Bitcoin System Review (2021): Is it a Legit Betting Site?

Welcome to my Bitcoin System review! For today’s discussion, I’ll help you determine whether this platform is legit or a scam that you should avoid.

Bitcoin System FRONTPAGE

Welcome to my Bitcoin System review!

If you want answers on whether the Bitcoin System is legitimate or just another scam, then this article is what you are looking for!

In this article, I will provide the specifics of the program and whether they could really deliver what they promise in their video sales letter.

But before I begin, let me share with you first that I am NOT a representative or affiliate of Bitcoin System or and in NO way promoting any of the company’s digital products.

This content is my honest and unbiased take on the program, and whether it’s an outright scam or a legitimate investment after all.

So without further delays, let’s get right into today’s review…

Who are the Creators of the Bitcoin System?

Right off the bat, the program suspiciously feels like a scam.

The marketing strategy that they’re employing to entice potential clients (or victims) is similar to what I have reviewed in the past. Factors such as hyped claims, fake scarcity, fake testimonials, bogus business identities, etc. All of which I will explain as today’s review progresses.

In this section, let’s talk about the people behind the program.

Unfortunately, they did not provide any genuine information about their business.

On their landing page, you’ll see a person named Steve McKay, who they claim to be the founder of the Bitcoin System.

Bitcoin System IMAGE 1

Now, this is an apparent BS because I reversed image search the photo found that it was used in several sites as well as shown below—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 2

As you see, this “Steve McKay” guy is just a stock photo. And would you entrust your money to anyone who is attempting to deceive you by providing fake information?

Other than the bogus owner, they didn’t disclose even the most basic of information like place of business, current owners, or date of inception.

However, I did found out that the domain was only over one month old, as you see in the following illustration—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 3

And base on the IP address, the business is located in—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 4

However, I wouldn’t completely trust the information relayed because they’re apparently using a VPN connection and has a high risk for potential abuse, as shown below—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 5

If, for some reason, you’d still like to know how the program works, then let’s continue with my Bitcoin System review and find out more…

What is Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System is basically a program that generates trading signals. It is sold under the site called Unfortunately, there’s not much information about the site.

The software operates on specific algorithms based on previous results from the Bitcoin market.

It gathers data that should generate insights on the best betting odds. In simpler terms, it provides you predictions on which the odds are likely to provide you higher chances of profitability.

You have to take note that even the most legitimate trading software doesn’t always guarantee success. How much more if the program is not trustworthy like the Bitcoin System?

Also, Bitcoin gambling is high-risk and not recommended for people that don’t have sufficient knowledge about the essentials of cryptocurrency.

In addition, below are several factors you have to consider before engaging in Bitcoin—

  • In general, cryptocurrencies are untraceable, which can be a potential for abuse by cybercriminals. We have seen such an instance occur, especially in the dark web
  • Bitcoin is highly volatile. It means that the market is unstable, and the prices of Bitcoins can go up and down abruptly.
  • Although cryptocurrency has been around for several years now, the cryptocurrency market is still a work-in-progress, which makes them very challenging to evaluate and predict the market trend
  • It is still pretty much unregulated, which means you are unprotected by any legal jurisdiction in case things go wrong
  • Lastly, there’s not much practical use to Bitcoins. It’s still not an accepted payment in most online transactions.

As I said, it’s a typical scam that I’ve reviewed in the past, like The Profit Maximizer,,, and Secret Online Goldmine, just to name a few of them.

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How Much is Bitcoin System?

This type of program is typically free. What they require you instead is for you to make an initial investment.

However, there was no mention of how much the cost of the investment is.

But once you provide your personal information like name, email address, and contact number, you’ll be redirected to a trading site called

The site is where you are supposed to make the initial investment. According to what I gather, requires an initial investment of $500. However, I tried placing a $1 bet, and it asks a minimum amount of $250.

Bitcoin System IMAGE 6

It didn’t mention if there are any upsells involved. But based on my experience, these types of programs do include upsells.

As mentioned in the previous section, the cryptocurrency market is unregulated. With this being said—it may be difficult to refund your money once you have provided the investment.

Is Bitcoin System a Scam? Here are some of the Red Flags to Consider…

Based on the several red flags that the program has, I strongly believe that Bitcoin System is a scam that you have to stay away from.

Fake Testimonials!

Would you trust any business giving you false feedback about their business?

The individuals giving testimonials on their video sales letters are paid actors that were probably hired from freelance platforms like Fiverr or UpWork.

Just take a look at the following examples—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 7
Bitcoin System IMAGE 8

Here is another example—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 9
Bitcoin System IMAGE 10

I have seen this guy numerous times in a lot of bogus systems before!

Bogus Owners!

As mentioned earlier, the “so-called” founder and owner of the Bitcoin System is fake.

Made-Up and Hyped Claims

They also mentioned that their members were able to accommodate their luxurious lifestyle through their program.

Unfortunately, the photos they provided were stock photos, as shown below—

Bitcoin System IMAGE 11
Bitcoin System IMAGE 12

Unregistered with the FTC

Bitcoin System is not registered with the FTC (Federal Trade Commissions).

A business that’s accredited by the FTC is very important because it indicates that the institution is safe and free of fraudulent practices.

Unregistered with the BBB

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is one agency most people turn to for background checking.

A business not having a BBB profile doesn’t immediately indicate that they’re a scam, but it would definitely make a huge impact on the decision-making of the potential client.

Cryptocurrency is High Risk

As I discussed in the earlier section, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is high risk and a very unstable market.

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What are the Positive Things about Bitcoin System? If there are any…

I did not find any positive things about the program that would lead me to recommend Bitcoin System in any way.

Bitcoin System is a scam! Stay away from this program!

Final Thoughts: Bitcoin System Review

I hope today’s Bitcoin System Review has helped you in making up your mind that the program is a scam.

I believe that it’s pretty much established at this point that the Bitcoin System is not worth investing your time and money in.

Again, let me remind you if you would put your trust in a program that’s trying to deceive you by providing bogus information about the business and fake testimonials.

It would be better if you avoid Bitcoin System at all costs and find a more legitimate source of income online.

Let’s continue to the last section of today’s review, and I will present you with a much better and legitimate way to earn income online…

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Thank you for the time in reading my Bitcoin System review!

I hope to see you next time!



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