Is Savage University Legit? Or is it a Scam? Let’s Find Out!

Is Savage University legit? Or is it untrustworthy? In this article, I’ll share with you my analysis of whether the program is a good investment or not?

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Is Savage University legit? Or is it a scam that you have to refrain from engaging?

Amazon is the leading eComm company in the world. You might only know them as an online store, but they focus on a wide array of platforms as well, such as digital streaming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital literature.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to do business with Amazon, right?

Now, this is what Paul Savage aims for in his training program. He particularly concentrates on one income opportunity of the company that’s believed to be highly profitable, called Amazon FBA (or Fulfilled-by-Amazon).

And if you’re here to learn more about the training course and wanted to determine if they can indeed be financially advantageous to you, then the article I have written for today is especially just for you!

But before I officially today’s discussion, allow me to have this moment to disclose to you that I am NOT representing or an affiliate of Paul Savage’s program in any way.

This article is my honest opinion about his digital product and an unbiased review on whether it could deliver what the program claims.

So without any further ado, let’s begin today’s topic…

Let’s Meet the Founder of Savage University

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Paul Savage is a digital entrepreneur that specializes in the Amazon FBA business model.

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He is also a social media personality with over 27.5K subscribers on YouTube. His YT channel focuses on Amazon FBAs and other topics about ways how you can earn money online.

I haven’t found data regarding how’s his business is doing, but his YouTube channel isn’t earning that much, as shown below—

Savage University IMAGE 3
Savage University IMAGE 4

In any case, I am not seeing any reason to believe that he is a con artist in any way.

I believe his program is a good starting point for newbies in digital entrepreneurship who want to learn the business of Amazon FBAs and dropshipping.

With this in mind—is Savage University legit? Or is it a scam program after all?

Let’s continue with the review and find out more about how the program works…

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What Does the Savage University Offer?

Savage University is an eComm program that primarily provides online training on the basics and strategies in Amazon FBA.

If you’re not familiar with the business model, it is a digital business model wherein you buy products at retail and sell them through Amazon.

Such a structure is what’s making many confuse many Amazon FBAs with dropshipping.

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However, the main difference between the two models is stock possession.

In dropshipping, you contract a third-party merchant where you’ll get the products that you’re going to offer on your website. They are also responsible for the storage and its eventual shipment to your customers.

On the other hand, Amazon FBAs usually involve four parties—the seller, the customer, the supplier, and then Amazon (warehousing and shipment).

In my opinion, the course is a good starting point for individuals with no prior experience with the business model. It will give you the direction where to start and a good sense of what to expect as you begin.

Here is a summary of the Savage University online course—

  • 160 plus training videos on Amazon FBA
  • 25-hour bonus videos
  • Free five resources
  • Access to community and mastermind class
  • Interview with three of the program’s expert
  • Product discounts
  • Access to two live events

I’ve also reviewed several training programs in the past that revolve around teaching you the essentials of online money-making schemes. Here are some of the examples I have written in the past—Story Vault, The Copy Cure, Fiction Profits, and 6-Figure YouTube Academy, just to name a few of the works I’ve published.

You can also check out my official webpage by simply clicking this hyperlink to see the full list of programs I have reviewed.

How Much is the Program?

If you’re interested in availing of Paul Savages’ training course, then you have to prepare your budget because it is quite pricey. Enrolling at Savage University will cost you $997!

Also, I did not find any refund policy. In my opinion, this is a turn-off because you may need some sort of assurance that you’re getting your money’s worth considering the high asking price of the product.

In addition, I am not certain as well if there are upsells, popularly known as “upgrades,” to access parts of the program.

Whatever the case may be, the program is not suitable for everyone, especially if you are under a tight budget or don’t have sufficient money to fund the retail price.

But if you are looking for a program that can give you a much better opportunity to boost your monthly income, then you have to check out my best work-from-home recommendation!

Is Savage University Legit? Or is it a Scam?

No. I don’t think that Savage University is a scam program. I believe Paul Savage’s course offers decent training on FBAs.

Again, the only concerns I have with Paul Savage’s program are the high price and non-disclosure of their refund policy, if there are any.

Based on my experience, some people who take expensive programs may believe that it’s potentially a scam, especially if expectations are not met.

However, I still think that it’s legitimate. And as discussed, learn to manage your expectations if you are thinking of signing up for the program.

What I LIKE about Savage University

Now, I have listed some of the good qualities that Savage University has—


The very first thing I’d like to mention is that Paul Savage’s training program is legitimate. What I specifically admire about the creator is that he doesn’t make cringey over-hyped claims.

Also, he is very passionate about Amazon FBA and seems to be highly knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Profitable Business Model

Like dropshipping, Amazon FBA can be a profitable venture to engage in, considering how popular the eComm platform is.

However, you have to bear in mind as well that it can be a difficult business that needs sufficient investment and your constant attention.

You need to formulate effective strategies and have the patience to tweak them whenever possible in order to succeed.

What I DON’T LIKE about Savage University

On the other hand, I will also point out the negative qualities that Paul Savage’s program have—


The most apparent disadvantage of Savage University is the high cost of the program. The $997 may be impractical and not preferable if you are unwilling to cash out that amount of money.

No Refunds Disclosed

The program did not disclose any refund policies if there are any.

Challenging Business Model

As I stated earlier, Amazon FBAs can be a challenging business to engage in, and it may not be a beginner-friendly platform.

However, if what you’re after is a training program that can truly help you become more financially independent online, then you better try my top work-from-home recommendation!

Final Thought

I hope my article for today has provided you with the insights you need in determining the answer to this all-important question—is Savage University legit? Is it a good training program to engage with?

Paul Savage is legitimate and pretty much a well-known internet personality. Therefore, you definitely place your trust in his courses.

However, the program is very expensive, and there were no refund policies indicated. But if you have the capacity to accommodate the price, then you may sign up to Savage University if you like.

Amazon FBAs can indeed deliver some sort of reliability once you put in the time and effort into the business, and given that you were able to find the right formula to attract leads from your target market and convert them to sales.

Also, and with the level of difficulty in mind, the model may not be a good eComm platform you can do business with.

Let’s continue to the final section of today’s review, and I will present you with a much better alternative than Savage University…

How I Am Becoming Financially Independent at the Comfort of My Home

Affiliate marketing is among the top eCommerce around when you specifically search the web for sources of income that are high-yielding and reliable.

And this is the case for many apparent reasons, but the most common ones are the following factors—

  • Very low risks and 100% legitimate
  • No hidden costs or upsells of any kind
  • It suits all levels of experiences
  • You are not involved with inventory management or shipment
  • Your potential gains are limitless since you are not bound to advertise just one product

And yes, your main job as an affiliate marketer is to represent a company by marketing their products through your online publications, which include websites, blog posts, social media content, and online stores.

You receive commissions when you are able to successfully draw traffic to the sales page and convert them to sales eventually.

With this being said—your endeavor’s profitability heavily relies on the quality of leads being generated by your publications.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start, then I have something to share that should put all your doubts aside.

Do you see the highlighted and bold texts below?

Consider giving it a slight tickle, and I will show you how you create stunning publications that are attracting quality traffic—


And to show my appreciation by reading my “Is Savage University Legit” review, and I’m also throwing in my book for no cost at all to help you kickstart your business—

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Well, I believe that is just about it!

Thank you for the time and effort, and I hope to see you next time!


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