Is Myigaa a Scam? Or, is it Legitimate? Let’s find out!

by Allan

For today’s topic, I’ll help you determine whether they’re a good investment or should you avoid them?

Is Myigaa a scam?


Name: MYIGAA (Make Your Income Great Again and Again)


Owner: Matthew Cooper, Jr. (this is just a pen name – the actual owner(s) is (are) hiding behind a smoke screen)

Price: $47

The pandemic has left a lasting impact on today’s generation. It affected how we live in the present, and it will definitely continue to do so in the future as well.

Since establishments and businesses were forced to shut down during the peak of COVID-19, many people became jobless and turned to income opportunities that they could find on the internet.

As a result, we’ve seen a huge spike in eCommerce and other online-related careers.

And if you’re looking for ways to earn money online, then there’s a good chance that you might have come across a program called Myigaa.

For some reason, his sales pitch might have gotten your attention despite the suspicious testimonials and too-good-to-be-true claims.

Anyway, if you want to know answers whether his program is legit or just another scheme trying to steal money from you, then you have come to the right place!

But before we start today’s review, allow me to disclose that I am NOT an affiliate or associate nor in any way promoting the services offered by Myigaa.

The topic I have prepared is the result of thorough research and solely for the purpose of helping you determine if the program that Cooper has put up is a good use of your time and money or is it best to avoid them and save your money?

So is Myigaa a scam? Or, are they a legitimate venture to engage in?

Let’s find out…

Who is Matthew Cooper, Jr.? And what is Myigaa?

Myigaa is advertised as an online program that teaches people how to become financially independent through eCommerce. And Myigaa stands for “Make Your Income Great Again and Again”.

It’s somewhat a catchy name, right? Well, sometimes that’s how you get people’s attention—through cheesy puns.

The program’s name sounded similar to what two former US Presidents, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, had said during their campaigns—Make America Great Again or MAGA.

Uhmm… And I’m wondering how the program would work for people who never experienced earning significantly in the first place? He said, making your income great again, right?

Anyway, it’s just a thought. They may have run out of good names to use.

Unfortunately, it appears that the business has failed to disclose basic company information. All we know is that it was supposed to have been founded by Matthew Cooper, Jr.

Current CEOs, the base of operation, and the inception date are nowhere to be found on their website. I also tried to search for any corporate information but to no avail.

And we also have no idea who exactly is Matthew Cooper, Jr. All we know is that he is the guy who is supposed to help you become wealthy.

But how can you trust a person who is not even sharing with you the most basic of information?

I checked their domain age, and it suggests that it was only created on October 20, 2020.

How Myigaa works?

In the sales page video, Matt Cooper did not mention what specifically you’ll learn, which is not a good sign.

For one thing, consumers would want to know the specifics of the products or services before investing any money rather than just a promise of high returns.

At the beginning of the video clip, he talks about PayPal and its benefits, then suddenly shifting to showing you his profits in his supposed bank account and how you could earn the same.

But for the entirety of the video, the only income opportunity he mentioned is through eCommerce but did not disclose the business model he intends to teach.

The testimonials weren’t that helpful as well. They talk a lot about earning thousands a day and financial freedom but have not indicated, even once, what they’re doing.

If it’s eCommerce, two of the most popular and lucrative platforms around are affiliate marketing and dropshipping. Although he may have said that this isn’t quite so, another possible answer would be an investment scheme.

Or even freelancing jobs, but this can’t be the case since there was a mention that you make money in your sleep. The nature of such a job involves your constant time and effort like regular work.

If it’s indeed affiliate marketing or dropshipping, then there’s a good reason that he isn’t mentioning it upfront.

You have to remember that there is some good content on both affiliate marketing and dropshipping that is being taught on YouTube for free. But if you feel you need more guidance on affiliate marketing, then you can check out my top work-at-home recommendation.

If it involves an investment scheme, then it’s no longer eCommerce.

If I were you, I would really find it hard to trust anybody asking me for money without stating the income opportunity first.

