The Home Cash Sites Review [2020] – Scam or Legit?

Is it possible to earn money by copying & pasting links, only working 1 hour/day? This Home Cash Sites Review will reveal all so that you can decide for yourself.

You are on my website today because you have been invited in some way to this website called Home Cash Sites and are wondering if this is a legit method or just another scam. Well you are at the right place.

I have done all of the research for you and will give you my unbiased opinion on this system.

Disclaimer: I am NOT promoting this system and I am not a member either, I will give you a full review only, based on my research and experiences with similar systems that I have reviewed in the past.

If you are in a hurry and want my answer right away, I can tell you that I do not recommend this system, for the reasons enumerated below in this review. There are no certified, proven, or guaranteed “home jobs” that will make you the kind of money they claim you can do only working a few minutes per day.

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Name: Home Cash Sites


Owner: Unknown

Price: $27 or $47 (Depending on where you end up)

This system is a little different than other systems I usually review because it’s made up as an advertorial instead of a sales video. An advertorial is defined as “information about a product in the style of an editorial or journalistic method of publishing“.

So, while looking a this “advertorial”, and reading/watching what it’s all about, I found some questionable items that I will enumerate in this article.

So if you want to know what The Home Cash Site system is all about, please read on.

What is Home Cash Sites and how does it work?

I will start by giving the results of my research, then I will tell you what you can expect for your $47 if you decide to purchase the system.

Red flags after red flags

First, there are a lot of red flags on the sales page. They are obviously pretending that this system is the “golden goose” but it’s NOT!

1 – False Pretense

We have a video at the start of this advertorial that shows some “News clips” leading you to believe that they are talking about this system in particular.

Home Cash Sites News Clip

However, you must realize that this is just a recording that the “creator(s)” of this system is using to persuade you that they are actually talking about The Home Cash Sites system.

All the video clip is saying is that it is convenient to work from home, but they NEVER mention The Home Cash Sites system.

One thing it says is that working from home “is like having the best of both worlds“, and I do have to agree. I work from home and I just love the convenience. I escape the everyday long commute to and from work. My commute is from the kitchen, where I make myself a cup of coffee, to my home office a few steps away. ?

2 – Fake Owner and fairy tale story

The story goes on and we see this image of a woman with her two daughters working away at the kitchen table and the narrated text says that her name is April Matthews and that she used to work 2 jobs just to pay the bills and on a December 15th, she got laid off.

Home Cash Site Fake owner picture

As you can see from the above image, they use a stock photo!

This one was taken from a stock photo website called gettyimages (, so April Matthews is a pen name that the creator of this system has invented.

The text goes on to say that she needed some kind of income to keep her family off the streets. She then met someone out of the blue (in a doctor’s office?) who told her about this “work at home” opportunity.

She followed his instructions and started copying and pasting links and she is now a millionaire working 1 to 4 hours a day!

She decided to share her success so that others could do the same, and that’s how this system got created…

3 – Pasting (or posting) links???

Home Cash Sites Pasting Links

OK, I know that some people might be new at Affiliate Marketing, but I don’t understand why these systems keep everything hidden behind some “secret Methods”, in this case, they say it’s copying and pasting links for big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Oakley, etc. when in fact they are all doing the same thing: Affiliate Marketing, or some sort of Internet Marketing.

Why can’t they call it what it is!

Affiliate Marketing is a VERY lucrative method of earning money online but you need to do more than pasting links!

You can’t just start pasting/posting links everywhere and expect to make the kind of money they claim you can make:

Home Cash Sites fake money making claims

You will need to have a structured method and have some direction. These links need to mean something to the people who are clicking on them. They are not what this system makes them to be!

The way they describe their system is that you paste links and start making money right away, which is NOT the way affiliate marketing works! You can’t just start posting links everywhere and spam your links everywhere without first giving some kind of help to people looking for answers.

You will end up being banned from any platform you do this on!

4 – Potential Income Calculator? Really?

Later in the text, it is mentioned that it’s so simple and easy and that it only takes 3-4 minutes to “post a link” so you could post 15 links per hour. The average amount you make is $15 per link…

Then they say this:

Home Cash Sites Income Calculator 1

Ok. First of all what are those links and where do you post them???

