The Secret Code System Review (2021): Is it a Scam or Legit?

The Secret Code System Review

Name: The Secret Code System


Owner: “Jay”

Price: $47 or $37 if you try to end the session, they give you a $10 discount

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As you’re looking for a legit source of income online, I’m pretty sure that you have come across many money-making schemes that promise you financial independence in just a matter of a short period.

If you dig even further, I bet that you may have noticed specific patterns like keywords, gimmicky terms, website structure, over-the-top acting from their supposed testimonials, and the list goes on.

And one of those suspicious programs that you might have encountered is called The Secret Code System.

And for some reason, it might have caught your attention, and you wanted to know more about how the system works and if they’re legit in any way.

If you want to know whether The Secret Code System is legitimate or just another scam, then you have come to the right place!

For today’s topic, I will present you with a thorough analysis of the system and it will help you determine if they’re worth your time and money or if they are just another scam that you should avoid…

But before I start, I’d like to disclose that I am NOT an affiliate of The Secret Code System and not advertising them in any way. This article’s content is my unbiased opinion based on the data I’ve gathered from my research.

So with that out of the way, let’s begin discussing today’s “The Secret Code System review”…

Secret Code System Sales Video

What is the Secret Code System? And who founded the money-making scheme?

There is no conclusive information in regards to the business’ background. All we know is that the program is supposed to have been founded by a person named Jay (no last name), as stated in the video presentation.

Unfortunately, that is all the information he disclosed. He has not shared the date of its foundation, current owners, co-founders, or CEOs, if there are any.

The good news is that I have my ways of finding out the background of a specific business.

He mentioned that his name is Jay, and below is his photo—

Secret Code System Jay

But by performing a reverse image search I found out that the photo is a stock image from Pexels as shown below—

The Secret Code System Fake Identity

And then, I analyzed the website and determined that it’s only four months old—

Secret Code System Domain Age

Based on their IP address, it places them in Wayne, Pennsylvania—

However, I am a bit suspicious with the IP address location because they are apparently using a VPN as indicated below—

A VPN masks the IP address holder’s identity, making it impossible for you to determine their background.

Such an instance is a huge red flag right off the bat! Why do you even have to conceal your company’s identity if you are a legitimate business?

You may give the excuse of corporate privacy, but this is not the case! If I am going to entrust you with my money, you have to be honest up front.

With this lack of information, does it make them an outright scam?

Let’s continue with the Secret Code System review, and let’s find out…

How does The Secret Code System work?

There was also no mention of the specifics of how the program works.

The sales pitch mainly consists of outrageous claims, bogus background stories, and a fake notification that rings randomly—in which he insists on being his earnings as the presentation progresses. – Yeah right!!!

But what stood out to me is his statement which implies earning passive income online without exerting that much effort.

Two of the most profitable eCommerce platforms these days are dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

But the way he describes the programs it sounds like affiliate marketing. But we don’t get the confirmation.

Somewhere in the video presentation, he stated that his program isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but he is apparently trying to mislead potential new clients. He mentioned that it’s easy, and you can essentially earn high passive income even in your sleep or “with just a few clicks of your mouse.”

In fact, he will show you fake notifications that he’s earning $50 plus every 30 seconds as the sales pitch progresses.

Code System Fake Notification

He will then hype you with fake testimonies and copied videos to persuade you to buy their program right away.

You have to realize that success in affiliate marketing doesn’t happen right away.

It’s a process.

And you would go through periods of trial and error before finding your winning formula and earning any significant and consistent income.

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In the next section of my “The Secret Code System review,” I will talk about the red flags of the program and why you should avoid them…

Is the Secret Code System a scam? Here are the red flags you have to take note of!

Fake owners’ identity

As mentioned at the beginning of the content, the identity of the supposed founder named Jay is deeply concealed.

We are not even sure if the video presentation’s voice is authentic or just a person hired from Fiverr.

But one thing we are sure of is that the photo he has provided is not him as presented earlier. And not being honest with your true identity is definitely a huge red mark.

Basic business information was not disclosed

As I repeatedly emphasize, the Secret Code Systems’ founder is not upfront and seemingly unwilling to share even the most basic of information with the public.

This is extremely suspicious because how can a potential client trust you if you are not honest with them. Plus, they are using VPN, which takes away their reputation a little bit more.

Also, I find it hard to trust any website if there’s not much time and effort put into establishing their online site.

Observe how some of the common scams’ websites around the globe are structured the same way. Here are examples of the scam programs I’ve reviewed in the past—The Copy Paste Money System, Auto Income Sites, Myigaa, and The Commission Code just to name a few of them. Notice the similarity in the webpage structure, refund policy, sales pitch, etc.

But one particular system is very similar to this one and I found that it seems that they are from the same creator. This one is called The Home Business Package.

The products images are also very similar:

Secret Code System similar product

Fake Testimonials

At the beginning of his sales pitch, Jay says that he did not pay any actors to promote his program.