Is Myigaa a Scam? Here are some red flags

Not enough corporate information was provided

Myigaa has not disclosed basic corporate information like co-founders (if there are any), inception date, headquarters, CEOs, or current owners.

Such an act is a huge red flag, in my opinion. There’s no excuse not to share such facts with the public if your business is honest.

With this being said—is Myigaa a scam? Well, it’s kind of heading that way, to be honest. And this is because I’ve seen similar patterns with other scams where they don’t want to be traced.

But I was able to track their location through their IP address. And my research suggests that they are somewhere in San Jose, California, United States.

However, we can’t tell for sure if this is true because I was also able to detect a VPN.

Lastly, notice the similarity of its brand logo from a small business in the Philippines—

What’s the income opportunity here?

There was no information about the mechanics on how you can achieve the financial freedom that they promise. It appears they will only tell you the opportunity once you purchase their product or sign up.

Also, he mentioned about he is not looking for individuals with experience.

He may not literally mean it, but it does make sense because seasoned online entrepreneurs may find his program not helpful, and they may even have a lot to say about his methods or the program’s overall concept.

And only people without any sort of eCommerce background may find it relevant.

But if you are indeed a newbie, I recommend that you begin with free content first before you try paid courses if you feel that you need more extensive lessons.

Fake Testimonials

Their claims of financial freedom made me suspicious, but I became more doubtful when I saw this testimonial campaign thumbnail—

It looks like stock photos.

Faking testimonials seem to be a common trend in the online course industry.

Also, I’ve noticed similar photos being used many times in their testimonials but with different names. Just look at the example below— These were copied from their website while doing this review

Here’s another example:

I also reverse image search some of the images in the testimonials and found the same images on different websites! Check out the following—

Here’s another example:

I also found this Fiverr actress that is giving a Fake testimony in the sales video:

There are several others, but I am sure by now you get the picture right?

At the beginning of the sales video, a disclaimer is shown. It was stated that actors performed these testimonials to protect their customers’ so-called privacy.

But I find this nonsense because such an element improves your business’s credibility and enhances your trust rating that could boost your sales.

Without such a factor, there’s no way for us to identify whether they’re authentic or not.

With this being said—is Myigaa a scam?

The only thing I can say about this issue is that it is extremely sketchy, and I would tend to stay away from them if they’re this untruthful.

False hope

Yes, there’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, but notice how they will attempt to hook and hype you by repeatedly stating that their subscribers earn thousands of dollars passively.

Again, let me remind you that the individuals in the testimonials are actors—it is in the disclaimer!

I was taught that if something is too good to be true, it is most likely not true. And this is certainly most likely the case, especially if there’s no concrete information about the corporate background and how it is managed.

Scarcity tactic

I’ve seen a countdown timer just under the promotional video the first time I visited their sales page. It ran down to zero, but I assure you that it will be reinstated a few days from now.

Another gimmick they have is the idea of limited seats. They say 49, but I highly doubt this.

No income disclosure

Yup, they’re only four months old according to their domain age. But they presented you with a lot of testimonials in their promotional video.

So it’s only reasonable that they show you some proof that they are indeed helping people reach their dreams of financial freedom, right?

If you’re looking for a more legitimate way to earn income online, then you better check out my top work-at-home recommendation!


As of the moment, I can’t see any positives about the program, and it would be best if you stay away from them and save your money.


No refund policy after the 3-day trial period

Fake testimonials

They’re only selling hype, but in reality, they’re giving you false hopes

No income disclosure statement to prove that they are helping people earn income

Basic company background was not provided

Sketchy check out system:

I found that the check out system they use is not very trustworthy in other reviews I did in the past. They use this “version” of the system with the following URL :

I have seen the same (website) often in the past and my experience is that they tend to change URL very often. They used to have this URL:

and here is an example of the same “cart” used for other reviews I did in the past called The Job Quitter Club, The retired Millionaire, The Push Button System, and several others!

Here is what happens when I run this website through my Norton 360:

Norton Warning

They also have a lot of bad reviews on Scam Doc, a web tool that evaluates websites’ trust and reliability.

Even if they changed the URL, it remains that they are NOT trustworthy and If I were you I would NOT give them my credit card number!

