The Douglas James Review: Read This Before You Buy!

In today’s Douglas James review, I will give you my analysis of the training program and help you determine if it can indeed help you achieve your financial goals.

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Being able to earn a stable income in the comfort of your home is a huge trend nowadays, mainly because it gives you the time and freedom to do the things you love while earning a living.

However, the concern that many people have about the subject matter is where to start. And like many people, you might’ve likely turned to training courses.

If you have been following the digital marketing movement long enough, you will notice the elegant lifestyle that these internet gurus are portraying. Needless to say, most of them are cringe-worthy and unbearable to watch.

Unfortunately, not all of them are legit, and the lifestyle you’re seeing is all only for the show and to lure people into buying their bogus program.

So, is Douglas James the same as any typical internet gurus? If you have these issues in mind about his training course, then the article I’ve prepared for today is just for you!

But before anything else, allow me to have this opportunity to share and disclose with you firstly that I am NOT a representative or affiliate of Douglas James, and I am in NO way marketing any digital products either.

So, without any further delays, let’s begin and find out the answers…

Let’s Meet Douglas James

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At first sight, Douglas James seems to be your regular Internet gurus personality, like the ones you might be acquainted with, such as Dan Lok, John Crestani, Billy Gene, and Wesley Virgin.

Douglas James dubs himself the “The High-Ticket Client Guy,” and sometimes, he simply refers to himself as the “High-Ticket Guy.” The reason why he calls himself such is that he claims to be gaining high income on a consistent basis from selling high-ticket products.

However, you have to take every piece of information you receive over the internet with a grain of salt, especially if there’s not that much available information about him validating his credence and qualification.

Anyway, before jumping into the world of digital entrepreneurship, he was actually part of the Navy Corpsman and once on board with the USNS Mercy. It appears to be not a sector of the US Navy or anything, but it is actually a healthcare service that primarily aims to provide medical support to third-world countries like the Philippines, Guam, and Fiji.

As he puts it, this experience gave him the motivation to elevate people who are in need and guide them to a life of abundance and success. It may sound true and sincere, but it could be a marketing strategy to persuade people to pull money out of their pockets for all we know.

Nevertheless, it inspired him to take a business degree at the University of Washington. After finishing his studies, he went on to create training courses.

He also has a YouTube channel where he talks about anything making money online—

Douglas James IMAGE 2

So, does that mean the program is legitimate? Or is it a scam? Let’s continue with my review and learn more…

What is the Douglas James Digital Marketing Training Program?

The Douglas James is a training program that is comprised of various lessons that are supposed to help you succeed in digital marketing. Some examples you’ll find that his training includes the topic of social media ads, Google paid ads, SEO (search engine optimization), and ClickFunnels, just to name a few of them.

Douglas James IMAGE 3

Such variety of lessons is also why he calls himself “high-ticket.” Basically, these elements are the factors that boost your site’s online presence.

In addition to core training, you will also receive other services, which include mentorship session classes with certain social media influencers that will teach their insights on what it takes to succeed in the digital marketing business.

You will also benefit from seminars organized by Douglas James himself and his panel of experts.

However, the issue I see with the program is that they are too broad, which may not be suitable for people who are targeting specific topics. This is also a little inconvenient and impractical because you may have to take on every topic to finish the training program.

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What Can You Expect from the Douglas James Program?

The Douglas James digital marketing training is composed of three main courses such as the following—

The High-Ticket Experience

The first part of the training offers to choose the right business niche and close a transaction or negotiation. However, it does not contain how you can start a business.

As you see, this won’t be that much of a help to some aspiring digital entrepreneurs who are not particularly looking for this type of lesson.

But the good news is that this part of the training is actually free.

Local Business Funnels and Ads

As the title of the module suggests, this part of the training provides lessons on lead generation through custom ad campaigns and sales funnels.

The High-Ticket Expert

The High-Ticket Expert section of the Douglas James has similar features to the High-Ticket Experience but is more exhaustive and comprehensive. Again, the focus of the program is negotiations with clients.

Honestly, from the looks of it, the program seems to be very similar to the “High-Ticket” programs from Dan Lok. Douglas appears to be emulating to a certain point his super flashy style as well.

The program claims to have the essentials you need in digital marketing, but in my opinion, it lacks the essential elements you need to succeed in the business, and it looks to be that they are more focused on the negotiation part of the business.

I have reviewed several programs in the past that provide lessons on Internet marketing. Some examples are Kindle Publishing Income, Ecom Everywhere, and Performance Dropshipping.

If you are interested, you can see the full list of reviews I have published in the past if you like by clicking here.

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The Best Method

Additional Features of the Program

In addition to the main course, each member will also receive the following perks—

One-Hour Activation Call

It is a call that Douglas’ team of experts especially makes to the new member of his “High-Ticket” community, so to speak.

They give you the opportunity to lay out any concerns that you have and provide you with marketing strategies.

Six-Month Group

It is a call coming from six selected social media influencers who will share their insights on various topics such as brand building, marketing, sales conversion, and mindset.

The issue I foresee with this is that they are random, and you may end up taking up sessions on lessons you do not need.


The last additional feature includes seminars and access to James’ private Facebook community of like-minded people and Voxer group chat.

How Much is the Douglas James High-Ticket Program?

If you’re interested in what Douglas James offers, you have to prepare a hefty one-time payment of $3,000!

That’s a lot of money, considering the number of more affordable options and free resources online. Also, you have to take note that the program appears to be more focused on the negotiation part of the business instead of building a reputable and trustworthy brand.

I also did not find a refund policy stipulation, which is obviously a huge red flag for me.

You can check out my best work-from-home recommendation if you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative that can deliver equal or even superior results.

Is the Douglas James Digital Marketing Training Program a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam, and I don’t believe that Douglas James is a con artist or out there scamming people.

My only issue with the program is that it’s too expensive!

Now, below are what other people are saying about Douglas James’ training program.

What I LIKE about Douglas James

The following are just some of the positive traits of his online training program—

Great for Beginners

It talks about digital marketing in general, which may be a good option for beginners and startups who have no idea where to start.

Positive Rating in Trustpilot

One positive note about his program is that it is somehow well-received on credible sites such as Trustpilot, as you see below—

Douglas James IMAGE 4

What I DON’T LIKE about Douglas James

Now, below are the things that I don’t specifically like about the marketing training program offered by Douglas James—


First and foremost, the program is too expensive, considering that they focus on client negotiation and closing them.

Lacks Content

I honestly believe that the program lacks the essential elements of running a successful digital marketing business. As you have seen in today’s discussion, the core courses are more concentrated on the negotiation aspect of the business.

Not Great for Everybody

Aside from the high price, you also have to bear into consideration that the program is not centralized on a specific topic or niche. What this means is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t need the lessons; you will still have the course as a whole.

Final Thoughts on My Douglas James Review

I hope my Douglas James review has provided you with the information you need to determine whether the program is the right one for you or if you should continue searching for a better alternative.

Although James claims to offer an all-in-one training program, it’s still kind of vague and confusing because of how the courses are organized. As you saw in my review, there are only three main courses. And all of them are more focused on transacting with the client than on building and growing your brand.

Also, it is expensive, and it may not suit everybody, especially those who don’t have sufficient budget to accommodate the asking price.

With this being said—I am giving the Douglas James Digital Marketing Online Training Program a rating of 7 out of 10—

A Better Alternative to the Douglas James Training Program

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I believe that’s just about it in today’s discussion!

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