Is Savings Highway Global Legit? Or Another Scam?

Is Savings Highway Global legit? Or is it a scam after all? In this review, I’ll help you decide whether the program is worth your while or not?

MLMs and pyramid schemes have been around for many years now. However, they have gained a bad reputation in the past few years or so due to scam allegations.

This may be the case—you may still see MLMs, Ponzi’s, and pyramid schemes popping here and there.

An example that you might’ve come across is a company called Savings Highway Global.

And if you want to know whether the program is legitimate or just another scam MLM, then this article is just for you!

But before I start, allow me to share with you that I am NOT affiliated with Savings Highway Global, and I won’t gain any proceeds if you decide to avail of their business opportunity. 

This topic is my honest and unbiased review of their program. And hopefully, it would help you determine if they’re indeed the best work-from-home income around. 

So without further ado, let’s start…

Let’s Meet the Founder of Savings Highway Global?

Savings Highway Global IMAGE 1

Steve Gresham is the founder and the current CEO of Savings Highway Global since its inception in 2006. He is a veteran MLM entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

With this in mind–he knows the business in and out and possesses the skills and knowledge in growing his MLM branch.

In addition to his MLM background, he is an advocate of the Indonesian Pentjak Silat Serat. 

Gresham is also a proud holder of the 4th-degree black belt of the American Kenpo Karate. His passion for the Indonesian martial arts has earned him to become Vice President of USKKA or the United States Kenpo Karate Association.

So is Savings Highway Global legit? Do such accolades make him a credible person and trustworthy?

Well, a black belter in an Indonesian martial art doesn’t immediately make the program legitimate in any way.

The same is also true with his long-standing experience in the MLM business, considering the bad reputation the industry has gained in the past few years or so.

But let’s continue with my review and find out whether the business opportunity is worth your while or not…

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What is Savings Highway Global?

Savings Highway Global is a Multi-Level Company that was founded in 2006.

They provide members discounts and other perks that allow them to avail the essentials and other luxuries they desire. It includes things like travel, home equipment, gadgets, restaurant bookings, shopping, entertainment, insurance, etc.

However, for members to gain income, they have to introduce new members into the structure constantly. Since you are relying on recruitment, this type of business model may not be the best option if you are looking for a stable income.

I will explain their business opportunity in detail in the next section.

If you’re interested, I have also reviewed several online programs in the past that provide training on specific eComm platforms like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, GPT, etc. You can check them out if you like—Kindle Publishing Income,, Stock Navigators, and OPM Wealth, just to name a few of them.

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Savings Highway Global IMAGE 3

The Savings Highway Global Business Opportunity

The hallmark of MLMs is their complex compensation plan. It is so convoluted that it’s almost incomprehensible.

Savings Highway Global’s offering is no different from other MLMs. It is so difficult to understand that it seems you would need a rocket scientist to decipher the entire business opportunity.

This is a common practice in the industry to prevent their members from asking questions that would reveal the flaws of the business. And to completely save their skin from potential scrutiny, they would just show you how much is the supposed potential income.

You may also find lots of gimmicks in their compensation package, but in reality, the payout is only through two different modes, such as the following—

  • Recruitment – acquiring new members is the bread and butter of MLM’s. This is what keeps this type of business alive
  • Retail Commissions – you earn commissions by selling their products

To better comprehend what you’ll be getting once you’ve become a member, I have simplified their income streams in the following section.

The Income Streams of Savings Highway Global

Here are the basic income mechanics of Savings Highway Global—

  • You have to refer at least two new members to be promoted to the “consultant” ranks. You’ll also rank up to 10 levels
  • The member has to refer at least three new members to be promoted to the “manager” ranks. They also rank up to 10 levels plus an Infinity Code bonus
  • You only have to refer at least five new members to be promoted to the ranks of “director.” You also earn 11 levels up
  • You have to refer at least ten new members to be promoted to the “Executive” ranks. You also earn 12 levels up

Savings Highway Global has ten main income streams. I have listed each of them below—

Fast Start

The member receives a 50% bonus for every new member they recruit. They gain an additional $10 if the recruit avails the gold package, while they receive $50 if the recruit avails the platinum package. 

Infinity Code Bonus

You earn a 50% Fast Start bonus if three of your downline has recruited new members into the system. However, the only requirement is that three of them must be active.

Monthly Recurring Bonus

After earning your first Fast Start bonus, you’ll receive a 20% bonus in the following month and beyond. An additional $20 is credited to your account if you have introduced a Platinum member and $4 if they’re a Gold member.

Extra Matrix Commission

You earn a 5% commission for every recurring bonus your downline receives.

Matching Bonus

The upper line gains 10% matching for every sale their downline member makes.

Lowering Your Bill Income

If the member you have referred is residing in North America and convinced them to avail of the company’s Pay Less for Your Bills program, you earn 10% for every savings they incur.

Monthly Healthcare Income

You gain referral commissions if you successfully promote the products of their affiliate (Essential Primary Care).

Contests and Promotions

Savings Highway Global organizes a promo once in a while where they reward members for participating.

Hotel Weekend Giveaways

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. You don’t get an all-paid vacation as a bonus. Instead, you earn commissions if you are able to sell their 3-day hotel promo.