Second, I know for a fact that posting an affiliate link (which is what I assume they are talking about) takes more than a few minutes. You must research the actual product/service you are promoting, give your potential audience some perspective on the subject and convince them that you are helping them by providing helpful information.

NOBODY clicks on any links without having a good reason to click on them right?

They even go as far as putting up a “potential income” calculator. According to their “calculation” working one hour per day (posting 15 links) at an average of $10 per link (I truly don’t know where they get this figure) working 5 hours per week will give you this result: $150 per day or $36,000 per year!

Home Cash Sites Income Calculator 2

Now think about it for a moment. If this calculator was the reality of things, don’t you think that everybody would be doing this? Working 5 hours a week and get the same amount of money that an average worker makes in a year working 40 hours a week?

This is simply ridiculous!

5 – Rehashed product

Enough said about the sales page or I should call it what it is: an advertorial.

Once I finished reading and exposing the sales page, I decided to dig a little deeper and found some very interesting stuff related to this “system”…

First, there is also a sales video out there that is promoting this same product. Maybe that is where you were directed in the first place and not the advertorial I just described and analyzed.

The sales video is VERY typical of all the similar systems out there. One difference I found from this sales video version of The Home Cash Sites was that it has no fake (live person) testimonials like other videos I have seen so many times before. It does, however “mention” some bogus and random names with huge amounts of money made in a few minutes of work:

It also has the same exaggerated money-making claims, like making $30,000 per month with a $47 system, by pushing one button?? Really??

And the whole video is about the same old sad story about a guy being down on his luck, working three (3) jobs, and barely paying his bills until he found this “Secret” method that enabled him to get out of debt and become rich beyond his wildest dreams…

Huh! I heard this story hundreds of times before, I wish they would change the script to something different.

My theory is that people tend to “connect” with difficult situations and can relate them to their own lives. So these low-quality systems pushers use this “connection” to prey on people’s emotions and get them to sign up to their systems more easily than just by saying that they will be making “this much money in this amount of time”.

AND we never learn WHAT the system really is in the 30 minutes of relentless talking and repeating the same thing!!! It’s a “you have to buy before you try” kind of thing… Which is (with my experience ) 99% of the time worthless!

Anyhow, after a lengthy and boring 30 minutes of the “same old story”, I decide to click on the link to see where it would bring me.

Here is what I saw:

As soon as I saw the checkout page, I knew right away that I had seen the little guy in the middle of the page before. Sure enough, I checked out my past reviews and there it was: “My Home Cash Club” system review.

Not only that, the guy in the short video on the checkout page is Jeff Lerner, which I did a review on another system of his called “Class with Jeff” Review. His name is NOT Brian!

So, to sum things up, The Home Cash Sites system

is a rehashed version

of The Home Cash Club system.

What is the Home Cash Sites and how does it work?

Since I had purchased My Home Cash Club when I did that review, I went back to my article and found that My Home Cash Club is exact same system! The only difference is the word “Club” instead of Sites.

So here is what you will find inside The Home Cash Sites system:

The first thing you will see is this “member’s area”

My Home Cash Site Member's area

Item No 1 – #1 Business Model

When you click on #1 Business Model you will be asked to sign up for an affiliate account with ClickBankClickBetter, and JVZoo.

This will be presented to you in a short 12-minute video. It’s a really simple process and you really don’t need to pay anyone to sign up to any of those platforms. A simple Google search would give you all the information needed to do this.

Item No 2 – #1 Missing Ingredient

The next menu item is #1 Missing Ingredient – This is another platform that they want you to sign up to.

This time it is This is a traffic selling website, where you buy traffic and send it to your offer. To top it all, they want you to join this through their affiliate link!

This is not a free service, you will have to pay a fee to get traffic directed to your website. The prices vary on the amount and the kind of traffic you want. It varies from $14 to $405 USD depending on how much traffic you buy!

