that’s less risky and yields high and a more reliable income, then I highly recommend that you refer to my best work-from-home recommendation!

What is Affiliate One?

Affiliate One is another done-for-you system that you will find in Warrior Plus. The digital market is saturated with them, and it is because of the high demand.

Many people today don’t seem to want to exert any effort and experience the hardship that comes along with establishing an online business. They would rather give the dishonest marketers and scammers their money to give them poor-quality programs that have no value.

Also, some mistakes DFYs with affiliate marketing. Although it is advertised as such, affiliate marketing is way different from a DFY, in my opinion.

In affiliate marketing, you can freely express yourself by creating the website in accordance with your personality and unique sense of style. Also, it allows you to advertise any product or service that perfectly fits your niche, beliefs, or advocacies.

In addition, engaging in a DFY business is more of a referral commission than an affiliate commission since you are only promoting one brand, right?

In this type of business, the potential for lead generation is extremely because of the strict guidelines implemented by prominent search engine sites like Google and Yahoo on spam or duplicated content.

You have to remember that what you are receiving is essentially the same materials as with other members. Thus, the generic content is likely to be filtered by search engine sites making it very difficult for you to convert sales.

What’s Inside the Program?

The program includes the following features—

  • Case Study – the developers, will provide you with a set of procedures that have helped them generate five figures per month
  • Training Modules – in addition to the step-by-step procedure, the member will also receive training modules on the basics of the Affiliate One DFY system
  • Mindset – the mindset section of training courses is a common feature. Although irrelevant, they use them as a filler to add time or make the training a little longer
  • World-Class Support Team – as the name suggests, it is the program’s customer assistance directory whenever the member has concerns about the program

I also have reviewed several DFY systems in the past. You can read about them if you’re inclined to—Beast Funnels, Affiliate Traffic Bot, Commission Pages, and Googlix, just to name a few of the reviews I have written in the past.

How Much is the Affiliate One DFY System?

If you’re interested in trying out Affiliate One, you only have to prepare for the one-time payment of $17. On their landing page, it indicates that their digital is under special promo and would go back to the original price of $97 per month once the promo period has ended.

However, I doubt this matters because, based on my experience with DFYs, this is only a marketing strategy to attract more of their audience to buy the low-quality program.

Also, $17 may not seem that much, but you have to take into consideration the ensuing upsells after the settlement of the initial cost.

The following are some examples of the supposed upgrades—

  • Fast Cash Accelerator – strategies in converting your subscribers to affiliates
  • 10x Auto-Commission Multipliers – techniques in email marketing
  • DFY Package – as the name of the pack indicates, it is additional DFY packages
  • VIP Inner Sanctum – it is a support group for struggling affiliates
  • Reseller – it is the developer’s strategy to increase commission pages

As you see, you may end up spending more money than allow you to save anything. But if you’re looking for a source of income online that’s cost-effective yet can help you achieve your financial goals, then you have to check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

Is Affiliate One a Scam?

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Technically, a done-for-you system is not an illegal business model. However, the way they advertise their program is overhyped and misleading.

Yes, it can provide you with some level of profits, but I assure you that it won’t be enough due to the poor quality of the program.

Also, as cheap as they may appear to be, you have to remember that you will need to pay for the upsells as well after you have initially provided them with the basic package plan.

What I LIKE about Affiliate One’s DFY Program

There’s nothing positive I can say about Affiliate One.

I don’t recommend them or any DFY systems for that matter. Contrary to what they advertise, you won’t gain any significant income from the platform because of search engines’ strict policy on spam publications.

The materials and content you are receiving are basically the same as with the other members of Affiliate One.

With search engines’ regulations on spam accounts, you will definitely find it challenging to convert leads to sales.

What I DON’T LIKE about Affiliate One’s DFY System

Now, below are the things to factors why you shouldn’t consider Affiliate One—

Low Income Potential

Due to the duplicating content they provide, lead generation with DFYs is almost impossible with this type of business model, considering the regulations implemented by Google or Yahoo, for example.

Subpar Programs

The primary focus of DFYs is not creating quality programs and training; rather, they want you to market their products and attract more members so they would earn profits.


The program may appear affordable, but again, it has a number of upsells or is popularly known as upgrades. They are not really optional, and you have to pay for them in order for you to gain access to some of the programs’ features.

If you’re looking for a better source of income that is less risky and cost-effective, then I highly suggest that you have to check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

Insufficient Info about the Developer

Yes. A creator is a man named James Fawcett, and many claimed him to be one of the top sellers and affiliates in Warrior Plus, but the problem is we have no way to confirm what he’s saying is true since there’s little information about him.

Also, most scams today are DFYs. And they carry out the scheme by creating a pseudonym and fake lifestyle and an “inspirational” background to lure their audience into buying the scam.

I’m not saying James is a scam since we have no info to prove that. But you have to be cautious if you’re thinking of buying his product.

Final Thoughts and A Better Alternative Affiliate One

I hope today’s review has provided you with the insights you need to answer the question—is Affiliate One a scam? Or is it a good investment after all?

Although there’s a high demand for DFY systems, I don’t recommend them at all. And yes, it provides premade material, but it’s highly likely that it won’t provide you the high income they guarantee in their sales pitch videos.

You have to refer to my best work-from-home recommendation if you’re looking for a source of income that can indeed help you achieve your financial goals without having to cause you to break the bank.

Well, I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds here!

And to show you my appreciation by getting this far in today’s “Is Affiliate One a scam?” review, I’m also giving away my book for free to help you gain more information on how you can earn reliable income online—

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Thank you for the time and effort, and I hope to see you in the next reviews!


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