Corporate Profit Share

Top members of Savings Highway Global receive a 5% share of the company’s profits.

The Savings Highway Global Business Package

Unlike many MLMs I have reviewed in the past, Savings Highway Global only has two membership packages which include:

The Gold Membership Package

This is Saving Highway Global’s basic plan which will cost members a monthly fee of $20. It includes benefits such as periodical newsletters, savings on a specific purchase, access to online membership dashboard, and access to the back office

The Platinum Membership Package

If you want to earn higher income from the business, then they advise you to take this plan which will cost you $100 monthly.

Apparently, it is the program’s premium membership package which includes more benefits such as access to more detailed reports on the business’ status and other important  events through their monthly newsletter

It also provides access to the following membership perks—

  • The Savings Club
  • The Tax Savers Club
  • The Mentors Club
  • The Pro Marketers Club
  • The Lower My Bills Club

And just like the previous one, you’ll also have your own personalized online dashboard and exclusive privilege to enter their back office.

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Is Savings Highway Global legit? Or is it a Scam?

I did not find any reason to believe that Savings Highway Global is trying to scam you. MLMs are legitimate and regulated by the government as a retail business.

However, some of you might argue that MLMs like Savings Highway Global are essentially a pyramid scheme that disguises the operation as a retail business.

Although I agree to some extent, they are different entities from a legal standpoint.

What do I mean by this?

Well, a pyramid scheme is illegal and banned in several countries because the business model is purely recruitment. As a result, it makes the business high risk, and the probability of losses is more likely than gains.

On the other hand, an MLM is only legal because they are categorized as a retail business. They offer something in return for your investments. However, as mentioned, the business’s main priority is recruitment rather than selling whatever products they’re offering.

What I LIKE about Savings Highway Global

Here are some of the things noteworthy about Savings Highway Global:


Yes, Savings Highway Global is a legitimate company, as I mentioned in the previous section.

Positive BBB Rating 

The Better Business Bureau, or simply the BBB, is the most trusted rating agency around the globe. With this being said—many individuals turn to this site to background check the credibility of a business they’re planning to venture with.

Savings Highway Global has obtained a positive overall rating which pretty much indicates that its operation is legitimate.

Decent Refund Policy

The company offers a decent 7-day money-back guarantee considering many MLMs don’t have this feature. This enables their client to refund their money whenever they are not satisfied with the results they are getting.

What I DON’T LIKE about Savings Highway Global

On the other hand, I have also listed some of the programs’ cons that you have to take note of—

It’s an MLM! 

Your success in this form of business model heavily relies on the number of your lower lines and how many of them are active.

Limited Payout

As you have seen, the company has a number of partners. This also means that there are also several cashout options.

However, the payout from these affiliate programs is only limited to Bitcoin and Visa debit.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review has provided you with the answer to this all-important question—is Savings Highway Global legit? Or is it a scam that you should stay from?

Either way, I wouldn’t join an MLM business if I were you because success in this business model is extremely rare.

According to a study conducted by the FTC, about 98% of people who join MLMs lose more money than gain any income from their supposed amazing business opportunity.

This research was detailed in Jon Taylor’s book that’s titled “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

In addition, it was further explained that Multi-Level Marketing operations fail to meet any expectations because of their reliance on recruitment.

As I explained previously, recruitment is the lifeblood of MLMs. And as you might have observed, their bonuses and rewards are based on the number of people underneath your line.

Savings Highway Global IMAGE 4

Also, the entire MLM structure will collapse if there are no new recruits.

For new members, they may first try to recruit people they know, which include family members and friends and maybe a few of their acquaintances on Facebook.

Although they may know the person, it doesn’t guarantee that they would accept the offer.

Also, persistently convincing them to join may lead to annoyance. Plus, if they did join and didn’t get the expectation they were told to, it could even lead to resentment.

It becomes even more challenging if they have exhaust approaching the people they know and try to recruit those that they don’t know.

In most cases, this would lead to frustration, especially if they were not able to reach their quota. As a result, they would become inactive and quit the business opportunity altogether.

How I Am Earning Stable Income at the Comfort of My Home

When we talk about eComm and other online income opportunities, then I’m sure you’d find affiliate marketing among the top results.

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  • 100% legitimate
  • Cost-effective
  • No need to handle inventory or shipment
  • Very minimal risk
  • No upsells
  • Potential income is great since you can promote as many brands as you like

And yes, your main priority in this nature of work is to market products through your online publications.

And then, you gain handsome commissions anytime someone clicks your personalized affiliate links and uses them to purchase the brand you’re promoting.

Well, of course, your likelihood of succeeding in affiliate marketing relies on the quality of traffic your sites are driving.

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  1. I just recently joined the affiliate program through savings highway 1 day ago . just looking to see if it is a legit company and I can actual gain an income from it.
    looking for a online income as an affiliate.

    • Hi Shannon,

      As I said in my article, I don`t really like the MLM structure, so I am not one to justify or promote them, I just review the program as I see it. That being said if you are looking for a platform to learn how to earn money doing affiliate marketing, then may I suggest the platform I have been using for the past 6 years(since January 2016!). Click on this link (Wealthy Affiliate) and get your free account set up so that you can test the platform for yourself 🙂


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