Buying traffic is probably one of the most controversial methods to advance your online business. Some Affiliate Marketers swear by it while others simply stay away because they consider it “cheating” and unethical. I am one to stay away from it, because I decided when I first started, that my online business would pay for itself, and I would not take any of my personal money to take any “shortcuts”. But that’s me.

If you ever consider buying traffic to your website, you should know that you have to be careful if you don’t know what you are doing. It can become costly and the benefits are not always what you expect.

I tried an experiment a few years ago, and all it did was falsify my results with Google Analytics since the traffic was worthless. Probably just internet bots hitting my URL. I ended up paying for nothing more than a spike in my traffic but my bounce rate went up to 100%.

Item No 3 – Advanced Steps

Phase 2 Step 1 – Members Area

Here you will be asked to join a web hosting company called Maxbounty Hosting (to host your website) through their affiliate link once again!

You will be asked to create your website here, however, the instructions are very slim and for a beginner, you will be pretty confused.

The last time I was in the member’s area, I could not reach the website, so it might be different this time, but the reasoning here is the same…The fact that they use an affiliate link to send you to a hosting website tells me that the creator(s) is not here to help you, he (they) is (are) just here to make more money from you.

Phase 2 Step 2 – Members Area

The next advance step is to get you to sign up (again through their affiliate link) to an email autoresponder called GetResponse. This is a short 2-minute video that will explain briefly how to get a “free” account.

The truth here is that the “Free” part is only for 30 days. After the trial period, there is a fee attached to this service based on the number of subscribers you have…

A 2-minute video will never enable you to master any aspect of email marketing. It’s a whole subject on its own.

Phase 2 Step 3 – Members Area

This one is a bit complicated for a first time user and they have a 23 minutes long video on how to install and use is a tracking tool that you would use to keep track of people that click on your offers. If you do run an email campaign or a solo ad campaign, is a good method to track your progress, but you need to know what you are doing first. The only truth about this “step” is that it’s “advanced”…

Item No 4 – Phase 3 VIP Section

This part is a bunch of videos (between 2 to 10 minutes long) talking about how to set up a WordPress website and affiliate marketing.

Although Affiliate Marketing is my favorite method of earning money online, and I do use WordPress to manage my website, these videos are outdated from 2015 and are part of a PLR package (content that was created by someone and then sell the right to resell it) that was bought, so the quality is mediocre.

I truly believe that there is a much better method to learn about WordPress and Affiliate Marketing than with some outdated PLR videos

So there you have it folks, that’s the whole system that is supposed to generate thousands per day “Posting links”! A few videos and some affiliate links to products already available on the internet…



None. This system is not worth your time and especially NOT your money.


An outdated and disorganized affiliate marketing course!

Unrealistic money claims

False scarcity, this page has been online for years now!

Outdated videos from 2015 and broken links that don’t work!

Fake “One-on-One Coaching”!


There is absolutely nothing about this “system” that will enable you to generate the kind of money they claim is possible to earn. It’ just some cheap videos and PLRs slammed together on a membership website.


It’s really not worth your time and/or money!

How about a real platform where you can really learn to earn money online?

About 5 years ago, I was in your shoes. Going from systems like the Home Cash Sites to the next, trying to find the next gold mine. But I soon realized after being burned quite a few times, that all these systems that promised me I would get rich in a short time were just “empty” promises, nothing else.

I also realized that the only people earning money with these “get-rich-quick” methods are the creators themselves, and they usually hide behind a smokescreen! Certainly, not the people that buy these systems that’s for sure, they’re the ones funding these unscrupulous people.

I was so fed up with wasting my time and money, that I almost gave up. Until one day, while doing my “due diligence” and checking out a website that was claiming I could be rich in a week, I ended on a platform not quite like anything I had seen before.

This place was not only a breeze of fresh air compared to what I had seen before, but it also felt like I belonged already. It’s where I learned everything I know about online entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, and how to create myself a stream of passive income from my online assets!

This all-in-one platform, which was created a little more than 15 years ago, is more of a community of like-minded members, thriving to help each other succeed!

When starting an online business you will need three important and necessary elements:

Website(s), Education And Expert Training.

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