Is OMG Machines a Scam? Or is it Worth Your While?

Is OMG Machines just hype, or the real deal? Discover if this training program is worth your time and can truly boost your website’s ability to attract leads and drive sales!


Ever stumbled upon OMG Machines in an email or while searching for online money-making strategies?

This well-known eCommerce training program has been making waves, and you might be wondering if it can really ramp up your site’s traffic and sales.

Today, I’m diving deep into OMG Machines to give you the inside scoop – tailored just for you if you’re curious about boosting your online success.

But first, let’s get something straight: I’m not an OMG Machines affiliate. I’m not here to sell you the program, and I don’t make a dime if you do sign up.

This is my unbiased, honest perspective aimed at helping you figure out if OMG Machines is a wise investment or just another drain on your wallet.

Ready to get the lowdown? Let’s jump into the review…

Let’s Meet the Founder of OMG Machines

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Leading the charge at OMG Machines is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in search engine optimization, Greg. But he’s not alone. Alongside him are seasoned internet marketers like David Mills and Michael Long, plus a lineup of specialized instructors for each lesson, including:

  • Liz Herrera
  • Stephen Floyd
  • Joshua Fletcher
  • Kotton Grammer
  • Joe Marfoglio
  • Jake Tanner
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With Greg’s digital marketing achievements and his team of skilled experts, you might wonder: Can you trust OMG Machines completely? Or is there a catch to this program?

Keep reading to uncover how OMG Machines works and whether it’s the real deal…

What is OMG Machines?

OMG Machines is an online training program that provides lessons on digital marketing, which mainly focuses on SEO (search engine optimization).

Now, the OMG doesn’t stand for “oh my god.” Instead, it’s the abbreviation for “One Man Gang” that refers to the team of Greg Morrison, David Mills, and Michael Long.

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Greg and his team’s training program is all about sharing their secrets on content optimization to skyrocket your website’s traffic. You’ll dive into lessons about affiliate marketing and strategies to attract free, organic traffic.

While Greg’s expertise is undeniable, there’s a catch: the program isn’t cheap, especially when you consider the wealth of free resources available on platforms like Google or YouTube.

Thinking about advanced lessons in affiliate marketing and SEO? You might be surprised to learn that spending over $500 isn’t necessary for top-notch training.

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How the OMG Machines Work?

If you’re interested in availing what the OMG Machines training program offers, below is the summary of core lessons:

  • Finding the perfect niche you can work with.
  • How to find the right keywords for your site and the topics at hand.
  • How you can make your content SEO-friendly to rank in a search engine or social media platforms.
  • How to build a website.

The following are the other lessons included in the program:

  • Content monetization through affiliate marketing
  • Organic traffic in Google
  • Time wasters and motivations killers
  • How to achieve your business goals and objectives
  • Work outsourcing
  • Enforcers, employees, and digital entrepreneurs
  • Shortcuts vs. cutting corners
  • Learn passion, enthusiasm, and gratitude
  • The process of building an affiliate marketing site from scratch

The other features of the programs aside from the core training are as follows:

  • eCommerce, Dropshipping, and Email Marketing
  • How to become an SEO specialist
  • Six-figure monthly coaching
  • Mentorship program through live webinars
  • Amazon and eCommerce Training
  • Exclusive Facebook community
  • Q&A with the founder of OMG Machines, Greg Morrison
  • Additional training videos on ranking higher on Google
  • Content monetization guidelines
  • Community support
  • Ready-made templates and sites
  • Software for search engine domination

I also have reviewed several eCommerce-related programs in the past. You can read about it if you like—Savage University, Super Affiliate System Pro 3.0, Ecom Warriors, and Blog Growth Engine, just to name a few of them.

Or you can visit my official site if you want to see the full list of reviews I have published previously.

What’s the Price Tag on OMG Machines?

Brace yourself: OMG Machines asks for a whopping one-time payment of $7,999! And here’s the kicker – there’s no refund policy. Once you pay, that money’s not coming back.

They offer a monthly installment plan at $699 for 12 months, but this actually ends up costing you more, totaling $8,388.

Personally, I question the value of this program, especially when you weigh it against the plethora of free online resources and more wallet-friendly alternatives.

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Is OMG Machines a Scam?

The straight answer: OMG Machines is definitely NOT a scam.

The brains behind it – Greg Morrison, David Mills, and Michael Long – are well-established digital entrepreneurs with a solid track record.

But here’s where I hit the brakes: their training program comes with a pretty steep price tag.

And let’s talk about expectations.

If you’re thinking about jumping into their program, remember that results can vary widely. What works wonders for one person might not pan out the same for another.

This variation in success can lead some people to mistakenly label the program as a scam, especially when they’ve put in a lot of money and their expectations aren’t met.

Now, below are some of the reviews by other people on their experience with OMG Machines:

This guy endorses them to a certain point, especially using PBN (Private Blog Network):

OMG Machines Review Video

However, this guy doesn’t like them at all and had to call American Express to get their lawyers to call OMG Machines to cancel his subscription:

What’s to Love and Not Love About OMG Machines

The Upsides of OMG Machines:

  1. In-Depth SEO Training: If you’re aiming to amp up your content’s SEO game, OMG Machines offers a thorough and expansive training program that could be just what you need.
  2. Regularly Updated Lessons: In the fast-evolving world of eCommerce, OMG Machines stays on top of trends with frequent updates to their lessons.
  3. Great for All Experience Levels: Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned digital marketer, the program’s comprehensive nature makes it a fit for any level of experience.

The Downsides of OMG Machines:

  1. Really Expensive!: The biggest drawback? OMG Machines comes with a hefty price tag, making it a tough choice for those on a tight budget.
  2. No Safety Net with a Refund Policy: When you’re investing $8,000, a refund policy offers peace of mind – a way to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Sadly, OMG Machines doesn’t offer this reassurance. Once you’ve paid, there’s no turning back, even if the program doesn’t meet your expectations.”

Wrapping Up: My Final Verdict on OMG Machines

I hope this review has shed light on your burning question: Is OMG Machines a scam, or is it a worthwhile investment for SEO training?

If your budget allows for the substantial investment OMG Machines requires, you might find it’s a solid choice. The program does offer valuable training for optimizing your site and content. The major sticking point, however, is its high cost. If it were more affordable, I’d be more inclined to recommend it.

Taking everything into account, I give OMG Machines a personal rating of 5 out of 10. It’s a middle-of-the-road score, reflecting a program with potential but hindered by its price.

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