Final thoughts

I hope today’s topics have provided you the answer you seek to the all-important question—is Myigaa a scam? Or is it a good investment?

But in either case, I do not recommend the program that Matthew Cooper, Jr. offers.

They seem to be unwilling to disclose basic corporate information, income disclosure statements, and genuine testimonials, making their business model extremely sketchy.

Let’s continue to the last section, and I will show you a much better option and more legitimate way to earn income online…

Why I choose Affiliate Marketing over other income opportunities online

If you’re looking to earn high-yielding passive income online, then you have to give affiliate marketing a try.

They are a better option over other income opportunities online for few apparent reasons—

  • No risk!
  • It is free, to begin with!
  • It is a higher and more stable source of income!
  • There are no upsells!
  • Its most important characteristic is that it offers unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many brands as you like!

And yes, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a product or services using your own online website.

You will market the brand through an affiliate links that’ll be given to you by the companies. And then, you’ll earn commissions anytime someone uses these links you’ve provided to avail the products or services offered by the company you’re representing,

Of course, the success of such an endeavor depends on your marketing strategy and the quality of traffic driven into your website.

If you’re completely new to the idea of affiliate marketing and don’t know where to begin, or you may already have knowledge about it but struggling at the moment, then you no longer have to worry about it!

I got your back!

Slightly tickle the description below, and I will help you create a stunning website that’s attracting a lot of traffic from scratch—


Well, I guess we’ve covered sufficient grounds here!

Thank you for the time, and I hope to see you on the next topics!


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10 thoughts on “Is Myigaa a Scam? Or, is it Legitimate? Let’s find out!”

  1. Thank you for your review on this.

    I had an email from a reputable affiliate company that I had been part of a few years ago but then decided to no longer be a part of it. I call it reputable because I felt it was at the time and even though I did make small commissions decided it wasn’t for me.

    Anyway I’d received this email from them and listened intently. I would not have thought this legit affiliate company would actually send out a scam and would have hoped that they’d checked it out before emailing their members (yes I’m still on their email list). So reading your review I would like to thank you as it’s saved me time and effort.

    Thank you


  2. I want to thank you for all your help I just lost all my money it happened because I was hacked it was all the money me and my family had we were going to start a small business buy a house on a decent peace of land but now I don’t know what to do if I would have invested in that business I just don’t know what I would have done thank you so much

    • Hi Jerry,

      Well, my “job” is done 🙂 That is exactly the purpose of this article, to warn people about this bogus system. I want to congratulate you on taking the time to investigate BEFORE giving them any money. You saved yourself some grief and anxiety (and also money of course).

      I wish you the very best for the future and hopefully, things will turn around for you!


  3. I actually looked up the company before giving credit card information saw scam. The video claim not asking for money then wants credit card. If this legit why you don’t take the money out of what I make. Of course you getting rich by asking for money up front and some people desperate enough to believe that they will make money. Trump your ass back to Reality.

    • Great for you Connie!

      There are too many of these systems out there taking money from hard-working people trying to earn some revenue online. If it was this easy, everybody would be rich right?
      I am glad that you were able to figure it out BEFORE giving them your credit card number!

      Stay safe!

  4. The terms and agreements are insane! One says we don’t guarantee the website will remain there. And if your payment doesn’t go through you agree to pay collections and subscriptions. CRAZY! There’s an address and phone # the company is Easy Gift or something like that. I hit *67 then the # to block my # tho
    31. Contact Us.
    If you have any questions about the Agreement or about the practices of Markenark please feel free to contact us at:
    Address: 30 SW. Elm Ave. Desoto, TX 75115
    Online Support: Click Here
    Phone Support: 1-888-793-3429

    • Hi Heather!

      It’s great that you have taken the time to read their terms and agreement PRIOR to giving them your credit card number! That’s the way to do it. And as you say, once you read them, it’s easy to figure out that they have no good intentions whatsoever!

      Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience!

      Stay safe!

  5. Thank you very much I almost went for it. I appreciate your time in investigating false job opportunities. I do thank you again for your insight.


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