Even if he’s telling the truth in some aspect, he sure used a lot of stock images for his testimonials and outright copied video clips from other programs.

Such an instance doesn’t make any difference to content that has paid actors in it, right?

Just check these exhibits below—

Secret Code System Fake testimonials 1
Secret Code System Fake testimonials 2
Secret Code System Fake testimonials 3

Remember the testimonial videos?

Have you heard anybody mentioning “The Secret Code System” or Jay’s name?

There is none, isn’t it?

Well, the reason is that the video has been used in many scam programs in the past. Some examples include Your Dream Website, Massive Internet Profits, Clone My Sites, and Profit with Our Sites.

Below is a video presentation I found on YouTube, and it is from a program called Fast Home Sites—

Secret Code System Sales Video Fast home sites

You can check the full video clip here.

No income disclosure statement

If you’re claiming that you have many people through your so-called system, it is only appropriate to show genuine proof that you have done so.

Aside from authentic testimonials, you have to add income disclosure statements to show your legitimacy. In which that Secret Code System don’t possess.

Instead, he shows you bogus bank accounts or earnings, and then he’ll tell you that it’s real. But as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t prove anything! Nowadays, you can easily fake these documents and claim that it’s genuine.

Odd Upsells and Upgrades

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry long enough, you will find that his supposed upsells are a little strange and doesn’t seem to make sense—

Secret Code System Ugrades

For one thing, a newbie in affiliate marketing may experience difficulty in traffic and managing site performance most of the time. In general, eCommerce takes time and patience before you can achieve your goals.

The next one is a tool that claims to provide a backup of your earnings. You have to bear in mind that you can easily access your earnings on any affiliate marketing platform and print them without having to pay for this service!

Lastly, security should be part of the deal and not a separate item.

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Fake scarcity tactics

Fake scarcity is a common strategy marketer employ to put pressure on potential customers into buying the program right away.

No support whatsoever

I looked up the email they provide for support on email checker and here is the result of my research:

So no use trying to reach them for any kind of support, the email will not go anywhere.

The Secret Code System Review: Final Verdict

I hope that “The Secret Code System review” has provided you sufficient information about how it works and helped you in determining why it is not a good program to invest your hard-earned money.

With this many red flags, I believe that they are a scam that you have to avoid at all costs.

I give it a big thumbs down

Thumbs down

From the website’s structure, fake testimonials, and how they hype you persuading to avail their program spells scam or at the least, a very low-quality system.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way of earning income online, then let’s continue to the last section of this article…

How I earn passive income online

When we talk about eCommerce for beginners, two of the most prominent business models in the fields are dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

In fact, these two are the most searched topics online in regards to earning income online.

But drop shipping is only second to affiliate marketing because it is much easier to setup.

In addition, affiliate marketing is a better option than any passive income-generating schemes online. And this is so because of few apparent reasons, which include the following—

  • It possesses no risk!
  • It is free, to begin with!
  • It is a higher and more reliable source of income!
  • It is guaranteed that there are no upsells!
  • Probably, its most important characteristic is that income is unlimited because you can basically promote as many businesses’ as you want!

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You will then advertise the brand through your online site or social media account. Commissions shall be earned anytime someone engages your affiliate link and use it to purchase the products offered on the landing page of the business you are marketing.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret Code System Review (2021): Is it a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Wow! Are you saying that this certain Jay, the “supposed” owner of this program actually put a fake identity photo in his ad? I am freaking amazed how one person can get along with those acts! And he goes on and on with using the stock images? What a heck?!!! Thank you for revealing this and preventing me from throwing away my money.

    • Hello, Sunny ?

      It is a common thing to have these kinds of systems use stock photos and fake testimonies. They do this to lure people in and, as you said, people throwing their money at them. I have written tons of reviews on systems like this and it happens all the time. We need to be vigilant BEFORE giving them a credit card number to avoid being scammed out of hard-earned dollars! I am grateful that I could be of help! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article.


  2. Wow!  A very thorough review of Secret Code System!  I was fascinated with the knowledge that you have concerning researching websites.  After reading this review, you have me convinced that this website is a scam.  The lengths people will go through just to make money from unsuspecting buyers is scary.  Thanks for the warning!

    I will definitely stay away from this one.

    • Hi Kay,

      I am grateful that my review has helped you stay away from this unworthy system. That was my main intention and I am glad that you did stay away! I wish you luck!


  3. I was Googling 1 secret code and your review came up 2 different products altogether but cannot be any closer in names.

    Anyhow, I checked out your review, and yeah sometimes you have to watch who you are dealing with on the Internet.

    Using fake pictures of yourself yeah that is a big red flag.

    • We definitely have to watch ALL the time what we are dealing with on the Internet Jay! Those stock photos are just there to deceive and get people to buy without even knowing what they are really buying. That’s where I come in. I’ve seen these systems hundreds (if not thousands) of times. It’s unfortunate that people get caught in these lies, but they do and that’s why these systems keep popping up all over.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. You have an accurate article attached to your comment and I recommend people to check it out! ?



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